As the Mary Kay seminar year comes to a close, let’s talk about the “virtual” seminar that is planned for August. Sorry to all the women who ordered and ordered and ordered to get to certain levels. No walking across seminar stage for you!

Mary Kay Seminar 2020 is going to be held online August 20-22, 2020.

Why are we changing Seminar 2020 to a virtual experience?
In early March, the city of Dallas and the state of Texas instituted a ban on large public gatherings to protect public health and safety. With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the US, this ban on large gatherings continues. Therefore, given this truly unique and unprecedented situation beyond Mary Kay’s control, it is no longer a possibility to hold Seminar at the convention center this year. Instead, we’re excited to create a spectacular virtual Seminar 2020 experience complete with outstanding education and motivation, world-famous Mary Kay recognition and prize giveaways, and of course, LOTS of other special guests and surprises! And we are enlisting the help of a prestigious, cutting-edge production company to create this amazing event!

The fee for seminar is $45, and attendees receive a $20 wholesale credit toward orders placed in the first month after seminar.

Each seminar division is having its own program. Presumably, this means the speakers for each seminar will be NSDs and top directors from each division. Those speakers are a big part of the hype and getting women to want to move up, and having speakers from your own division is probably more impactful.

I’m curious to see how they are going to do awards recognition. The REAL purpose behind seminar is to get women to order more products (stuff they don’t need and didn’t/won’t sell). It’s all about the recognition, and if you aren’t going to have the opportunity to prance across the state, Mary Kay has to create some other form of recognition or their orders will suffer in the next year.



  1. ” The fee for seminar is $45, and attendees receive a $20 wholesale credit toward orders placed in the first month after seminar.”

    This is shameful. Charge a $ 45 fee for a person to stay connected all day, just to see nothing beyond what has already been seen. MKC vultures always find a way to make money.

  2. Compared to the “normal” costs of seminar, I bet consultants are jumping for joy that it’s “only” $45 this year…

  3. Woof, would not want to spend 8 hours in make believe mk world at my home.

    Unfortunately, I’m worried there will be a lot of excitement from the women who could never afford it previously. They’re going to be preyed on extra hard this year with “don’t let your first seminar be for nothing! There may not be a stage, but our unit’s going to have a call before Awards night starts so you can wear your gown!!” (Hint hint, go buy one loser).

    Ugh $45 for a company meeting to celebrate YOUR year end accomplishments?! Hopefully a few consultants have been working from home with their actual jobs and know they should never pay to join a company call?

  4. I bet nsds are telling directors that each consultant needs to pay the registration fee and to not hold watch parties. I bet MK corp wants to recoup some fees so the NSD’S are responsible for making sire that doesn’t happen.

    I mean, why pay $45 for a virtual event? You don’t get anything besides wholesale credit.

  5. Just saw a director I know who is now wearing makeup from another MLM and doing online live clothing sales. She’s basically working retail on Facebook Live. Mary Kay is literally falling apart. People I thought were totally hardcore are dropping like flies. I know of at least 1 NSDE (I think she retired in 2012, so is probably still collecting retirement payments from MK) who has joined and is moving quickly in another MLM. The question is does MK close or do they drop the MLM model?

    • They’ll try a modified version of MLM. Then they’ll drop MLM all together. Then they’ll close as it becomes clear that they can’t sustain a company with true retail sales. Most of the ordering is related to inventory frontloading. They know this. SO they know as a retail sales company their numbers will be terrible, but they’ll probably try it anyway.

  6. This has been frustrating.. I paid $45 to be part of the Dallas 2020 Seminar and it never happened. (sigh) I do understand that “Life Happens, and at 74, I’ve lived long enough to know that we just have to deal with it. I’m trusting the money spent for this is still going to go towards my next order, even though I was unable to connect my computer to the event.
    (BYW….I don’t get on my computer every day, so I any response you might send me could be days before I receive it . Thank You.

  7. Dec Applause says leapfrog Katie Toupin did Extended Trip. Wonder who her guest will be once they go??

    I’d be livid if I was on a Trip with a true, proven fake.

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