Laura Beitler Has a New Job Title

UPDATE: As of 8/19/21, Laura Beitler has left Mary Kay to become the Chief Global Sales Officer (CGSO) at Rodan + Fields.

Remember when Laura Beitler was the head of Mary Kay’s legal function and was responsible for sending Dallas law firms after people who were selling MK products online? She then moved into the sales area, most recently as Vice President of Sales.

Now she’s got a new title… Salesforce Success Officer.

I’ve got a tip that might help Laura out. There is no “success” for the sales force. You know why? Because Mary Kay isn’t about sales. It’s about recruiting. When are we going to stop the charade that this is about selling cosmetics? (Hint: Never.)

I’m also amused by Laura’s stretched and filtered profile picture on LinkedIn. Let’s put it side-by-side with a more recent picture. I’m fine with her appearance either way. I’m just wondering why she’d stretch the picture on the left and pretend she looks nothing like she really does. The answer may be the pervasive lies in Mary Kay…..

I am curious about this title change and what it means. Are executives being moved around? Is the company struggling as people are selling less? Is this an attempt to pretend (even more) that women are selling to real customers?

What’s your best guess?



  1. Maybe the title, “officer” sounds more authoritative? Enough with this positivity sh**! Mary Kay needs to get serious pushing women to frontload. The factory is backing up.

    I’m thinking of applying for some open positions:
    -Vice President of Brainwashing
    -Objections Script Writer
    -Enforcement Officer of Perky Behavior

    • Warm Chatter Coordinator

      “Strike up conversations when people notice your badge is upside down!”

      VP of Test Panels

      “I just need seven sharp women to try this product in exchange for their opinions that we will never use”

  2. Isn’t “Salesforce” a software company that is getting a lot of attention right now. This looks like she is trying to get herself into search results for that company.

    • Good catch! This point is particularly of interest since she specifically states “Salesforce” rather than “Sales Force” (the latter being a legit phrase). I mean, she has a juris doctorate, right? Certainly she’d notice that “sales force” (as it’s meant to describe a company’s actual sales force) is different than “salesforce”. And with her being a lawyer you’d think she’d proofread her work carefully.

      Besides that, IMO it’s not typical for a company’s attorney to be moved into an executive sales position; it’s just not usually a good fit. Unless, perhaps, the company’s sales success is closely tied to legalities. This concept could be more relevant to MLMs.

      Then again, in my J-O-B experiences, the corporate sales execs were always experienced salespersons who also spent MOST of their time talking to and presenting training to their “sales force.” How many MK reps/directors have ever spoken to, or been trained by, this woman? Or her predecessor? Note to MKorpse: you use this “sales officer” word…I think it does not mean what you think it means.

  3. From “Vice President” to “officer”. Hmmm. Something is shakin’ at headquarters. What shall we see in the next couple of years?

  4. The stretching is a Linked-In problem – the site fits whatever you upload to the standard size in a “one size WILL FIT OR ELSE”. Unless you make sure to uoload the right size, you are stretched or squished.

    • But surely an officer could pay their deputy assistant to figure it out.

      Way to look like they’re keeping with the times, you know since you only get one first impression ? ew, sorry had some mk in my mouth and it made me sick.

  5. Stacy James and Dacia Wiegandt aren’t even on target for Inner Circle. Of course things are falling apart!

    • Hey BD, I don’t know what constitutes Inner Circle (not a past MK Lady here), so if you guys can give me a quick explanation, that will help…also, regardless of what it is, it sounds like Dacia not making it would be a major FAIL on her part, no?

      …this might explain her trying to get a gig selling maxi pads on Insta.

      • Inner Circle is a group of NSDs with commissions over a certain amount for the year. Big bragging point for them.

  6. Well, when I was out shopping today, I saw a lady w/a black tshirt and across the front it had Mary Kay in pink glitter. Didn’t ask anything about it, I was afraid to. What is is about? Is it a prize, a way to drum up interest in it or what? She was dressed in jeans and this tshirt.

    • The logo crap is meant to make you ask “who is mary kay and why have you stolen her t-shirt?”

  7. Isn’t this the same position Sean Keys had? I just looked for him over on the Insta, he was peddling Herbalife or something similar, but I can’t find him anymore.

  8. Why is Laura Beitler wasting time (twenty years!) at a corporate J.O.B.?

    Do you think she gets free samples from Corporate? Inquiring minds want to know.

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