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Mary Kay Seminar 2021 (Virtual)

Mary Kay’s annual seminar in Dallas, Texas will again be virtual in 2021. Last year COVID-19 forced a virtual seminar, and this year we will have a repeat. The cost is $50 per person, with a $5 discount if you went to the Rockin Red Rally 2021 (the replacement for Career Conference.)

If you place an order for products with MK the week after Seminar, you’ll get a $25 wholesale credit on that order. That’s kind of genius, since July and August are often low months for consultant orders. Why? Because everyone has maxed out their credit cards in June to order products they don’t need since everyone is “finishing up a goal.” I suspect this credit will get more consultants to place orders in August.


      1. This is my first time doing seminar I have heard many good things about it I’m very excited to attend this year. I will be celebrating my 1st year with Mary Kay in July. I really haven’t done very well but plan to do better this year.

        1. TRACY

          If you take a look here, you will hear very many bad things about seminar. The entire purpose of seminar is to get you excited so you order lots of products you’ll likely never sell. They want you to recruit too, so they can get those people to order a bunch of inventory.

          1. Duane Himmel

            Sales is 100% on the salesman or saleswoman. You probably shouldn’t bash something, just because you’re not good at it. As with any business, there is an initial investment, as well as a “risk/reward” element. Whether or not someone is successful with the aforementioned business is entirely on them. Obviously, many women have done extremely well under the Mary Kay banner, so it’s hard for me to see where anyone is getting “taken advantage of,” as these successful women started out as consultants, just like everyone else.

            1. TRACY

              Duane – Almost everyone loses money in MLM. The only reason these “successful women” are “successful” is because they lied to women and conned them out of their money. Mary Kay is not a sales business. It is a scheme in which women lie to other women about a fake business opportunity to con them out of their money.

              P.S. I’m really, REALLY good at sales, as evidenced by the success of my business. (A real business.)

        2. Char

          Rhonda, it’s not ethical of MK to get you to order a bunch of products you can’t sell. But also, it is not ethical of you to recruit people to order products they can’t sell – especially your friends and family. This, just so you can make a commission off of your loved ones. Who does that?!

          In the end, you’ve enriched MK by buying tons of THEIR products, and your friends and family feel used by you.

          If you haven’t been able to take advantage and rip many people off this last year, YOU HAVE DONE WELL.

  1. Wild Collards

    The wholesale credit is a bit genius, because we all know ordering is just pathetic after Seminar. And yes, it will definitely be in person as soon as they can do so because MK pushes Seminar all year long as a way to get consultants eye on the prize, which generates more ordering.

  2. BestDecision

    When I first saw this, my eyes zoomed in on the wholesale credit that has to be used THE NEXT WEEK following Seminar. Not their next order, and not even a month to allow them to order when needed. So, this forces ordering immediately after Seminar.

    MK, this is tacky. It’s bad enough you took our commissions back from us sometimes 11 months after orders came in and when we had given our time and energy to train people, go to their houses for business debuts, and lift them when they were frustrated by you, but now you’re forcing people to spend money they don’t need to so they can receive their gift from you.

    This is a HUGE part of why I resigned from Directorship and sent my inventory back. I couldn’t stomach representing you anymore.

  3. Heather

    Side story – last week I attended a two-day virtual symposium. I truly enjoyed it and learned a LOT that I will be taking back to my hospital unit and to the facility as a whole. (We are already working on two of the ideas, and one goes live next week on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.) I still looked relatively decent for the live Zoom symposium, and the second day I wore shorts and participated from my back deck. (I could have skipped the pants, but ya know, that outside thing and neighbors.) I have tons of information and the contact info for the various presenters, and I have been in touch with a couple as we work through the planning of one of the ideas.

    I tell this story for a few reasons. One, I paid for the symposium, yet my facility is reimbursing me on my next paycheck. Two, I actually learned from other nurse leaders and educators and have SPECIFICS on how to do X, Y, and Z. Three, I have my hospital leadership willing to engage in discussions on how we can achieve this particular certification. (Because they also think it’s a fantastic idea – a “why didn’t we think of this before?”)

    Did I have to buy anything this week in order to receive credit? Nope. Although I did win one of the prize drawings and have some books coming my way!

    Seminar, including a virtual one, has become nothing short of a rah-rah fest where you are STILL expected to dress up and be present for the bloviating of those “who overcame all the challenges” to get to the top of the pyramid. Oh, and I bet you can’t wear pants either.

    1. BestDecision

      I just read that the average nurse’s salary continues to climb, too. Paid continuing education, PTO, no returns on income (aka chargebacks), no worries their cars are going down in size or value, no working 7 days a week. In fact, a lot work only 3 days a week and are off 4.

      Average is now over $76,000/year. That means there’s a lot making $100,000 with no expenses to deduct every month.

      Never had any of that as a Director!

      1. Heather

        I have a master’s degree and two certifications. I currently work M-F about 8-430 (ish) as a nursing professional development specialist. My 2021 salary should top 90K this year following our raise and a couple of bonuses (one has already paid out to the tune of $1,500). I have PTO, tuition reimbursement (because I’m bat crap crazy and applied for a DNP-PhD program), paid continuing education (like that symposium), and more.

        Many staff/bedside nurses work 3, 12-hour shifts a week (0.9 FTE), and most of my nurse friends pick up call and extra shifts, which also means overtime. Nursing salaries are climbing in many areas of the country, partly due to the shortages we’ve been facing for decades. I read somewhere that the US is expected to be 100,000 nurses short by mid-2022.

        1. Mags

          All of this is true. I am a brand new grad from nursing school and my yearly salary at the ft job is ~ $60k and that’s not counting the prn shifts I pick up at another facility’s covid vaccine clinic.

          I work 3 days a week, and I have 9 hours per pay period Pto (more if I pick up overtime which I can’t yet cause I am still in orientation) , life insurance, health insurance, and coworkers who literally are next level helpful instead of backstabbing and rude.

          Hmmmmmm doesn’t take a genius to figure out which job i wanna keep !

    2. Mountaineer95

      I’d love to know who downvoted this and why. Seriously, what legitimate and reasonable objection do you have to a professional pursuing advanced learning or certifications in her field? Are you some Kaybot making a “statement” against “Journeys Of the Broke?”

  4. DonewithMK666

    Lately on my airplanes I have seen women come on board with MARY KAY masks on. Every time I see one of these ugly masks and trust me they are ugly I wonder if MARY KAY made them do some sort of order to get their mask for “free“ I haven’t had the nerve to ask a passenger yet but I’m working on that!!!!!

      1. DonewithMK666

        No they were right side up. However just ugly that’s what I thought the first time I saw when I was like what is that? There’s some sort of brown with pink stripes in it and then it says MARY KAY in each section it’s just ugly!!!!!

          1. Lazy Gardens

            Businesses are giving away masks with their logo to their employees as advertising.

            But Mary Kay has to wring every last cent from their worker bees.

              1. Char

                It only further proves that the MK business model is to profit off their consultomers. They are a direct selling company (to consultomers) after all. Good move to boost profits by adding this to their catalog. /s

      2. Destiny Angel

        How does that work? Do these women walk up and ask if they have a problem? Or do they hope that a random woman is observant enough to point out anther woman’s flaws?

        1. SisterHavana

          It’s the second. Mary Kay consultants wear the pins upside down while out and about in hopes that a woman will notice and point that out to the consultant. Should that happen, the MK consultant will feign surprise, thank the woman profusely, then offer her a free facial since the woman was nice enough to let her know.

  5. Cindy

    Upside down – right side up—. No matter the direction — what better reason to be nice to people. Mary Kay is about giving other women the opportunity to build confidence in themselves, to help others do the same and build a business for themselves. Leadership is teaching other women to do what they want to do not what leadership wants them to do.
    It’s all in the choices that each individual consultant makes concerning her Mary Kay business.
    Happy Day.

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