1. Well she looks hella crazy in this video? I wouldn’t buy a mascara brush from her. Not to mention all the lying she’s doing. Wow just wow…

  2. Unfortunately if you are in the pink fog, you don’t realize you are lying. As time goes on though, especially as a Director, you get to the point where you spew the same spiel and hope they come on with an 1800 star order even though you know the odds are against her and it will probably never get sold or she will quit and not return it. You get to the point where you just don’t care because ” it’s her choice to make it or not” and to treat it like a business or not. So you continue to push star for your own benefit especially at end of month.

    • How does she not realize that she’s lying when she says she can’t lose her position as NSD? Ask someone like Allison LaMarr (now known as Chaya Ben-Shabat) who “retired” from MK… i.e. she was going to be terminated from her position as NSD.

        • She converted to Judaism either shortly before or after marrying the co-founder and CEO of Seacret. She took his last name and changed her first name for… reasons.

        • Oh, give it a google and read about her private school that’s her new income machine. I read through the school’s site thoroughly, and I get a cult-like vibe about them controlling everything in the kids’ diets…and I don’t mean just Kosher. It goes beyond that.

      • I think a lot of them aren’t aware that it’s not a permanent position. Or that the trip and other NSD perks have to be earned these days. Talk about a rude awakening in the rare event that it happens these days.

  3. Mary Kay journey…..yeppers all the way to this awesome site! Thank you!
    This MK woman is SO not professional.

  4. So much to unpack, here. So many inconsistencies. She’s earning 6 figures, but cannot afford to buy a house. As high up as she is, if she cannot afford to buy a house, how exactly is that “executive pay for part-time work”?

    She wants NSD for herself, but in order to do so she has to recruit people under her and KEEP them under her, earning her money. So what she has now isn’t good enough, but it’s good enough for the hundreds under her? How narcissistic can you get?

    She thinks only of herself, she tells one lie after another, and considers herself to be corporate executive material. Yikes, I just… can’t…

    • And her professional attire in the video as NSD wannabe……uhm not going far on that alone. Amazing she pulls in the money for MK.

    • My household makes way less than 6 figures and we have a house…… Although it really does depend on how fancy of a house you want I guess…. Ours isn’t that fancy a 100+ yr old farm house that was added on to on what has become one of the cities main commuting streets…. It doesn’t have cathedral ceilings, a state of the art kitchen, a huge fenced in yard, a bathroom that looks like it’s from an expensive spa… The hard wood floors need to be resanded and finished, the living room needs new paint… But we did put in a first floor laundry & the dining room has its floor done and it has a front sun room that I adore and arched doorways and we added a deck and a hammock and quite honestly its more than perfect for us.. I love it, its not new or fancy or in a new subdivision where all the houses look alike…and quite honestly I love our house.. And we didn’t get a house with a mortgage that if one of us did have a job loss we would default on it…… I know Crazy right…. Don’t misunderstand I can be as materialistic as the next person, but I had all that fancy stuff in my first marriage & when that rug was pulled out from me I learned real quick what priorities should be…. I don’t keep up with Jones’s anymore, and my life is way better for it. Also my car is paid off, I haven’t had a car payment or have to get people to order products so I don’t have a payment every month. As a matter of fact the amount of $ I would pay a month for a car payment goes into a savings account & is used for auto repairs & when the time comes as a payment on a new vehicle. .

      • Thank you for sharing your gratitude. These houses have so much charm and wisdom. And to have your own place to do as you wish is more important. Visitors feel welcome. Am a swap shop person, the radio in Alex Mn always provides. Family resides there and I listen in…from another state.

        It is nice to hear that you have your place – with no HOA dues etc.

        • We don;t make 3 figures either and our house is very modest in a subdivision. (3 bedroom bungalow with a basement) There are things that need to be done with it, but it’s just cosmetic. And when I do design, it is function and beauty, and affordable. IF i was to change from reasearch to Interior design (something I would love to do but too scared to take the leap), my focus would not be on luxury, but budget and function.

          And if one of us loses our job, we can manage on one salary, if one of us dies, our mortgage is covered under our life insurance. We spend more on experiences than on our house.

        • If you love old houses, you have to check out oldhousedreams.com
          It’s a site for people who love them and it’s such a treat to read about them there.

    • And if she’s only working part time hours, and she needs a house, and she doesn’t have kids, what’s keeping her from adding a second job? Could it be that she’s actually working overtime hours and lying about it?

    • well….you cant buy a house making 100k where i live….houses are 1.2 million here. no idea where she lives though.

  5. I remember hearing from Anne Newbury and Barbara Sunden at Seminar. Even they seemed to have doubts. How could you not have reservations about MK when entire units are lost over and over again? Barbara seemed to be justifying the loss of several pink cars till she finally made it. Hundreds of women quitting in financial debt or with Psychological trauma. With Love Bombing and focusing on the supposed benefits of MK these original Directors set up the class system and focused on our vulnerabilities. We were manipulated and promised riches and that we were helping other women. The original Directors spoke of this as though it were some kind of mission to empower women. It’s not. It’s actually quite dangerous. She seems to take the all or nothing philosophy within MK to its final degree. She’s also sadly unaware that the glory days of the original Directors Darlene White, Doretha Dingler etc. with MK herself at the helm are long gone. Twenty directors each with their own units sounds doable but it isn’t in 2020. (Especially during COVID). Without weekly meetings, conferences, Seminar etc. this Pink nonsense is breaking down. We aren’t in the 1970’s. This use of facebook to promote a very sad and pathetic scheme is just the end of the line. She needs to stop conning herself into thinking that the desired result is so good or important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it. Truth is getting women to become indentured servants in today’s world is a very ridiculous notion. MK and her original directors set up lofty and unattainable goals. The friends of Ms McKnight should not be swayed by this ludicrous scam.

    • And it’s great to see YOU, Pink Peace!
      yep tracy- you hit it out of the park on this post….your gentle questions , demeanor, flies in the face of people looking for “haters”… no haters here.on PT, Just survivors trying to save you from a batch-load of lies and manipulations.

      • Have you even noticed how the only people who use the word “haters” are usually involved in some kind of scam? When they have no other defense (like a Schedule C, for example), they fall back on throwing ad hominem attacks any critics. “Hater,” “loser” (or “looser”), and “jealous” seem to be their favorites.

        If they say it’s not a scam, it’s a scam.
        If they say it’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a scam.
        If they call you a hater or a jealous loser, it’s a scam.

  6. The whole seminar thing is so sad to me. Women in MK are falling all over themselves for the “queens” from last night and worshiping them and thinking of them as big winners.

    Sadly, I see them as massive losers.

    • There’s a former Seminar Queen in my part of the state. She has since lost the Cadillac and is down to one offspring. She is still in MK, but now selling crafts at farmers markets.

  7. That’s what they told ABC about me…AS IF, me turning to my own (pre mk) business caused my “lack of success”…have to Laugh out loud…how does a 6 car winner , Senior Director, with 3 offspring equal a “lack of sucess”?…You turn Back to what you did, because your MK IS NOT PRODUCING your needed income. can I have an Amen?

    • I’m with you! Cars, offspring, bar pins…how was I not working? Just wait to see what I sent to Tracy from a new NSD. So good!

    • To be clear for others…. ABC = producers from 20/20. ABC gave MK people a chance to respond to the piece they filmed with PT members, including Raisinberry. Of course the MK people trashed Raisinberry.

      • And all they could do was trash Raisinberry, because that’s what you do when you argue from a position of weakness. If they had strength, they could have rebutted with facts and figures instead of ad hominem attacks. But when asked to provide some real data, they backtracked. The video seems to have been taken down from Youtube, and I don’t remember the exact words, but the interview went something like this:

        Interviewer: “So how much do you earn with Mary Kay?”

        3 Interviewees: (Long pause, awkward looks as they try to come up with something plausible): “It, uh, it varies.” “I basically control my income level.”

        They were essentially non-answers. They either didn’t know, or (more likely) knew the numbers were embarrassing and had to dodge the question. Dodging questions was all the MK people did the entire segment.

        • I definitely feel all these comments speak my own thoughts, and NayMKay, it is getting spooky lololol. Your comments are written in my mind’s style which I am loving as you certainly seem like a rational, thoughtful person so maybe that means I am as well hee hee. Truly, to see my own thoughts and feelings being written by others is a priceless experience and I thank you Nay for the comments on another post that you had left for me.

          Tracey, LazyGarden, Raisenberry, PinkPeace, BestDecision, Enorth, Char,Jacirene – I am leaving out people just from the sheer number of impressive contributors, THANKS SO MUCH! This blog influences so many aspects of my life and I so appreciate you all who take the time to share yourselves with ME lololol. xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Tracy, I really liked your resourcefulness and the calm way in contradicting this lady’s claims. By the way, she looks a little disturbed. It is unfortunate that in Brazil there are neither “Traceys” nor PT to fight predatory MLM companies. Great video!

    • Jacirene, it’s so wonderful to have you here, giving us your insights and news from Brazil and South America!

      • I am grateful to have met PT and its enlightened members. I love to read the posts. They are so well written! With impeccable rhetoric. I learn a lot here.

  9. Excellent job Tracy! I loved every minute of the debunking! Just a few of my thoughts to add…

    1. Taylor – why on earth didn’t you put some effort into your appearance for this video? It would have gone a long way to promoting your message. Instead, it just made you look desperate and needy. Remember… you only get 1 chance at a first impression…

    2. Taylor – when recording a video- please check the sound quality of the room you’re recording in. It does make a difference in the quality of the message. Also, perhaps practice your message next time before hitting the record button… you came across disorganized and unprofessional. Perhaps stop playing with your hair so much and keep better eye contact.. just some suggestions.

    Tracy- you always portray yourself in a professional manner… in every video shot I’ve seen of you- always clear, concise and articulate. I’m assuming because that’s how you are in your real professional life as a forensic accountant. 🙂

    Well done Tracy, well done!

      • Best… someone I know?! I’m dying to know if you’re referring to me! you may need to refresh my memory!!

        • Have you read it? I listened to her on CDs all the time, and she left after making NSD! Such vivid descriptions of what we went through. And, it’s apparently worse the higher up you go. Can you imagine all the perfectionism and expectations between NSDs like Pam, Gloria, and Lisa Madson?

  10. Did you notice tha when she tells the most blatant lies, she giggles? Right in the middle of saying she earns a six figure income, and again I think when she’s talking about how many hours a week the directors work.

    I think she has a “tell”.

    Also, Tracy, your hair is fabulous!

    • Nervous laughter and involuntary smiling are very common tells, and you’re absolutely right.

      Also about Tracy’s hair.


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