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Virtual Mary Kay Launch Party

With everyone stuck at home, Mary Kay parties are a big no-no. (Not that a lot of people wanted to attend them anyway!) But commission checks and cars are on the line, so recruiting must go on! How would you recruit someone if the main way you allegedly do business (“our business is selling products face-to-face”) is canceled indefinitely? Why would they sign up only to be unable to see people and present the products to them?

Welcome to the “virtual launch party,” a spin on the debut party. NSD Lily Gauthreaux shows off her new recruit and pretends this has gone well. What do you think of the virtual Mary Kay party? Is this something sustainable? Will it be a new way of doing MK even after the quarantine ends?


  1. The Patient Whisperer

    Everything is “figure outable”???
    Okay then: I suggest we focus on “figure-outing” how to handle things that actually MATTER in life right now. Hint: a MK launch party is not one of those things…?

  2. Enorth

    Lily is asking for “HEALING CARE PACKAGES” and has her family in the FB and YT video.

    “This is not for us to make money.”

  3. Char

    I can do parties in a house and with a mouse
    I can do them with a phone and a comb

    The method of MLM, easy as ABC
    It’s not a product or a company, don’t you see

    Lipsticks, shampoo, oils, shakes, all real
    But just a cover product to execute the money deal

    Confused by this ruse, what exactly is MLM you ask:

    You can do it in a home, with a mouse, a phone, a comb
    Use lipsticks, oils, shampoo, and shakes
    None of this matters to the overall task
    The art of perfecting fake, fake, fake

    Build a team via endless-chain recruiting
    Use fake it ‘til you make it, also known as lying
    Stuck at home, what a perfect time,
    Say us MLMers while other people are dying

    We’re giving you an opportunity, that’s the truth
    My upline told me so, and said it’s in the book of Ruth

    Now that you know, stay positive and frank
    With upline dying, it’s a chance to improve our rank

    Old friends and family, you don’t need
    They use Google, they don’t want you to succeed
    Repeat after me,

    I do not like them with a home, a comb, a phone, or with a shake
    Unless they sign up and make me money, then they’re great
    Spend your stimulus @Haley-Kate

    A new MLMer, That I Am! Thank you Jesus and a big Amen!

  4. blessedtobefree

    I am so embarrassed also. I called myself a business owner, believed in the business and my mission to change lives. I had 3 offspring sales directors and drove a pink caddy. I joined to have more time with my family and what I found, is I was away from my family more than with a full time career. When I was home, I was always on the phone. Later, I started praying for clarity. I always had a small voice inside that questioned things, but I had in my head that God put this in my heart for a reason, and all the other brainwashing things that Mary Kay instills in people and that I taught to others myself. After slowing my business down and getting some quiet time to think thru things and what I wanted in life, did things start coming together. I began to notice how fake everything was, how fake all the I-stories were at events, how many lies we told and didn’t realize they were when we were all in. How everything we did was to impress others with our materialism and to make people want what we had. That is when I realized, I don’t want to be this kind of person. It still sickens me that I ever joined this company.

    1. J

      I still struggle with the embarrassment of falling for this ruse. At times it leaves me feeling exposed, with all my poor choices on the table for everyone to see.

      I’m grateful for you and everyone else here who shares their story, processing of the aftermath, and for defending the truth.

    2. BestDecision

      Same here! Offspring, bar pins, Caddys. We always told people our MK business was secure, yet here they are shutting down entire markets in Australia and NZ. Seminar registration should be starting around now, but I bet no one wants to go this year.

      Isn’t it funny how we all felt the same way but thought we were alone in it? I was “on” nearly 24/7, and no one saying they truly take days or vacations off are lying. You can’t help but think of production or recruiting decisions that are pending when you’re away. Our commission checks and advancement depended on it.

      Kudos to you for waking up and getting out, too!

      1. BlessedToBeFree

        I now have been out for 2 years and my life wonderful!! I now talk to my husband in the evenings. I go to my kids events and don’t have to miss any (when I am there, I am present in the moment). Also, I love my job. I am now contributing to retirement, get paid time off, have real friends at work. I want to live a simple life and don’t need all the Mary kay materialism that they push on you to have to impress others and make them want your life. I go to the grocery in yoga pants, minimal makeup, not in heels and a dress scoping out other women. So much freedom!! I can impact other lives with my career and impact my family with love and time. If anything, my years in Mary Kay (once I was out) made me to appreciate what I have.

  5. Shay

    They’ve been doing these – that’s the thing. LOL. I swear, I think I even mentioned it in previous comments. It’s hilarious. MK agent was complaining on Michelle Cunningham page customers didn’t want her coming to their house (this was last year!) and she recommended virtual demos. ?

  6. Juliet

    The Pink Bubble……do they not get it, or do they.
    “The Pink Bubble is the cutest. It has a high heel shoe chair, a chalkboard wall and its relaxing and you don’t have to clean your house! (You can even send a photo of it.)”

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