1. Really? PROOF that you have sold that much before she will let you buy it? Get ready to donate that crap to Goodwill, Kimberly. That’s gotta be a ploy to make this look legit. Cause we all know there is no proof of sales that high, only that someone charged half that amount on a credit card. She’s gotta know this and ready to make a deal under the table.

    • Kimberly apparently cannot see the utter hypocrisy in her demand that a potential buyer has to prove they actually sold the products required to achieve that prize. Kimberly, where is YOUR proof that YOU sold every single bit of the product required to get that ring? Yeah, you don’t have the proof because you did NOT sell all of that. Why should others be held to such a standard when you refuse to be held to it yourself?

      This woman is one of the most narcissistic of the Kaybot Narcissists. I hope MKC goes after her for selling MK product on EBay and wipes away her consultant number forever. Her name certainly isn’t helping MK at all, since a simple Google search lands folks right here at PT.

      I will now wait excitedly for her next instalment of her “The REAL Pink Truth” videos. Let’s see if she addresses our specific concerns by showing proof that she sold all the products. Hint: she won’t, because she can’t. But you betcha that she’ll make it all about God and negativity. And not one bit of legit truth.

  2. “Make room” for another ring? Looks like she has too much room in her bank account from all the orders that got her those rings in the first place, and now she’s desperately trying to recoup some of it.

  3. But, but, but… if someone has “sold” (haha!) that much or recruited that much, they already have that ridiculous bling and had to shell out taxes on the inflated appraisal; why would they pay to buy more of the same? And if they did, they’d have more bling than they earned; isn’t dishonoring the work, Kimberly?

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t sipping coffee when I read “appraisal over 6200”; coffee stings when you snort it through your nose. There is no way those spit diamonds and white gold are worth four figures. A jeweler would would be hard-pressed to pay three figures for that hot gaudy mess.

    • A jeweler would pay only for the gold. There’s no interest in those spit diamonds. And if I had any interest at all in buying that gaudy ring, I would be asking to see an official jeweler’s appraisal before making an offer. The chances that such an appraisal exists are slim to none.

  4. I’m so confused by this.

    If a director had actually met the qualifications to get the jewelry, she would already have received it from Mary Kay. I.e., if I had recruited the requisite number of qualified consultants during a Seminar Year, Mary Kay would have already sent me the bumble bee pin (or awarded it to me at Seminar). Why would I want to buy someone else’s?

    The whole premise behind this is nonsensical.

    • Pink Peace, I know, I know!

      They opted for the cash bonus instead of the pin, and have regretted it ever since. Why, oh why didn’t they jump at the change for that sweet, sweet bling? Why???

      Well, now’s the time to right that wrong, and trade that useless cash to Kimberly for something really valuable! First come, first served!

      Do I hear crickets?

      • Lol, I don’t even think there’s a cash option in lieu of jewelry. Cash option applies to the cars, but MK gives you the jewelry no matter what. It’s your choice whether to wear it or not, but the Queen’s Court prizes are hyped to such a degree that it would be unthinkable for a director NOT to wear the prize pins.

        • I know there used to be a cash option some 30 years ago. My director, who was an ESD at the time, told me that she took the cash option rather than rings & other jewelry she won because she’d won so much of it that she didn’t want it anymore. Maybe receiving a few 1099s from MK with the price of the jewelry she “won” being shown as taxable income was enough to make her take the cash.

          • This year’s brochure shows cash option of $500 for Court ring and $525 for bee pin. Half Million and above rings worth more, but so is the revenue they bring in. In years past, you could only shop from vault of past years’ rings and had no cash option, so I believe this is a very new change.

            Still, they’re gaudy and highly inflated in appraisal. And they’re reminders of how many nights and weekends it cost to get them. No thanks!

    • Once again. A genius response from a legit member of Team Pinktruth.

      Who is she kidding? So wait…the buyer might be Replacing her lost 1/2 mill ring? Her bar pin that rotted out? Her Bee that tarnished?

      You know how we were taught to dream big? believe Big? See big? Yet for some reason, IBC’s can’t see how small and spit these “diamonds” are? It’s a refractive index oddity.

    • It is confusing, and I think it’s another hint as to her deep narcissism. To her, it seems perfectly rational that everyone will want to buy her MK jewelry, and nobody will question how she got it, including holding her to the same standards to which she wants to hold potential buyers. In her world, this all makes sense…but to us and others, it just sounds ridiculous. Narcissists often don’t have any grasp of how their beliefs and actions are flat out absurd. I’d imagine if she’s seen this thread, she literally has no idea why we think she’s so ridiculous, and it must be all of us who are wrong. Definitely NOT her.

      I think the narcissism is why I dislike her more than most other Kaybots…I have a legit raging narcissist in my past and it took me years to wrap my head around how they think and behave. I’ve developed a keen sense of “narcissist radar” (aka NarDar to my friends), and this Perkins woman hits every single criteria on my list. Hence my dislike for her words and actions.

  5. i think it is puffing. Post it as valuable and expensive and hope someone falls for it, and if they haven’t earned it but still desperately want it, well maybe you could twist her arm….blechhhhh

  6. Mk is like a make believe child’s world with shiny things. Cheap prizes, silly kids ribbons and sashes. Sadly women will spend hundreds of dollars for these trinkets and recognition. Most of the time that ring or trip could be easily bought. This Directors bullying is unbelievable.

  7. Why would anyone BUY a second hand ring from a director or former director? It’s so easy to make money in Mary Kay, they can just “earn” their own from the company, right? Right?

    Maybe their director should give them the easy 12- month plan to get a ring. Those plans never fail.

  8. Maybe, just maybe, someone from another MLM, a car sales person, or a realtor wants the number pins for their declaration of sales. But by the time, they “prove” their sales, maybe they made more and the pin wouldn’t match their volume. Either way, I think it’s tacky to wear a pin with your sales volume.

  9. They’re nothing but spit diamonds. I’m not a jeweler but I can’t imagine getting more than $50 for that gaudy ring or all six of those gaudy pins.

    • The bee pins look like something my Girl Scouts received as a prize for selling cookies last year. Except Girl Scouts who are top sellers also get rewards that are actually worth something, like a free week at summer camp. Thin Mints are a lot easier to sell too.

  10. Pinkiu’s comment about wearing sales #s being tacky makes me think of the Dick Van Dyke episode where Laura [Mary Tyler Moore] inherits the family heirloom from his side – a map of the United States pin with birthstones where all his relatives were born. It looked like a board lol. Alaska and Hawaii were the earrings.

    • I would so love to see that necklace and earrings set to show up on Antiques Roadshow. That would be fun!!

  11. This is so laughable. The dumpiest pawn shop in the worst part of town wouldn’t buy any of this trash.

  12. My sister likes bee themed items but when I sent her the link she laughed. She found them cute but not cute enough to consider buying.

  13. I just know my bar pins aren’t worth what MK’s appraisal has them listed. Why would anyone want a repeat of what they already have themselves?!

  14. The jewelry is crap!!!! My skin gets sores when I wear fake metals, and this summer I fell for this scam. I ordered twice and received crappy jewelry. I wore the pink ring the director sent me, and it turned my ring finger purple at the base. I wore the necklace and I started itching. I wore the earrings at a zoom session, and my ears had sores all over the holes. I’ve decided that since I can’t stand being lied to, I’m returning their junk products and jewelry.
    Thanks to this site, I have confirmed my suspicions about this MK… it is an MLM.
    I’m so mad for being lied to!!!
    Do I have a story to tell ?


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