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June is the Month!

According to Mary Kay nsd Kristin Sharpe, you can do anything if you just decide to not be a quitter!

I love that she says “June is the month that character is revealed, perseverance and resiliency are tested and believe barriers are raised!”

She’s not wrong. June is all about how much you’re willing to cheat and how big your credit card limit is. Units are completed, cars are won, and national areas are made… all with people ordering products they don’t need or want and will never sell. Women run up their credit cards, sign up people without their knowledge, place product orders in others’ names, and otherwise cheat the system to finish these big goals.


  1. Cindylu

    We are convinced Seminar has all the answers. Sadly at Seminar we simply hear gobbledygook or language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible. NSD’s and Directors in some sort of fantasy Stage Show. They parade across the stage with smiles, waves and phony stories. Long gowns, sashes and make up to convince us that you too can have it all and arrive in MK. All that free training suddenly replaced with tired quotes, clichés and vendors pawning products. (The extra products, motivational books and paraphernalia). We desperately hope somehow we’ll glean some semblance of information to move forward. After all those NSD’s and Corp can’t possibly be leading us astray. With all the glitz and glamor surely this must be real. I did hear bickering though even amongst the top directors of yesteryear. It also was humiliating that my SD didn’t sit with the few of us who were coerced to attend. Shortly after one seminar a brand new Director quit which I found odd. I also saw a lot of young women who spent far too much time focused on their appearance. Sharing a room with 3 other strangers certainly wasn’t fun either. In the end the house of cards began to tumble. All the insubstantial or insecure promotional hype and all their schemes began to unravel and I finally saw through the pink facade. Was it sad. Absolutely. Gone was the dream and with that the loss of what I thought was a life journey with great friends sadly ended too.

    1. Colleen Ottens

      And how about Pamela Waldrop Shaw selling her “success kits…” I am convinced that this woman does not really make MK money, but just from selling her kits and website.. which I joined for a while to get “motivated….” I am quitting now and so happy!

  2. NayMKWay

    The tone-deafness of Kristin’s self-congratulatory glurge is rather stunning. She says she has “watched people come and go, lose their dream, and quit,” but the sky-high washout rate doesn’t seem to bother her any.

    Those victims didn’t quit because they lost their dream; they quit because they lost their money and came to their senses. They quit because they lost at a game that was stacked against them from the outset. To pass it off as simply losing their dream is just more victim-shaming.

    1. PurpleH

      Let’s also remember that Kristin’s mom was a NSD, so it’s very likely that she had help stacking her downline. I wonder how many IBC’s she gained at guest events or how many got placed with her unit when their own SDs flamed out. Her climb to the top of the pyramid involved a carpeted staircase

      1. NayMKWay

        EXCELLENT point, PurpleH. And I liked the imagery of “carpeted staircase.”

        It reminded of the song “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise,” from “An American in Paris.” It isn’t my favorite earworm, mainly because of Georges Guétary’s voice, but the George Gershwin melody lends itself well…

        I’ll climb the stairway to NSD!
        If my mom takes me halfway!

        After that, Ira’s original lyrics work fine:

        I’m going to get there at any price!
        Stand aside, I’m on my way!

          1. NayMKWay

            Well, thanks, but I see now that I blew it. It’s supposed to be an ABAB rhyming scheme, and “D” does not rhyme with “price.” Ira would be displeased.

            Version 2:
            I’ll climb the stairway to NSD!
            If my mom takes me halfway!

            Don’t care if I cause some misery,
            After all, it’s Mary Kay!

            Ahh, better.

    2. BestDecision

      Top Trip Director Kelly Brock just posted about missing her family and blaming her husband for the problem. She left right after coming back from Hawaii and wasn’t struggling at all. Just walked away.

      Very eye-opening to see them all leaving!

  3. ihatemk

    Why do people always have to s t r e t c h in MK to make it? If the product is so wonderful and the opportunity that wonderful then why all the s t r e t c h i n g? Just more MK rhetoric.

  4. Champagne Lady

    She is obviously not doing too well. She is still living in her mom’s basement more than a year after she sold her house. She has not started her supposedly “new home” and the lot still has not even been cleared.

  5. justdont

    She is so nauseating. She will bribe any human with a pulse to order or sign up and she knows exactly how to guilt people into placing orders. She’s a pro at manipulation. Well, I guess she’s had 15 years of practice, after all. A sad excuse for a leader.

  6. Heather

    June used to cause an incredible amount of anxiety for me. I kept hearing from my NSD and my senior, “Push a little more! You just have to stretch!”

    What happens when you stretch a rubber band too far? It snaps and breaks. THAT is what happened at my very last Seminar. I had overworked for a stupid goal with meager dividends. I skipped most of the stupid speeches and classes because I no longer wanted to be there. I snuck into Hall A with snacks and ate them with the few unit members who attended, and then we left and went for Mexican and margaritas. Just 5 weeks later, I stepped away from it. A week after that was a massive blow-up with my senior, and I left everything entirely after that.

    June is now a lovely month for me (minus some of the accreditation and compliance stuff I’m working on at my actual job). Oh, and the hubs and I are taking a short vacation this month.

      1. Heather

        Thanks! We did leave for food and margaritas. The meal was full of laughter and joy, and I cannot recall any conversations about Seminar classes or anything. It was the beginning of the end in all honesty. Three of those four women are still good friends today, and we all have gone in dramatically different career directions.

  7. Brainwashed no more

    I was told, “the only way to lose is to quit.” And, “find a way or make a way. ” there’s no proof ever of what you make. When we would stand up for highest sales at a meeting, no one had to prove anything. We never had to keep track of sales. People get kiddos just for ordering. And, “fake it to you make it. “

  8. Sam

    Kristin’s right about not underestimating what can happen in the next 30 days…because they will show up in the consultant’s maxxed-out credit card statement.


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