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Dacia Wiegandt’s Mary Kay Backup Plan

Written by PinkFreeSince2015

It is widely known that Mary Kay sales and recruitment victims are down. The endless promotions to entice new victims and the repetitive changing of product formulas or packaging continues, like the lip gloss change from August 1st.  What’s interesting are the NSDs tip-toeing into a backup plan.  It’s almost like they know something that consultants don’t.

Whether it be Cecilia James’ new home organizational company, Kimberly Copeland’s desperate attempt at YouTube fame and her own TLC show (not ever happening!!!!) or my favorite… Dacia Wiegandt and her endless grasping for Instagram fame.

In recent months we have seen Dacia take a major step away from Mary Kay. First, she changed her Instagram handle from “nsddacia” to “dacialea”. Then she opted to purchase a Lincoln Navigator, foregoing the trophy on wheels. We heard the excuse of how she needed a bigger SUV for her kids. Do those extra few inches really make all the difference?

Even more interesting is her focus on promoting products (not Mary Kay products, mind you) on Instagram. Dacia’s feed is now filled with outfits, decorations and must-haves connected her LikeToKnow app. This app allows people to purchase items directly from the retailer and in return she gets a small commission. This has been occurring for months now. Her daily feed is connected to her LTK profile and her constant feed of stories show items her followers can purchase. She is even posting her daughter to promote different products. Everything based around her profile is now making money from other companies.

Is Dacia looking to diversify her marketing reach or could it be the ship is sinking?

If you remember, Dacia sold her MK studio (“Studio Pink”) back around Christmas. She sold off everything including the furniture. After that her social media REALLY began to transform into an influencer rather than her Mary Kay life. The focus shifted.

Let’s take a look at some attempts to claim Instagram influencer fame.

Dacia has received a paid partnership with a wellness and natural skincare company. How is this not a direct violation of her Mary Kay contract? Haven’t other consultants been terminated for this?


A highly posed product placement for a reputable protein shake. The desperate attempt to become a spokesman for a national company reigns supreme. Note, they did not pay her for this. She is attempting to gain their attention for a possible paid partnership.

Another post was a staged kitchen photo with a name brand sanitizer and bleach. This was followed by her TikTok video.

One of the most socially unaware posts was the Mother’s Day picture highlighting a Hermes blanket. (Does she even pay attention to the number of people who are out of work right now?) Keep in mind the link to purchase the blanket was also linked to her Like to Know app.


In recent days she has been posting an abundant amount of leisurewear outfits. This clothing comes from one company, which happens to be a new MLM called Savvi. (Fun fact: At the moment this is being written, if you click the “opportunity” link on their site, it takes you to clickfunnels.com.) Savvi is also the parent company of Piphany, an online clothing retailer. The Savvi brand self-promotes themselves to be an affordable alternative to Lululemon with comparable product quality. This brings me to a post the other day.

This post depicts the opportunity to style and design your life however you choose and the grateful ability to work from home in leisurewear. You then see “Clothes: DM me for link”. This is where her marketing and branding changes. Usually she posts a promotional code for a certain amount or percentage off of purchase or contact a direct person/link to purchase.

This one is different, why? Well, Dacia is now a consultant for Savvi.

The facade of Dacia Wiegandt’s MK fame and success means absolutely nothing in the real world.

Does the constant need for fame and recognition ever go away? We saw this firsthand after her temper tantrum when her luggage was lost. If we remember, she posted the email stating how she would blast this out to all her followers and expose their lack of customer service. Plus, don’t forget the outrageous amount she was wanting to be reimbursed. The entitlement created by the NSD position is outrageous. The faux mentality of being a “celebrity” amplifies their narcissistic tendencies.

I hope potential new recruits will see that even the high up NSDs are developing an exit strategy.

NSDs are seeing the writing on the wall. The ship is sinking fast and their residual income is dwindling even faster. For years, the numbers have been declining. Fewer and fewer people attending seminar, more NS’s retiring than being promoted and the desperate attempts to maintain unit production continues.

Consultants, please see the writing on the wall. The NSDs are leaving, you should too!


    1. coralrose

      I don’t see the appeal at all of following “influencers”. They’re just normal (yet pretty) people flaunting their possessions to try to get us to buy things. No, thank you.
      In her post about disinfecting, she said her hands were about to crack. I guess she’s not using enough Satin Hands or Mary Kay hand cream.

  1. BestDecision

    How is she still an NSD?! Dacia has also recommended other brands’ sunscreens and not even mentioned MK’s. I’m betting the Legal Dept is gathering their facts and are going to strike in the near future.

    I met Dacia years ago, and she came across as strong-willed and very intentional about everything connected to her. I’m very doubtful she’s doing any of this by accident.

    Prior to meeting her, I was on a conference call where she was the guest speaker. She wasn’t a National yet. She was asked to elaborate on how she was selling to so many people and how she had exponential growth, and she was very evasive to share to much information. That immediately struck me as questionable. She was also asked to share some documents with the NSD that was hosting the call so that they could be passed on to her Area, and Dacia said, “Wellllll, I gueeessssss…”. Really??

    Thank you, Tracy, for bringing this raging Red Flag into the spotlight here. Well written!

    1. Mountaineer95

      I’d love to see her try to get a position as an “executive level” sales professional in a “real” (non-MLM) company. I know from experience (I’ve worked in high-level recruiting for executive sales positions) that MKrap on a resume, even at the NSD level, means little and is often intentionally passed over. Her poor grammar will reflect negatively as well. It looks like MLM and wannabe-influencer careers are all she has left at this point. I hope her farm and her hubby are making money, because her well is soon to run dry.

  2. Char

    There are two kinds of MLMers: the willing-victims and the successful perpetrators.

    Notice that even if she quits being an MLMer for Mary Kay, she has already set up her next heist using the Savvi product as her weapon to defraud.

    “Once a positive thief always a positive thief. Don’t be negative about endless-chain scheming. Scamming others is hard ‘work’, so don’t be a lazy loser. It’s up to you how you run your ‘business’……that siphons money from others so you can succeed. Yes, there is only a slim chance you will be a successful con woman, but don’t give up. Maybe just change your location and weapon. Freshen it up a bit, or not. It really doesn’t matter where you commit the act of MLMing, and that’s the beauty if it.”

    The is no honor in MLM, but only honor in apologetic MLMers who reform and try to warn others that MLM is a scam. This site is full of wonderful women like that.

  3. Twinkie Pink

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that blanket is really Tommy Hilfiger, certainly not Hermès. She’s a total wanna be, reasserting the notion that class cannot be bought.

  4. Neverpink

    I just cannot stand Dacia. She is SO narcissistic and SO entitled that she’s repulsive.

    I feel so badly for her children, growing up with a mother who values herself, social media attention and her possessions more than her own children. I hope they can get the therapy they inevitably will need.

  5. Onegative

    How much have her commissions dwindled? She has two offspring NSD’s so they can’t be too low.

    Some of these outfits are so….idk. I mean, she’s in her 40’s amd trying to look like she’s in her 20’s. The sheer number of pictures she takes of herself is nauseating.

    There is a difference between confident and narcissistic amd she leans heavily on the latter.

    There was one story a while ago where she got a happy meal. She was holding it in her hand and doing a Instagram story. She said “sometimes you just need a happy meal, you know? You know?!?” And her eyes were bugging out and it was so weird. Who needs to post about a freaking happy meal?!?! I mean, seriously.

    I think she has at least one strike against her from when early on. She posted a video about her being in trouble with MK Corp about the use of the term “pulling inventory in her seminar speech” and how she broke down and cried because everyone was waiting for her to fail and she did. Corp told her to never use that term again.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “There is a difference between confident and narcissistic amd she leans heavily on the latter.”

      – Absolutely! True, clinical narcissists can be spotted a mile away. They believe that they are the Center of the universe, and every single event that happens in the world makes them think “okay, how does this affect ME?” They’re horrible people, and they cannot (or will not) change.

      Confidence is a great trait to have, and can get you far in life. Narcissism is so ingrained and severe that the only way to avoid being affected by those who have it is to go “no contact” with them.

  6. morningstar

    I don’t think MK corporate cares what Dacia does, so I do not think they will get her in legal or they already would have. We don’t know, however she is the mantra sacred CASH COW for MK. So many people look up to her – pfft. Thing is MK Dacia is taking you all for a run for your money MK, how do you like it being outsmarted by NSD?

  7. Ruby Slippers

    Her post about Savvi styling she says…. “Life is Your story edit often” .
    Does that mean she is getting ready for an “Edit of MK”?
    I bet she will be out by the end of this year.

    1. TRACY

      She won’t, unless forced out. She’s still making too much money to voluntarily walk away. But as she builds these other streams of income, she may consider leaving.

  8. Cindylu

    Just a really good example of how out of control mlm actually is. So many of them: Avon, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Amway, Arbonne, NuSkin, Cutco, Herbalife, Scentsy, Shaklee, Melaleuka etc. So many direct sales mlm over the years that wasted our time and took advantage of women. Women who simply wanted a balanced life. I also dislike so called pampered influencers. I’m sure in real jobs, they are the narcissists, micro managers, manipulators, arrogant, impatient, bullies etc. When it comes to deceit mlm’s seem to draw in mean spirited, those focused on material gain and cold hearted individuals.

        1. Shay

          I have nothing to self promote. I only made a small word press site just for screen shots to share because of my frustration with imgur and other photo sharing websites.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      A “click funnel” is where you put up a bunch of site that all have a link leading to the site you want them to be on … they are usually badly done variations of the same info.

      They “funnel you” into the desired action. Like herding cattle in for branding. It’s a re-labelled “driving traffic”

      Notably, they don’t provide you with enough info to make a decision. Their belief is that if you click you are more motivated … that’s a bad interpretation of some genuine web research using well-designed pages all on one site.

  9. Mountaineer95

    Ugh…I’m unhappy to report that I have the same Teami infuser cup that she’s holding in the car pic…like,, even the same color. I’ve really liked it up until this moment. Thanks for ruining my Teami bottle, Dacia!!

    1. Mountaineer95

      …ugh, the next photo is her with my beloved Quest protein shakes? Dacia, back off my favorite products! I want to enjoy them and not be embarrassed by the fact that you’re trying desperately to sell them.

      Also, per the Lysol/bleach pic while wearing “monochromatic” black attire: any person who legit cleans stuff with bleach knows to not wear nice dark colored clothing because of how easy it is to get bleach spots on dark clothes. This woman does NOT clean with bleach whilst wearing fashionable black/denim clothing.

      Try again, Dacia.

      1. Juliet

        lololololol when I am cleaning with bleach, it is NOT a kodak moment! No, you don’t wear lovely things to delicately clean the entire house without a hair out of place. Just like June Cleaver cleaning the house in her heels and pearl necklace lololol. I wanna be June Cleaver but NO DACIA, NO WAY, YUCK YUCK YUCK. Thanks for the laughs Mountaineer!!!

      2. EyesWideShutNoMore

        I know what you mean, Mountaineer! Did you ever hear about why the Ed Hardy brand failed? Apparently, it was because of Jon Gosling, he wore his brand all the time and we all know how his life went. (I loved Ed Hardy stuff, I even had a pair of glasses! They were bad ass!)

        Jon Gosling wearing Ed Hardy clothes wasn’t exactly a great endorsement, I guess lol. Probably would be even worse if Kate wore them, she’d be competition for Dacia in the narcissist dept.

  10. Gammy Gary

    Just watched a 60 minutes segment on MK. MK appears to be nothing but a pyramid scheme.

    I don’t blame anyone for working hard and providing for their families, however, her narcissism is disgusting. Every single day she tries to sell something as she’s bragging about her house, car, clothes, etc. Nothing special about her house, clothes looks cheap and who care what your drive, but ok. I’m assuming she has so many followers because they are MK people and feel obligated. She uses Christianity to try to convince people she is a good person so they will buy whatever she is selling. Luckily, I will no longer be looking at her social media pages which I found by accident and then couldn’t stop looking at because I thought they were somewhat laughable. Does she really think she is a CEO? I wonder how many lipsticks one has to sell to get that title? Funny…

  11. JuliaB

    Is this Piphany the same one that’s also an MLM that was originally called Honey and Lace before it rebranded? The one that originated from the twin sister of LuLaRoe’s founder, Deanne Stidham?

    Man, Dacia is REALLY bad at this. Bless her heart. I’ve never been in Mary Kay and I don’t know her, so maybe she seemed more natural selling those things. In the images you’ve shared she looks like a middle-aged mom who dressed as teenage girl for a Halloween costume party. Plus, her staging and poses make it appear as though it’s a parody account. Can’t her kids help her? Why hasn’t a friend gently clued her in? Isn’t she supposed to be rich? Homegirl needs to hire a pro to help her transition from Mary Kay scammer to social media scammer with class.

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