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My Director Makes Me Feel Stupid

It’s not uncommon for directors and national sales directors to make Mary Kay consultants feel stupid. It’s part of the con. Failure in MLM is almost guaranteed because the system is a pyramid scheme (there are almost no winners in pyramid schemes). But they can’t let consumers know that it’s the fault of the system. It has to be YOUR fault, or no one would sign up.

This poor consultant Morgan posted in a Facebook group that her director makes her feel stupid and isn’t encouraging. Every success is met with “what’s next!” That’s the way it goes. They have to keep pushing you to the next level, because along with every level is more recruiting and more inventory purchases.

Even more interesting than that is one of the comments in response. From one Jennifer Witt. “I had this same feeling at one point….[I] called her on the phone to talk about it….. [She] didn’t mean to make me feel that way.”

Who is Jennifer’s sale director? None other than new nsd Jamie Taylor! Wait until Jamie finds out she’s revealing the truth. They’re not supposed to talk about the ugly side of Mary Kay. The bullying and shunning is supposed to go on behind closed doors, with the happiness and pretend success being the “front stage” at all times. Guaranteed… Jennifer will get a stern talking to about being positive at all times.


    1. NayMKWay

      It really does, doesn’t it? The gaslighting, the demand for control of every aspect of her life. I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

      Morgan, if you’re reading this, just get out. Send your inventory back and cut your losses. You do not deserve to be treated the way Cheryl Bower is treating you, and if she doesn’t want to hear about her own shortcomings, that’s on her, not you. And by the way, the fish rots from the head. Cheryl’s behavior is a symptom, not a cause. The whole Mary Kay system is wretched to its core; the proverbial whitewashed tomb.

    2. Kristen

      Oh oh oh! I have the solution! Call her and ask, “I thought one of the benefits of Mary Kay was that I had time to relax and enjoy life and spend time with my boyfriend. Isn’t that what you promised when I joined?” Trust me. You will become a invisible once you start asking questions. Pressure off.

          1. NayMKWay

            Well, thanks to the interwebz, I now know it’s from a show I’ve never watched on Bravo. And after watching that 2-minute YT clip from RHONY, I can safely say I will not be DVR-ing it. Even if I could. Which I can’t.

            Man, that was a lot of f-bombs in 2 minutes. The poor censor must have blisters on his mute-button finger.

            1. TRACY

              OMG you’ve been so deprived. I watched RHONY from the very beginning and it was WONDERFUL. Sadly, it’s terrible now. All they do is argue about nonsense and drink too much.

              1. NayMKWay

                I’ll be the first to admit I’m deprived. Probably depraved. I have nothing against the show; I think I’m a bit (i.e., a lot) too old and too male to fit their viewer demographic, is all.

            2. Mountaineer95

              Wait, why the hell was this comment downvoted? Maybe the lurking Kaybots care even more about their RHONY than they do the MK hate we loosers here spew?

              1. Mountaineer95

                Okay, ETA that I have never watched a full episode of RHO Anywhere…so I just searched “Mention It ALL” on YouTube and was rewarded with not only the aforementioned phrase, but also one of my new favorite quotes: Bethenny (sp?) was told that she f*d her “way to the top”, and she counters with “f* my way to the top?? I can’t even f* my way to the middle! I’m lucky if I can f* my way to the bottom!” My new hero!

              2. NayMKWay

                I probably sounded like I was hatin’ on the show (in the vernacular of the kids nowadays). I didn’t mean to. I’m not offended by profanity (hey, Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies, so there’s that), but when it’s a constant stream on a show where they’re gonna cut it, it’s so choppy I can’t even follow the conversation. That’s what I find annoying. (At least they just cut the voice and didn’t BEEP! over it; that’s even worse.)

                That having been said, I did enjoy the whole “eff my way to the middle” monologue. That was freakin’ hilarious!

  1. Mountaineer95

    I’ll be the rude one to point out that Jennifer Witt’s photo in her Facebook comment above is LIGHT YEARS away from the thumbnail that accompanies this post.

    I will be the first to admit that I’m pushing 50 and am much wider and in general more wrinkly than I was even just five years ago.

    But I’m not selling my lifestyle, my looks, my religion, and my make-believe executive income to random potential recruits. Jennifer, however…

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