Register for Virtual Seminar to Receive Your Prizes

Our friend BestDecision found this flier for the prizes being handed out at Seminar 2020. Well, they really aren’t being handed out. Since Virtual Seminar 2020 is what’s happening, Mary Kay has to ship prizes to consultants. But if you didn’t register by July 10 (or if you register and later cancel), you can’t receive your prizes.

There are some exceptions. The jewelry for courts and the red jackets will be given out regardless of whether or not you register. But other prizes, like the All-Star Star Consultant Program Ted Baker London 2020 gift, require registration.

Is it just me, or does this seem really petty? I understand that Mary Kay has probably lost a lot of money by not having an in-person seminar. I realize that the $45 cost to register is pretty reasonable.  But there will be some people who cannot attend or don’t want to attend. This just seems to be a way to coerce more people into signing up. (Get ready to hear about record “attendance” at seminar this year!)


  1. BestDecision

    They have to pay for shipping for their own prizes AND to watch Seminar on a computer. MK is making even more money off their people! They should make Seminar free because it’s a morale booster and drives production and recruiting for months afterwards.

    Directors and Consultants, is this not eye-opening to you? Are you not awake yet? A company who truly cares about you would not charge you to watch an annual conference that drives revenue for them. Nor would they require registration to get a prize you earned. And to think you have to pay for shipping of your own awards?!

    Get out now. You don’t need that pathetic company or its people in your life.

  2. raisinberry

    I’m sorry…but everytime I see these ridiculous titles, I still just shake my head.
    “Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director.” Really? How did I ever do this? LOL.
    Future Independent Elite National Sales Director… Might as well be saying Regional Supreme Imaginary Grand PooBah.

    1. BestDecision

      So true! Like the new “Elite Team Leader” title. Nothing embarrasses me more than having my former title on my resume. I’ve had some eyebrows raised with polite, creative avoidance of what they’re really thinking about it.

      1. raisinberry

        Cause every serious business, thinks about Mary Kay, as a hepped up girls club, like you are some “director” of a cheer leading squad, and you get your pay advances not in MONEY, but in fictitious titles! OMG…and when I was IN, I thought, OMG, she’s an ELITE Future whatever whatever. Wow, some cult indoctrinations going on there…no?

  3. Char

    I don’t blame Mary Kay, as they have expenses and need to keep their company in the black. They have a business to run, salaries to pay, and health insurance plans to contribute to. The lifestyle of upper management and founders isn’t cheap ya know.

    Them attempting to get their direct ordering customers to spend money, in any way shape or form, makes sense to me. That’s just business. And if all goes well, people will get a good buzz from the virtual event, place orders themselves, and recruit more big ordering customers for Mary Kay. It’s all good.

    1. MultiLevelMoneylosing

      This is going to be a huge moneymaker for MK. No overhead for this event, and they’re charging people to attend? Real companies don’t make salespeople pay for training (or to hear a rah-rah). But they also provide benefits and salary too, so…

    1. morningstar

      needed that term, closet clutter. Just the sheer amount of tin you have to shed from MK cheap stuff is example of the greed in MLM. Work your buns off and we dangle this or that.
      It works, ugh.

  4. NayMKWay

    “(Get ready to hear about record “attendance” at seminar this year!)”

    I’m sure they’ll set a record for Virtual Seminar attendence! That’s the advantage of doing something for the first time in corporate history.

  5. morningstar

    I think you have to pay for the shipping this year of your prizes to you. Glug glug the ship is faltering if they can’t figure out mass shipping, maybe MK should have Charming Charlie’s drop ship.

  6. Neverpink

    I looked up Kendra Scott jewelry. From my brief dive through their site, they seem pretty cheap. I don’t know anything about the quality, but the bracelets and earrings don’t look like anything particularly special and are in the $50-$100 range.

    I wonder how much money is being spent to “earn” these cheap prizes?

    1. mintbliss

      I love Kendra Scott Jewelry. The stuff they are showing is not the higher end stuff that they sell. The amount of money that they are spending to earn that prize is not worth it. The jewelry that is showing as a prize is the basic stuff and it probably isn’t the most current line that they sell…so they probably got that cheaper to “gift” away.

      1. Wasrings90

        My sister Loves Kendra Scott, being on here I thought she was nuts, until she showed me her favorites and we were in a big city & went into one of the Kendra Scott stores. None of looks like the items shown by the MK bots. Damn the earrings I liked we $300 & I would’ve probably bought them if they weren’t so heavy on my lobes.

      2. Neverpink

        Ah! I’m glad someone could correct me! Obviously I know nothing about the designer, and it shows in now knowing they sell more high-end stuff. I just browsed through their “bestsellers” collection. I should have said “inexpensive” and not “cheap”, since “cheap” can also mean “low quality”.

        Sorry about that!

  7. J

    This feels like playing a game with a kid. You win, but they add more rules to extend the play time. You already did the work that was originally required to earn the award, period. You do not owe them shipping; you do not owe them $45 for a zoom meeting.

  8. raisinberry

    Look , you don’t have to go any farther that Mary Kay Ash’s OWN determination of what prizes should cost. She was famous for teaching giving a dollar prize and $100 worth of recognition…(or something like that)…meaning, prizes are just tokens. She knew the greatest need of most of humanity was recognition. That is what built the Empire.

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