Mary Kay is a Legitimate Business

If you have to keep saying that Mary Kay is a legitimate business, maybe something is wrong? Pink Truth readers know that the Mary Kay ladies have been exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to recruit and sell products. And here are sales directors Heather Daniel-Kent and Kimberly Perkins doing exactly that.

They copy and paste the standard marketing pieces. Among the lies:

    • Having a Mary Kay business is just like having a brick and mortar store. No it is not. You have no foot traffic. You have no one stopping in to see your products. With Mary Kay, you have to get out there and stalk victims.
    • Being a MK customer is no different than shopping at a store. Of course it’s different. By shopping with a MK lady, you have just opened yourself up to repeated recruiting pitches. No one at a brick and mortar store asks you, the customer, if you’re interested in opening up your own store just around the corner.
    • In Mary Kay you don’t have to sign people up to be successful. Nonsense. Almost no one profits from product sales in MLM. You have to recruit to make money. And in Mary Kay, you cannot move up the ranks with only your own product sales. You MUST recruit, or you don’t move up. So yes, you have to recruit to be successful.
    • Mary Kay must be legitimate since it’s been around for 56 years. Sorry, but just because a fraud has been operating for a long time doesn’t mean it’s not a fraud.



  1. Just as we’ve seen people make weird or dumb decisions with this virus, MK has had people not use their minds to put 2 and 2 together. That doesn’t make it a successful business. While corporate has bragged about its financial stability in the past, the sales force is a different business model.

    The people who don’t ask to see recent tax returns or commission checks.

    The people who don’t read Applause and figure out their Director is making very little money.

    The people who don’t care to track their net profit or expenses.

    IT BENEFITS THEM—as did me—TO NOT SHARE THE TRUTH. When your commission check is tied to signing people on, having people attend Seminar and catch the dream, ordering inventory you know they aren’t willing or capable of selling—you slide past being truthful.

    The truth set me free, and I’m so much happier for it!

  2. Not even creative enough to write their own posts. They just copy and paste something they see from somewhere else. How disingenuous.

    • You’d think Perkins would edit hers and add a few dozen exclamation points (see yesterday’s article), but nope. Too lazy.

      • Did she copy and paste and forget to correct the car stuff? Because 10 free cars would suggest she’s been in about 20 years, and I don’t think she has….

      • So has Perkins bought 9 Cadillacs or is she pushing to buy her first? Her post yesterday made me think it would be her first, but the one on this post says she’s had 9.

  3. One of my favorite {stupid} things I’ve heard is from Megan Macdowall telling her downlines that Mary Kay isn’t MLM because in MLM, you make money off other people’s success….but in Mary Kay, she only makes money when you’re ThRIVInG in your business…..Please tell me how those 2 things aren’t the same? No girl, you make money off people’s credit card debt. Have a great day.

    • Those are the exact same thing.

      And even more important, it’s a complete lie. She makes money when people ORDER, whether or not they sell anything or make a dime. In fact, the vast majority order and stockpile, and never make money. But she still makes her money. If she only made money when someone sold products to an actual customer, it would be a whole different ballgame.

      • As of today, Chelsea said, “We currently are ranked #3 in the ENTIRE nation for our sales for the month of April. THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!! and #1 in just our division.”

          • She was a Pearl Star for 2020 Q1, Q2 and Q3. How much does that total for her orders? I don’t know the Star order prices.

              • So, in nine months, she purchased more than $14,000 of MK products. She paid tax on the nearly $29,000 “suggested retail pricing.” She paid freight charges.

                But, she sold it all and made a profit.

  4. Personally purchasing cosmetics (MK claims a prestige line) from the dept. store counter, at least the sales reps for actual high end lines women seek have a polished appearance. Stores are closed, most of us purchase on line. Would you purchase Dior, Clinique, Lancôme and many others (these are for example) if approached by women in these pictures? This is saying they are presenting themselves – not in a good way or look.

    I think I am trying to say, if laying out money for nice cosmetics it shows the consumer respect to have nice appearance.

    What is happening in MK? NSD’s short tenure, long tenure NSD’s leaving, directors really clawing for car status, directors and consultants who are supposed to look slammin’ well that has waned. This topic today is perfect that it exposes the actual essence of the company downfall.
    Then there is the actual mechanics – closing AU and NZ abruptly, this weird tiptoe dance of having subhubs, but not, for distribution, more and more products from KOR

  5. A thought – losing money from the MK business venture, and to file unemployment based on commission sales, is not going to gain much in state payout. Commission sales for a prosperous actual business would gain an unemployment payout.

  6. You know, I thought I was seeing things when I saw exactly the same post from Kimberly and Heather. In fact I scrolled up just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

    What ever happened to “Telling Your Own Truth” and not the “Company Line”? Are they truly afraid to let people know that business is not all that it’s cracked up to be?

    And one more thing:
    A brick and mortar store eventually closes for the night.
    A Mary Kay Consultant just can’t turn off her phone, tablet, computer or close her eyes just in case someone, somewhere needs a lipstick.



    • “Obsession prove”. . .it took me an embarrassingly long time to parse that one. Don’t ever change, GMB_SUCCESS, and don’t disappear on us again. Life is no fun without you.

  8. The August Applause is going to be filled with high recruiting numbers over their $30 promo. My Senior has quadrupled the number of new Consultants coming into her unit than normal, but we all know it doesn’t guarantee inventory orders. She’s also very fond of Personal Use orders.

    A legit business would care about the present AND the longevity of things, yet not her and not MK!

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