Mary Kay Scamming With Religion

For the millionth time, God doesn’t give pink Cadillacs and Mary Kay is not the way to Christ. We’re always told how Mary Kay is a Christian company. That it’s faith first! The truth is that God and faith are used and abuse to further the goals of the Mary Kay predators.

Sales director Kimberly Perkins says God put it in her heart to get a pink Cadillac. And director Taylor McKnight says that Mary Kay has given her a deeper relationship with Christ. Remember when Chelsea Claytor Adkins said that God wanted her  It’s disgusting to use religion to push your MLM.



  1. I feel like this is one of their top strategies for evading critical thinking. If it’s a Christian company, you’re a bad person for doubting their intentions.

    • Also, it automatically creates trust. And we know they lie terribly during recruiting. If nothing else, they lie by omission. But you’re less likely to doubt them if you think they’re religious people.

      When I was recruited 20 years ago, I was given bogus numbers on how much people sell, how much the average customer buys and reorders, and on how much I’d make if I was willing to devote X hours per week to MK. Because these were “Christian” women, I assumed they were telling the truth. (And at that time, there was nothing negative on the internet about MK, so I had no way to find out if they were telling the truth.) I bought a large inventory based on that.

      • I’m so grateful you created this site. Although I didn’t know about it at the time of signing, it was a large contributor to recognizing the fog.

        I was 18 and working as a cake decorator at 4 am before school, and then I worked til 8 after school. I saved up a couple thousand for college (which took a long time at $5.85/hr). My director told me I could easily double that, and not even need college because mk offered so much training, it was the equivalent of a college education for “free.”

        Still went to college as planned; but needless to say, I had no savings. I’d been told inventory was a smart way to double my money (“Is there any reason, honey, you wouldn’t want to double your money?”). Obviously that didn’t happen, and whenever I expressed my doubt, I was fed more lies and scripture about waiting and trusting. I struggled for years believing I just wasn’t a hard worker. I’d get a waitressing job at the dismay of my director, and once I had savings again, she’d encourage me to spend it on inventory so I could “really see what god could do.”

        Yuck, happy to be ghosted.

  2. This is one of the top reasons I quit Directorship. I couldn’t stomach how people quote scripture to snare a rope around prospects and unit members to gain their trust.

    I remember when MK wasn’t full of people doing that, and the first one I recall doing so was Pam Shaw. Then, people started to emulate her and regurgitate everything she said after she became a National. It grew from there at a rapid pace, and it made me so sad that God would be used that way.

    It’s like there’s a competition to be the most holiest person who reads the Bible more or who goes to church more, too. I couldn’t find one group or conference call or meeting where people weren’t having “Prayer Partners” or a book club where a Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen book wasn’t read. I bought far too many of them in hopes of catching the wave those successful people were on, but I found it wasn’t the secret.

  3. Maybe they should read their own scriptures. There is nothing in there about God giving them dreams of wealth and a life of luxury. He outsourced that to Satan, didn’t he?

    Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

    2 Peter 2:3 And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

    Ecclesiastes 5:10 Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.

  4. That Kimberly Perkins post was really difficult to stomach! Every sentence ended with at least one exclamation point! Every! Single! One!!!! Not to mention its ickiness! I need a shower!!!

    The prosperity Gospel is an abomination. You cannot serve both God and money.

  5. “Here My Heart” “God First, Family Second, Career Third” “Joshua, Ephesians, 1st Corinthians, Proverbs…” The catch phrases, Bible Books, Sincere Looks, Teary Voices, and other emotional tidbits can go on and on. And my all time fav… “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”… That’s the one that got me to sign my agreement.

    I don’t care how they frame it and re-frame it… It’s all emotional blackmail.

  6. Where on the MK website does it say it’s a Christian company? Faith-based? God first? Faith first?

    As for Osteen, Meyer, Copeland, Hinn, et al, I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing what’s coming.

  7. “I have settled for less than God’s best for far too long!”

    So… does that mean God was giving you his best and you ignored it, or that God didn’t provide what you thought was the best, thus disappointing you?

    Either way, I don’t think God would appreciate this stance. (Or the vehicle being makeup and the mission being Jesus/the promotion of a pyramid scheme using Christianity as a hook.)

  8. The eyes say “I don’t care….about you”, in the photos. When a person of any religion turns that religion into prosperity “preach” and belief other are easily fooled especially when you are very vulnerable to life.

    It is all in perspective, was in an abusive marriage and I tuned into Joel Osteen, my salvation. Marriage is over, 20 weeks of group, 6 months of therapy, Now if I tune into Joel Osteen it is frivolous, repetitive, too much makeup etc. and wants your cash. Back to humble roots of greek teachings which are humble not prosperity, not on the take.

    • PS. Joel is teaming up with the now self anointed religious guru of the world to help him spread the gospel. Kanye West is now (at) his right hand.

  9. THIS!! It is one of the biggest reasons I quit. I’m really disgusted to admit I was guilty of this as well and that I actually believed it. Luckily for me, I did create some lasting relationships with some girls that have evolved into faith based relationships having nothing to do with MLM. I just hate that I had any part in them being scammed. I still have such a soft spot for some of the women that I think really do believe what they are posting and preaching. It’s so sad to watch and I just hope that they can snap out of the fog as well.

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