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Who is Selling Mary Kay?

Everyone is bragging about HUGE sales in March and April. During a pandemic!!! There has never been a better time to start a home based business, they say. Check out some of the Instagram stories and tell me if you believe they’re really selling this much, or are they placing massive orders? When Applause comes out with the numbers, will they really support these claims?




  1. enorth

    “When you sell almost $7K in one day”

    About two weeks ago, she had a FB post saying she had sold just over $6K in one day. Piles of receipts in the pictures. Later that day, the post was gone.

  2. Char

    “I am shocked and mind blown at how God is working in our businesses, even during a bizarre time like this.” –

    How silly and more importantly selfish it is to attribute something good from a God and disregard the bad. Chelss, did your God not save people dying from the virus, and yet bless you with a scam to take money to enrich yourself materialistically during this time? Nice.

    It’s also rude! Imagine how a surviving family member must feel right now. What? God didn’t love them, but loves you! Rude and shameful.

  3. BestDecision

    Anything to try to recruit people. Do you see major retailers bragging about their sales? Nope. Because they’re in the business to sell and not make money recruiting!

        1. TRACY

          She may have gone private because someone made a fake account in her name. I’d probably do the same. Protect her posts until that account is gone.

        1. TRACY

          I have no idea how they are getting these women to sign up and buy inventory. If you’re out of work and stuck at home, you should be researching on the internet. And therefore reading Pink Truth. And then you come to the conclusion that it’s a bad idea to buy inventory right now. (Or ever, but focusing on the now.)

          1. enorth

            If you can believe social media, consultants are recruiting like mad (because of the $30 sign-up), cars are being “earned”, sales are booming, and promotions are occurring.
            “Women are buying because they are stuck at home and bored! This has been my best month ever!”

            So many are using the “my best month ever” line…it’s suspicious.

            1. BestDecision

              The $30 offer is Fool’s Gold because they don’t have enough supplies to sell a lot and will be running once they realize thousands are needed for inventory.

              False sense of security every time, just like Double Credit.

            2. TRACY

              I do think that many are lying about “best month ever.” Sorry, but my friends aren’t going hog wild with online shopping for anything. They’re terrified about keeping their jobs and they’re saving as much as possible. Sure, they’re doing a little shopping. But not a bunch of it, and certainly not for things like makeup. It’s just not prudent.

      1. Whitney

        All these people saying these have been the best months ever blah blah also have taken advantage of the double credit months (2 already since January) but they don’t add that part in to show that it’s not really the truth or all of the inventory they are probably sitting on

  4. Brainwashed no more

    Gross how she called her husband her slave… Narcisist anyone? This is a public posting. I don’t think she sold that much. She admitted to getting 16k personally out of $70K… That’s a huge percentage.

    1. J

      I could not believe she used the word slave AND with a cartoon white person holding a trophy. No, no, NOOOO.

      Can she really not f-ing see how miserable he looks?

      No legit business is bragging about their sales right now, smh.

  5. KayNotMary

    This is the worst time to sign up for the Mary Kay pyramid scheme. If you make any money at all from it you can be denied unemployment benefits.

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