Mary Kay Seminar 2020 is Cancelled

The official word came out this morning that Mary Kay Seminar 2020 in Dallas is being canceled. They’re going to do a “virtual seminar” instead. This news won’t come as a shock to anyone. So many events are being canceled well into fall, and this one is normally held in late July and early August. There are too many uncertainties to go forward.

I’ll be curious to see how this impacts year-end ordering. The “finish ______ so you can walk across Seminar stage” is officially gone. I suspect consultants will be less likely to place those orders for products they don’t need.

Mary Kay Seminar is our Company’s flagship event and has been a proud Dallas tradition since 1974. For the last 46 years we have gathered together each summer for this amazing event to celebrate you and all of your many accomplishments. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of how we must live and gather and even celebrate.

In early March, the city of Dallas and the state of Texas instituted a ban on large public gatherings to protect public health and safety. With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the US, this ban on large gatherings continues. Therefore, given this truly unique and unprecedented situation beyond Mary Kay’s control, it is no longer a possibility to hold Seminar at the convention center this year. With great sadness, we have concluded that the 2020 Mary Kay Seminar will not be held as originally planned.

If you’re wondering what’s next, all I can say is – we’re Mary Kay! We are enlisting the help of a prestigious, cutting-edge production company to create a spectacular virtual Seminar 2020 experience in late summer complete with outstanding education and motivation, world-famous Mary Kay recognition and prize giveaways, and of course, LOTS of other special guests and surprises!

And here’s something I’m excited about…by registering and attending, you’ll be part of the show! You’ll be able to send us your questions, answer our polls, and chat and network with each other during the event! It’s about connecting with your Mary Kay family, and learning from the best of the best, like never before. Plus, I promise you’ll be recognized and celebrated in a grand and history-making fashion for all the accomplishments you worked so hard to achieve this Seminar year.

We are going to create an over-the-top, unforgettable event that you’ll be talking about for years to come. So, we hope you’ll agree that this unanticipated setback, will be a setup for something amazing! And, if you’ve never attended Seminar, this is your chance to experience the Queens, inspiration, crowns and priceless education from Mary Kay superstars in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Stay tuned for more information about dates, registration and other details, and get ready to celebrate together as one big family– Mary Kay style!

All my best,

Nathan Moore
Region President, North America


  1. Ruby Slippers

    I’m sure a lot of Directors and consultants are giving a sigh of relief knowing they don’t have to charge 800- $1000 for Seminar expenses this year. I’m also sure that Director Suit purchasing will stop as no one needs a suit to prance across stage this year.

      1. BestDecision

        Imagine how many have already bought their gowns and can’t wear them now. No onstage speeches and no honors of being asked to teach classes.

        The grand ship is quickly taking on water, and this will push it under, for sure. Seminar is where people catch a dream and then come home, order huge amounts of product, and start recruiting to reach a Fall Retreat goal. All these $30 start-ups are going nowhere through May, so car co-payments are going to be huge July-Sept.

        MK corp, if you’re reading this—you have handicapped the sales force worse than ever. They’re not equipped to sell those $70 face masks, your skin care is horrific, and now you’ve sold them a dream of massive recruits from a shoddy $30 promotion. They’re out of touch with reality because they’re at home wearing too much makeup and posting themselves like that when everyone else is SIMPLIFYING their lives. You’ve told them they have to wear expensive suits to get onstage recognition, and now those suits are sitting in a closet unused for months.

        Enjoy that last gulp of air. I’m up here above the surface enjoying my life.

  2. Pinkiu

    You KNOW that directors will have watching parties at their house as a PRIZE!!!! (only for those who place a XXX order by XXXX). I betcha that they will encourage their IBCs to come in gowns to create buzz on IG and FB of what the ‘loosers’ missed out on.

    1. J

      Ugh, you’re right! And the worst part is there won’t be any alcohol at those parties.

      Lots of tone def IG pics (of faux luxury during a crisis) are on their way. Captions like “I’m so glad these ladies took advantage of our company’s awesome deal to start a business when life seemed uncertain. Because we are certainly living large tonight!” Yuck

      1. Debbie

        MARY Kay is & always has been the most amazing, driven and blessed company Throughout our world. May this new, 2020-2021 MARY Kay year break all previous records & open the door for successful lives in each and every, new business partner! ❤️M

        1. Lazy Gardens

          Debbie … you are not a Mary Kay business partner. You are a sales person with an at-will contract, no territories, no benefits and nothing but the incredibly poor commission structure for income. You were recruited by a liar and to become a “Mary Kay success” you will have to learn to lie and cheat too.

          1. Theresa

            How do you think that is any different than any other company or business? Do you think that Clinique or Estee Lauder or Lancome really give a care about you? At least a Mary Kay consultant is willing to work with you. Maybe you all should form a therapy group for ::women injured by Mary Kay” I am sorry, but all your negative comments sound like sour grapes. There is no need to flood Ebay with unused products that you let expire when you could have returned them to the company and got your money back. Let it go and move on!

            1. Juliet

              I am burning with curiosity WHY you are here, Theresa? You are forbidden to visit this site, you inadequately defend an indefensible scam company, you don’t even recognize Pink Truth IS the therapy group for wounded wiser ex-kaybots, and if you continue your “defense”, and push these ladies far enough, you will find yourself buried with the weight of inside knowledge and expertise that will be landing on you en masse. The truth of their words is inescapable so watch out lololol. You are not dealing with fatuous individuals who will follow your lead, Theresa, so best to either join or just lurk and be silent if you don’t want to have your “faith” in mk laid bare in truth. Oh and your Schedule C’s [if you are American] – those would be INCREDIBLE to see at long last as none of the “defenders of kbotville” has ever provided one to my knowledge. Curious….can’t imagine why.

          1. Theresa

            Also, Avon pulled out of those countries for the same reasons, which was it was not profitable, and about the same time. but you did not mention them. It is expensive to ship to those countries and, if sales were down, then that was a business decision. The operative word in that sentence was business. Yes, it is a business and so is Avon.

            1. BestDecision

              Sure, it was a business decision, but what about no notice to their sales force? No warning. Pathetic.

              Don’t forget MK Inc has the Golden Rule written in the halls of its global headquarters. I can vouch, having been in their sales force for over a decade, that they are hypocritical in every way.

  3. mkazzhole81

    We also don’t know how much they plan to charge for the “virtual seminar” highly-produced event! I’m thinking it’s going to be $99 or even the same price—with products mailed to those who register…🙄

  4. Cindylu

    It’s just getting lamer all the time. Lots of money to be saved on travel, dresses, food, travel costs, shoes and hair dressing. I can just see e-bay etc getting an even bigger glut of unsellable over priced products (with their expiry date long gone). This is what happens when a company continuously changes products just to profit profit profit. The NSD’s and heirs do not care one iota about the thousands of women who are in debt in this fake company. At least this year there won’t be NSD’s prancing across stages giving their pretend rags to riches stories. No sashes, crowns, flowers, gaudy cheap jewelry, and no trips to entice everyone to buy more unsellable overpriced products. No one will miss sharing a room with three strangers and the cheap meals. I’m sure Texas will get along just fine without hundreds of broke women pretending to be so happy to be at this cattle call.

      1. pinkblacksheep

        And paying $4 each for a soda and a cookie when awards night goes an extra 2 hours. That was such a nightmare when Princess Court walked the “big stage.” Glad no one will have to sit and pretend to be excited for hours on end.

      2. BestDecision

        Even the special luncheons were flat, stale, and nothing special. And the Cadillac dining area was touted as being a big deal, but it was THE SAME FOOD and only a separate area with a Cadillac displayed inside it. I was so disappointed the first year we got in there and mortified for my unit members!

  5. Jla

    I’m really going to miss all those social media photos of the “prizes” and “amazing food!” at the unit award nights. Kimberly Copeland never disappointed with her tacky outfits and balloon arches.

  6. SuzyQ

    This is such glorious news! My God, how we have waited and worked for this! I am enjoying every minute of this pink ship sinking in real time. And God have mercy on their souls if they are going to charge anything for a virtual event.

    1. BestDecision

      If they charge for it, they’re admitting training their sales force isn’t “free”. They don’t have to pay for the convention center, the food, or the transportation of all the NSDs and top Directors. No shuttle buses, either.

      They should do it complimentary to celebrate and educate their Consultants and Directors. I bet they show it as income on their 1099s if they do, too.

      1. TRACY

        I think they have a huge opportunity to build a bunch of goodwill and get a bunch more orders if they do it for free. NSDs gushing about the company’s generosity and many more people participating. That automatically means more orders of unnecessary products in July in August.

        1. BestDecision

          I bet there’s Directors actually glad it’s cancelled purely for the fact their low numbers won’t be visible without sashes and class attendance. Easier to be hidden that way!

          1. Enorth

            And those IBCs who spent thousands of dollars over the past year to buy their seminar recognition. Pearl Star and Emerald Star quarter after quarter. $$$$ down the drain.
            All for photos of the stage-wave, “diamond” ring, and special functions.

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