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A Pink Truth Critic in Germany

I received an email from a senior sales director in Germany. Thanks to the magic of Google Translate, I was able to decipher her kind words.

Wie krank und verbittert muss man sein, wenn man erkennt, dass man unfähig ist Erfolg zu haben. :-!

Und zusehen muss, dass andere Menschen durch Fleiß und Glauben, Dinge erreichen, für die man selber zu dumm ist

Du hast nichts, aber auch gar nichts im Leben verstanden. Ich habe selten so gelacht. 😀

Ich wünsche dir das du Frieden in dir findest! O:-)


How sick and bitter must one be when one realizes that one is unable to succeed.

And to see that other people, through diligence and faith, achieve things for which one is too stupid oneself.

You didn’t understand anything, absolutely nothing in life. I’ve seldom laughed like that.

I wish that you find peace in yourself!


  1. Linda

    Obviously she understands english well enough to find this site so why did she not write in english? I am swedish myself. And if she is sooo successful what is the problem then? Why did she take the time to look for the site? I found it when I was doing research after a woman tried to recruit me.

  2. Kristen

    I guess I was kind of bitter about my MK failure. It’s normal after being lied to, manipulated and conned. It cost me a lot of money, my pride, my self-respect and some friends. Come to think of it, I actually scammed others so there’s that guilt. But I’m not bitter about other life failures that were truly on me. I own those. Now I see that I wasn’t the only one who “failed” and understand that success in Mary Kay is limited to those who are willing to lie, scam and live with themselves. In this case, I’m proud of my failure because it means I have a conscience.

    1. Kristen

      Wait, correction: even if you are willing to scam others, there is still that pesky 99% failure rate in MLM’s. Gee. What’s an ambitious go-getter to do? Get a legitimate career.

      1. Char

        No one ever said scamming was easy. Only the most skilled liars willing to work hard at it succeed in MLM.

        Don’t you just love how MLMers twist things and imply that you’re a bitter loser for failing at scamming others? Well said Kristen. Your post is a message we have to get through to folks.

    2. Chelsea park

      I’m so sorry you’re having to struggle with these emotions. It sounds like a really tough road you have been on. Good for you for being strong enough to know you’re human and willing to quit the game. I’m proud of you.

    1. Pinkiu

      I noticed that too. Maybe we could call it, “Truth’s First Rant.” When many of us first came here and read the truth, we got mad. We defended, deflected, made excuses, blamed, and all the rest. It took coming back over and over to have the truth really open our eyes.

      1. Sneezy

        I have looked at the wedding pics. I guess I am dense. I don’t see what you are talking about the bras. Who isn’t wearing one? LOL. I did wonder if the groom had any ppl there. It looks like all Kimberly’s bunch.


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