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New Seminar Year, New Suits

Mary Kay’s “virtual seminar” 2020 kicks off on Thursday. It’s disappointing for the Kaybots to NOT have the in-person seminar. This is the time when the new sales director suits are trotted out. The suit serves a couple of purposes. First, it’s a uniform that helps reinforce compliance and sameness. More importantly, it’s an indicator of rank in MK and creates class envy that motivates those in the lower ranks to move up.

Here’s the NSD suit that you can pay $1200+ to wear:

And the director suit:

Mary Kay is missing out on an important opportunity to divide the haves and the have-nots with the suits. Maybe in 2021 they will get to have a traditional in-person seminar?

Here’s the 2020 virtual seminar schedule in case you were wondering:

No, you can’t watch. It’s $45 to attend, and only consultants can sign up. But if we’re lucky, some consultants and directors might hold watch parties or post clips on social media.


  1. BestDecision

    Holly Hobbie meets mauve! I’m betting they go 2 years on these since no one is going to see them onstage anywhere. Hideous! And we used to complain about our royal blue suit with lavender lapels or the neon mauve with ruffles in 2011!

  2. PurpleH

    Canada has their Seminar a few weeks ago. NSD Brenda Summach made one of her Zoom meetings public on FB, and she was so happy that they “get to” wear the suit for 2 years. She also encouraged them to use Seminar as a recruiting tool by having their sisters or a few friends happen to stop by during the proceedings.

    1. J


      Oh no, that’s the saddest attempt at a pink ambush I’ve ever heard. Someone popping by will catch the dream from your old dell laptop screen.

      That’s like trying to catch a butterfly with a hula hoop.

    1. Wasrings90

      It looks like items hanging in my great Aunt’s closet and she’s 98…. I thought MK was cutting edge?! This is just matronly… Now don’t get me wrong Tweed can look good on any age person, and a classic Chanel suit never goes out of style…. But somehow these as always miss the mark. Good Lord I am over 40 and wouldn’t wear that if I had to wear a suit to work daily…

    1. MLM Radar

      Over-tight A-line skirts. Ewww. I thought the days of hobbling women were over. But here we have a row of skirts and heels that force women to walk with helpless little tippy-toe steps.

      Can someone explain what’s supposed to be professional about this? All those skirts are intentionally designed to say, “I’m too fat for my clothes.”

  3. Heather

    That is easily one of THE worst suiting combinations I have ever seen. The jackets look like they need to be heavily tailored, and frankly, only a handful of women look good in a straight skirt or sheath dress. If you have hips or a belly, these styles accentuate things further. And of course, the cost is at premium prices.

  4. morningstar

    Very nicely made ugliness. I have 3 nice pieces from St John and this is NOT the color.
    If you really want see the line check it out. One dress will last 100yrs. And you can trow it on….Fugly this is….

  5. NayMKWay

    Last Friday, we learned Mary Kay was not a get-rich-quick scheme (who knew?).

    Today, we learn Mary Kay is also not a dress-somehow-other-than-hideously* scheme, either.

    * – It makes perfect sense, and I’m sticking with it.

    1. Cheryl

      Apparently, the Virtual Seminar is turning out to be a disaster. The website is not working and rumor has it tonight’s program has been postponed. I wonder how many consultants will demand a refund on their $45 fee? Additionally, the director suits of the past were somewhat attractive, tasteful and professional. The past few years , the suits have been horrible including these new ones. Get a new designer, or better yet, get rid of the “uniform”.

              1. BestDecision

                Lots of viewing parties with no distancing or masks. Fake waves Like they’re onstage, sashes, awkward evening gowns, creepy selfies, and really bad makeup. And, Cleta is at it again, people.

                Go hashtags #mymklife and #mkseminar2020 for pure viewing pleasure. Makes Clinique girls look like supermodels.

        1. Cheryl

          The Kick-off show never happened. Supposedly to be shown at a later date (how un-exciting) however, because of the first night being a bust, Mary Kay is refunding the $45 fee to everyone. That’s a boat load of money, but we know they can afford it! Rumor has it there were approximately 67,000 consultants registered for the virtual seminar.

  6. pinkpeace

    These director suit options are an insult to anyone who has even an ounce of fashion sense.

    I mean, it’s a mash-up between Grandma’s upholstery and hotel meeting room carpeting.

    And the fact that it will realistically cost in the neighborhood of $400 is criminal.

  7. Ruby Slippers

    I sent mine off to Planet Aid. Some poor sap in a third world country is prancing around in it by now. Absolute waste of $ again. I’m still hearing about all my “bad choices” from my husband and this is 3 years later.

    1. NayMKWay

      I have a nickel’s worth of free advice for your husband: Your loved one’s scars won’t heal if you keep picking at them. Three years is long enough; let it go, man.

        1. NayMKWay

          I’m glad to hear it. Your story kind of triggered me because I had a front-row view of a marriage that was destroyed by a man – my father – who never missed an opportunity to criticize his wife. His pet name for my mother was “Stupe.”

          Fortunately, my mother remarried a wonderful man who showed me by example how a good husband behaves. My wife of 40 years would agree, I think, that the lessons took well. She and I have made plenty of mistakes over the years; we freely admit them, but never, ever criticize each other for them. There is simply no upside to it.

          Be well.

          1. morningstar

            Left my narc in 2019 after 16 yrs. Plenty of bliss now. NO putdowns no gaslighting , no more of women he happened to fall over into etc….Check youtube videos on this topic.

            1. Juliet

              OMG NayMKWay who ARE you lololol! Telling Ruby that scars don’t heal when you keep picking at them, to tell her hubby – WOW!! That hits me like a brick, it’s so simple and obvious but still not recognized by me till you stated it that way. Thank you!!

              I has friend whose old man would “lovingly’ call her “stupe” —- 25 years they were together, and wth??? She never stopped to say HOW DARE YOU CALL ME THAT. I am so sorry for the pain you went through with your family but so glad your mom found a positive man to be with and for you.

              Ruby, I am SOOOO HAPPY to hear you are in BLISS!! I have enraged more than one person in my life by telling them “it’s better to miss them than wish they were gone”. And that “No decision IS A DECISION”. And you are now my example – you proved MY belief, and YOU ARE FREE <3 Forever and ever Amen!!

              Thank you both – and everyone! – for all the amazing insights you share, for the validation of my own thoughts, so many times – this is a special place indeed and SO HELL YEAH, THANK YOU MARY KAY CAUSE WITHOUT HER, I WOULDN'T KNOW THE PEEPS IN THIS GROUP lololol!!! Thank you Tracy!

    2. KayNotMary

      I watch a show called Alone. 10 people are dropped off in the arctic, each by themselves, and they have to fend for themselves until only one is left. A contestant was so happy she caught a porcupine to eat, but when she cut it open she discovered it was diseased, it had grey spots all over its liver.

      Those blue jackets with the flowers? They look like diseased porcupine livers. Yuck. Wouldn’t eat it, wouldn’t wear it.

  8. EyesWideShutNoMore

    Dry clean only, of course. The suits look like they’d disintegrate if they came into contact with water. Sort of like the Wicked Witch. The one in the middle of the chorus line looks like a drag queen. SO much makeup!

  9. onelessSD

    The only one that looks remotely decent is the young one wearing the dark blue dress underneath the hideous jacket. The short-older gal on the end looks like she’s trying really hard to stay young looking. No Bueno.

    All in all- these are THE ugliest director suits that I’ve ever seen.

  10. Char

    Can I just take a moment to reassure lurkers that the critical comments on these, umm, outfits are not rooted in jealousy. I’m sure that’s what consultants are told, “Oh, they’re just jealous.” I ask you:

    – Have you ever seen a gang leader wearing a hefty gold chain, and are you jealous of that?
    – A pimp driving a fancy vehicle. Jealous of that?
    – Uncle Eddy’s blue suit in Christmas vacation?

    This lineup of ‘blue leisure suits’ worn by MLMers who must lie to other women to achieve their status is NOTHING to be jealous of, I assure you. There is no pride in being a successful con artist, and like it or not, that’s what these people are. They are pretending to be business women. That’s how confidence tricks work!

    *It’s not okay to bully the innocent, but I think it’s quite okay to be critical and poke fun of perps.

  11. Talia

    I think it’s the combination of the ghastly shiny cheap looking material and the incredibly unflattering length (on the knee seldom looks good) that makes these skirts, particularly the lighter blue ones look so awful. It doesn’t help that they seem to be pulling across the front. Does that mean a size larger would be better? I never wear this style of skirt so I’m not sure what needs to be done to fix it.

    I think part of the reason the lady in the darker blue looks better is that her skirt hits below the knee and isn’t pulling (i.e. seems to fit).

    Also, I thought hose was required?

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