How Do You Respond to Pink Truth

Director Tips Group is a “directors only” Facebook group. Someone sent me this question that was posed a few years ago. How do you respond to new consultants who are researching pink truth and sending tons of links to it?

Naturally, I am a former director who was terminated. (No I was not a director. No I was not terminated.) And I don’t want anyone to succeed. Enjoy the responses!



  1. Oh Cindy Mac! We can see how you’ve been chasing NSD for several years without getting close.

    • Ha! I missed that. Well Cindy, my life is out there too and I think I’m pretty believable. But I’m biased. 🙂

      • I dunno, Tracy, I think you’re pretty unbelievable myself.
        But in a good way.
        Maybe I’m biased, too.

    • She’s been in 30 years, isn’t one step closer to NSD, and is beating herself up. So sad!

    • From the above link:

      “Statement: My Director is pushing me into the largest inventory possible because she makes more money.

      This is not logical. A Director has no incentive to have the consultant invest in more than what her goals indicate.”


      So… Dialing for Dollars is something that never happens, is that what you’re saying?

      What a load of…

      • That is such a lie. Director commissions are calculated based on downline purchases, not sales of product. Nice try, Response to Pinktruth!

    • She tries to compare Mary Kay to Lancôme and Clinique for not keeping track of customers who buy their products at Macy’s. Does she not comprehend that they are not MLM companies? Anyone can’t just sign up and order direct from Lancôme and Clinique for their legitimate wholesale pricing.

      *Should you do an all-in-one article refuting each of her claims so lurkers don’t fall for this crap? (If it doesn’t already exist?)

  2. FWIW, I “would could hate Rachel Ray”. She’s too fake IMO…bet she’d make a good Kaybot.

  3. “You know you’re doung something worth while [sic] when you’re met with resistance.”

    I guess all these serial killers and child molesters should be let out of jail, then.

    Illogic, platitudes, deflections and falsehoods are all they have to offer. How come no one said: “Just show them your schedule C. That’ll shut ’em up.”?

  4. It would be fun to know where all of these original commenters are today with their MK “business”.

    • “You know you’re doing something worth while (sic) when you’re met with resistance.”

      I mean, Hitler himself could have quoted that. SMH

  5. Congrats Tracy! Your site has earned unofficial “overcoming objections” scripts! But where is the script for the FTC statements about 99% losing money in Mary Kay or similar companies? Crickets.

    I do wish that MK peeps who read here would eventually understand that we aren’t haters trying to ruin dreams. We are caring women who want to wake them up, save their families and finances. If someone you care about has spinach in her teeth, you tell her the truth because you care, even if it’s hard. Tracy should be commended because she’s suffered some real crap for this site but saved some women from the MLM rabbit hole and helped some former brainwashed gals recover.

    Rachel Ray is not recruiting women to sacrifice their families and life savings. So bashing her is a little on the catty side. Not an equal comparison at all. This site is not catty (although there is some giggling about MK NSDs because hey, it’s healing) Tracy is up there with MLK jr . Threats to an established system that allows a very small number in power to reap huge financial rewards off the backs of others is a brave action.

    What does Tracy gain from this site? Nada.
    What do these directors gain from keeping you from it? A LOT.

  6. So I saw this on the Response to Pink Truth website:

    * I received an email recently asking if I was still around and still successful. Yep – I’m still here and loving my Mary Kay. Here’s a hint – if the website is still here, I am still here. I pay money each month to have it up so, if I ever disappeared and stopped paying, the site would disappear as well. I consider it a “charitable contribution” each month as I know that having this site helps many others.

    …well, the site is down. She must not be successful anymore. Shocker!

  7. Sorry about so many posts in quick succession.

    Out of curiosity, I went looking for these ladies to see where they are in their “business”.

    Cindy Machado-Flippen on Facebook: as of July 2nd, didn’t make a goal and is blaming herself very publicly.

    ▪️I didn’t work at all 12 mos
    ▪️I didn’t invest time in my PERSONAL business growth
    ▪️I didn’t track my daily, weekly and monthly activity
    ▪️I didn’t visualize the win which in turn affected my belief
    ?And ???? ?? ???——I was stubborn in letting go of bad habits that were affecting my energy, sleep, brain power and inner peace.

    Julie Thomas, according to LinkedIn, has been with MK for 30+ years and has been an Independent Senior Sales Director for 22 years.

    Chris Patty is still in MK and is only a consultant as of this year, not even a Director. I assume she would have been a Director at the time her post was made since it’s a group for Directors.

    Alicia Sansone seems to be Alicia Olson now (her site mentions “my Mary Kay Business is paying for my dream wedding to my dream man! June 4th 2019!”). She’s listed as a Sales Director on LinkedIn. She’s been a director for 9.5 years.

    Shari Huls Schlapman doesn’t appear to have an InTouch site. I found her Instagram but there’s only one photo and it’s from Xmas of last year. She’s listed as a Director on Instagram.

    That’s all I have for now!

  8. “I can tell you from experience…don’t ask them questions. It’s a vicious cycle you cannot escape without emotion.” – I love this.

    She defends MK by calling us “haters”. Yet whenever they come here to defend MK they never provide data to prove we are wrong. Platitudes, scripts, hearsay, but never DATA. No wonder it’s emotional for her.

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