Mary Kay Pink Range Rover

In Brazil, women are earning the use of pink Range Rovers from Mary Kay. I don’t have details on their car program, but it looks to me like this is the equivalent of the pink Cadillac in the United States.

Here’s a pink Hyundai Tucson that I saw last year in Brazil:

I would love to know the requirements to maintain a car in Brazil. There are a ton of people in Brazil but the economic conditions are challenging. I wonder how exploitative MLM is there?


  1. Jacirene

    The requirements for the Trophy on Wheels in Brazil are: Qualification: 150,000 points per quarter in 2 consecutive quarters Requalification: 135,000 points per quarter for 2 consecutive quarters Maintenance: 120,000 points per quarter after winning Converting this to dollar amounts would be around USD 24,000.00 per month (if we consider a foundation’s score for example). For qualification, approximately USD 144,000.00 would be required to win the car. Mary Kay Brasil pays the monthly bonus and SD buys the car of her preference at the partner dealership according to her preference. The brands are: • BMW • Chevrolet • Peugeot • Nissan • Citröen • Ford

    1. Jacirene

      Complementing the text above, many NSD’s opt for a more expensive car model (such as a Camaro for example). Brazil is still strong ground for predators MLMers, as the retail market is huge and thousands of people lose money in these companies, however these figures are not disclosed. The “pretend to succeed” is seen in all MLM. Unfortunately Brazil is still a good place for these vultures.

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