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You Are a Karen!

A nice lady named Patricia was kind enough to comment on our video “Jamie Taylor Admits Her Downline Ordered Product to Finish Her Goal.” She thinks I’m just a Karen and Pink Truth isn’t the truth. I wasn’t hurt by someone in Mary Kay necessarily (although I was lied to), but that’s irrelevant to the fact that Jamie did the unethical thing everyone does to get to national sales director…. coerce the downline to order large amounts of MK products.


          1. Mountaineer95

            NayMKWay!!! This is the grammar police! Come out with your exclamations points UP!!!! Set down those periods RIGHT NOW! Do you have any commas in your trunk? No?

            Tell us where the apostrophes are and maybe we can make a deal. (Side-eye emoji here)

            1. NayMKWay

              It’s true, it’s all true! I AM the Man Who Killed Grammar in America!

              Stop me before I bang again!!! Ahhhh!!! Three MORE times!!! And again!!! And aaahhh………(thud)

              Several hours later…

              The corpse lay by the side of the road, its last twitch having ebbed away long before. The Grammar Cop stood over the figure, his breath visible in the cold night air. “Looks like he lost his marbles, started running down the road, and ran headlong into this telephone pole,” he said, gesturing. “He must have been on something…I don’t know…STRONG.” He noticed his partner standing well off to the side, looking pale. “You OK, kid? You just gotta see bodies, is all. Just BODIES. They ain’t people no more, ya know?”

              “They AREN’T people ANY more,” his young partner corrected.

              “Oh, shut up and call the Grammar Coroner,” the cop mumbled. “I need a cigarette.”

  1. Kristen

    People hijacked the word Karen and call someone a Karen because they stand up for themselves when someone abuses or mistreats them. It’s another “blame the victim” slant. A real Karen is abusive and demanding of otherwise helpful companies or service people, A real Karen acts entitled to special treatment. Mary Kay is not a well meaning organization offering true income opportunity. Confronting their exploitation is not asking for special treatment.

  2. AnonyMouse

    “So what.” Okay. So what, Jamie manipulated hundreds of women into spending massive amounts of money out of their own pockets – sorry, I mean on their own credit cards – so that she could rank up and those women see zero benefit. Like yaaaaaaaay, you’re part of a new National Area….what’s that? Oh, no, you still have to pay your massive credit card balance and figure out what to do with the boxes and boxes of product you ordered. And in a few months we’re going to ask you to order even MORE product you don’t need so that we can maintain our National Area status. But you should be HAPPY about it because we’re a NEW NATIONAL AREA. ?

    But…so what?

    1. PurpleH

      (AnonyMouse…. are you in Canada? Did we meet yesterday?)

      These young women seem to think that NSD means something in the actual world and that it’s all easy from that point on. Jamie has so much “work” ahead of her just maintaining those units to keep her status. And MLM experience means nothing on a resume when she flames out, which is why so many people jump from one MLM to another.

      1. AnonyMouse

        Not in Canada. Good old American here. LOL 🙂

        Yeah it makes me sad when women brag about the “accomplishments” of the unit or National area they’re in, but they don’t actually reap any benefits from it.

        1. PurpleH

          LOL. Your writing style is similar to someone else, then. And the MK problems are the same on both sides of the border. We’re sharing stories up here and trying to slow the growth of MLM.

      2. TRACY

        The Kaybots would have you believe Jamie is sittin pretty for the next 36. No she is not. She is on the hamster wheel of getting her downline to recruit and frontload for the next 36 years, lest she loses her area, her source of income, and her retirement. She will leave the company with NOTHING. Why on earth does she think nsds have left the company without getting to retirement age? They left the company with nothing because they couldn’t take the ridiculous unethical grind anymore.

    2. Cat Ballou

      Exactly – so what? I watched the video, and she says at one point that women re-invested their entire profit to help her. That’s taking money away from their own households. And for what? More credit card debt? More product on their shelves? More unpaid bills? More stress?

      1. PurpleH

        Directors refer to “embezzling from your company” to encourage their formula of reinvesting profits back into inventory. But what they are actually doing is embezzling from their families by not drawing any payment for their hours of work, and even spending household funds on training, travel & trinkets. Sad.


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