Why Does a Director Quit Mary Kay to Become a “Business Coach”?

Written by Mountaineer95

Women quit Mary Kay when they are directors, top directors, and even national sales directors…. and they seem to all become business coaches. Why? They pursue “coaching” and try to brand themselves as “business coaches” because they have no other options.

Truth be told, they have lots of other options of earning a true paycheck by working actual hours at an actual job. Whether it be minimum wage or otherwise… but they either think they’re more knowledgeable than the thousands of other MLM directors who’ve also failed at MLM, or they think that a wage-earning job is somehow beneath them.

I think a statistically significant number of current/previous MK Directors are clinical narcissists; if they didn’t “make it”, it’s not for their lack of trying. While they didn’t “make it” and had to “step down” (or whatever catch phrase they’re using to describe “failure” these days), they STILL somehow know exactly what OTHERS need to do to “make it”… hence the move to “coaching”. It smacks of the old adage, “do as I say, not as I do”… (but why are you not “doing it” when you claim to know how everyone ELSE should be “doing it”… a true question indeed.)

Sales Director Kimberly Perkins is an EXCELLENT example of this. Search her name here on PT and you’ll see what I mean about how a failed director can be so inherently narcissistic as to think that she can coach others about how to NOT be a failure (at EXACTLY WHAT SHE HERSELF FAILED AT, OVER AND OVER) and GET PAID to do so! Ah, the lulz.

My observation is that Mary Kay “directors” of ANY level… i.e. SD, EESD, NSD, TNT (hee hee)… are only known as that title within the Mary Kay pyramid. Their titles don’t translate to any other profession. So they cannot make what would be considered a “lateral” move… i.e. a Sales Manager for one company leaving that company to become a Sales Manager for another company.

And to make such a transition even harder, the MLM business model (singular because it’s the same for pretty much every MLM… shout out to Char for driving this point home on the regular) is so many light years away from any “legit” business model that no hiring executive looking for a legit Sales or Business Manager would consider a resume of MLM “success” to be a substitute for “real” experience. Even Mary Kay Corporate themselves have stringent requirements for their corporate “sales development” positions; most of the current independent “directors” alone wouldn’t qualify for them (Google ‘Mary Kay Careers’ for funsies if you have a few hours to kill).

BestDecision can attest to this resume issue: Her interactions here are always professional, polite, genuine, and well-spoken, and my interpretation is that she is a very professional and put-together person whom I would absolutely consider for a position if I were hiring, but she devoted years to MK… and per her words, regardless of her “success” during her MLM time, that MK splotch on her resume has been hard to overcome.

An example of my assertion above (about MLM “executives” not crossing laterally into non-MLM positions) would be Jamie Taylor. Yes, she’s an MK NSD (find a way, make a way, amirite?). And she probably makes significant money (I have no idea…I defer to Tracy et al for that info).

BUT: her MK title does NOT translate into other “industries.” Just her social media posts alone (which she uses to “work her business”) are immature, tacky, riddled with typos, and frankly embarrassing in ANY OTHER INDUSTRY besides MLM. Sure, she might be making over 10k per month with MK (I really have no idea). BUT if the MK gravy train were to turn off the spigot at any time, she will NOT be able to attain a similar “executive” position in a non-MLM company making anywhere near that amount. I promise that.

If she were to apply for even a mid-level position at a non-MLM company, her application wouldn’t make it past the initial stage once they looked her up online and saw the grade-school slumber party social media posts she uses to drive her “business.” Hell, if I were the hiring manager I *might* move her beyond the first screening if she would just take the time to PROOFREAD and consider even BASIC GRAMMAR in those juvenile social media posts.

But instead, her “body of work” carries NO weight except for within the little insular world of MK. (Same thoughts for her protégée Chelsea Adkins… her social media posts that supposedly are part of her “working her business” would have me tossing her resume in the trash if I were filling any type of sales management position.)

I hope this is a good answer as to why so many mediocre MK directors try to parlay their lukewarm MK “careers” into successful business coaching gigs:

First, they’re experiencing some degree of failure as directors and this has them wanting to get out of their positions. This alone should raise major red flags to anyone considering paying them for “coaching.” If they hold the keys to success in that position, why on earth would they leave that position? It’s one thing if they leave the position to do something COMPLETELY different (i.e. leaving MK directorship to teach middle school math… two different worlds and fair enough). BUT if they leave their MK position and then turn around and attempt to make a business of trying to tell OTHERS how to succeed at the position that they JUST LEFT, they’ve lost every bit of credibility they may have had.

The excuse list for why they left directorship (and thus why you should still trust them to coach YOU to do better than THEY did) will be miles long: personal stuff, family stuff, personal family stuff, illness (of my second cousin twice removed), God put this on my heart, God told me to leave, God told me I should be leading you, I hate the directors suit (whoopsies, truthiness just leaked out)… there will be no shortage of reasons they give as to why you should PAY a dropout to guide you to the success that they couldn’t attain themselves. And here’s where the potential fool and his money are hopefully not parted.

Why would you pay to hear “advice” about how to achieve something from someone who FAILED TO ACHIEVE THE ONE THING YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT? You shouldn’t. And I hope every lurker reading this realizes that.

They tout this new coaching gig because they really think they have no other options. But that’s not true. Actually, they have options..many options. But they won’t consider any options that are “beneath” them. Most of them could, if they were willing to earn fair pay at an hourly wage job, do so. There are a ton of companies hiring right now. Many of the jobs are low-paying. But they have benefits!

Now maybe that’s not for them. Instead they could (because they’ve been killing it in MK and thus have tons of money saved up) GO BACK TO SCHOOL and get a degree in a fulfilling field (I’d suggest nursing, but they especially make fun of nursing… LMAO, the career nurses here on PT are absolutely KILLING IT financially… CardiacRN case in point).

Or, heaven forbid, they could don a UNIFORM *collective ICK from the entire MK “independent sales force”* and go to WORK in any type of service industry. But if you’re working at a J.O.B. where you don’t get to “make your own schedule” and you’re at the supposed bottom of a “pyramid” of managers and CEOs above you, how can you ever attain the unlimited income that MLM promises?

Plus, (and maybe most importantly for some of them such as Kimberly Perkins et al), how can you call yourself a “boss babe” in front of your friends/family/social media when you are working FOR someone else and at a schedule that you yourself didn’t set? Nah, I’ll just proclaim to be a “business coach” and profess to hold the key to success that I personally was woefully unable to find for myself when I was in the MK grind.

If even ONE potential “coaching” client of Kimberly Perkins or any of her ilk sees this and chooses to NOT pay for any of these coaching services, we can call this a “win.” I will!

*dismounts soapbox and thanks everyone for their patience*



  1. Check out this nonsense from Roya Mattis, who is sill an MK nsd, but i suspect will quit in the next couple of years…

    Hey Instagram, it’s been a while, and there are definitely some new faces around here since I last shared an intro post! ⁠

    Hi, I’m Roya Mattis . Mom of 2, speaker, author, leadership coach, .0002% elite position as a National Sales Director, founder of the SHE-ness Tribe, and creator of The Life Cycle of Change.⁠

    I’ve been coaching (women primarily) for 20 years and noticed a pattern that high achieving women feel like exhausted, watered down versions of themselves. ⁠

    Pulling the train primarily on their own, even when in partnership. ⁠

    A lot of CODE-SWITCHING – abandoning your authentic self in an attempt to fit in. ⁠

    For some of you, it runs so deep, you don’t even notice it’s happening. ⁠

    You end up feeling under-enthused about all you’ve accomplished. ⁠

    Too many sacrifices and lack of balance. ⁠

    In a relationship that could be better but you don’t know how to get it there OR seeking a relationship and keep getting the ‘wrong guy’. ⁠

    Feeling guilty as a mother. ⁠

    Your sex drive low. ⁠

    I’ve been in all of these positions and invested $160,000 in 800 hours of live trainings in addition to books and podcasts and small groups testing and have uncovered the root cause. ⁠

    I’m passionate about helping you UNCAGE and re-energize your physical body and finding true freedom and announcing your authentic self with clarity and confidence – turning the FORCE in which you gain strides in your life into a FLOW.⁠

    Here on my personal profile you can expect to find weekly content that supports YOU — a woman in leadership, or companies looking to integrate female leadership at a heightened level to increase bottom line results to meet cultural & productivity goals.⁠

    Keep an eye out for information about my book, coming soon, and if you are a fierce female who’s looking to up-level your energy, relationships, and life in general, be sure to check out @shenesstribe. There, you’ll also find information about my upcoming group program, “Becoming an Energy Magnet” (waitlist link in bio).⁠

    Once again, welcome Love, to my little corner of the internet. I’m so glad to have you here and would love it if you’d send me a message to say ‘hello’!⁠

    XO, Roya⁠

    • Yup she’s reeking of leaving Mary Kay. “I’ve been coaching (women primarily) for twenty years and noticed a pattern that high achieving women feel like exhausted, watered down versions of themselves.” Gasp! In Mary Kay?????? Corporate probably peed their pants when they read that.

    • ” invested $160,000 in 800 hours of live trainings ”

      wasted $200 an hour for the equivalent of 20 full work-weeks. I’m sure for the same amount of money and effort she’d be well on her way to getting a useful degree for her future self.

    • Roya writing a book about overcoming burnout is like Ike Turner writing a book about overcoming domestic abuse.

      It would be amusing if it weren’t so nauseating.

    • I took an unfortunate deep dive into the Roya Mattis YouTube and internet rabbit hole about a month ago and can say I think she is absolutely bat-#$&@ crazy. I really think she has some serious psychological issues in relation to her husband possibly leaving her for a younger woman (I have no evidence of this, I know nothing about her or her husband, it’s just my opinion based on what I found online that she willingly shared publicly). If I were her loved one I’d be concerned about her well-being.

      • There definitely is an issue that she has about with her age and being sexy. In other words, she exudes that she feels old and un-sexy, and she covers it by pretending to embrace her older woman-ness and being very sexual. I have a feeling there is a story there with her ex-husband.

          • Yes, very quietly. She doesn’t ever mention him but I will say that she makes references that seem to be subtle digs at him.

            Noah got the house in the divorce. Roya moved out of the house last year in August and now she’s a *gasp* RENTER.

            Wedding rings last seen March 2020, for context.

    • “Up-level your energy”? “Uncage”? What?

      What is this drivel? This is nonsense. A ton of kitschy buzzwords and reads as so completely, utterly devoid of truth and authenticity.

      Like a used car salesman. Gross.

  2. My husband and I own a business and I can say with complete confidence that it is NOTHING like being in an MLM. Being in Mary Kay taught me nothing about being an actual business owner. Mary Kay is like pretending to cook in a play kitchen and owning a real business with employees and all that stuff is like running a restaurant kitchen and cooking alongside everyone at the same time.

    • For one thing, real business owners do not find it necessary (or desirable) to wear “Boss Babe” t shirts, amirite?

      • For another, real business owners would never recruit and train their own competition. That would be a real dumb business strategy, yet that’s the every day practice in MLM.

      • Right?!? If you’re an actual “Boss Babe”, you’re too busy being a boss to find time to wear a tacky shirt with gold foil proclaiming your Boss-Babed-ness and withperfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfect lighting, AND “somehow” catch a totally random pic of you being a Boss whilst looking so perfect…

        …And then find time to run a few filters to make the pic look even better for your Insta. THEN post it.

      • When we do that kind of stuff at our business it’s very tongue-in-cheek. We basically have the humor of twelve year old boys. ?

        • Oh, yeah, you can’t take yourself too seriously; what’s the fun in that?

          A friend of mine (sole proprietor) had his business cards printed up with himself listed as “President and Janitor”.

  3. Am I remembering correctly that awhile back Roya was hyping sex toys or some such so that women could unleash their inner whatever?

    Yeah, thanks Roya. I’ve got it covered.

    • You’re remembering correctly. She does her “she-ness” thing and she dances provocatively on Instagram and promotes getting in touch with your sexuality. She is JUST.SO.WEIRD. And not in a cute, amusing, or clever way. In a very creepy, demented way.

  4. Poor Michelle Cunningham is probably mad that I forgot to put her on the list of Top Director Quitters.

  5. Wow. Just, wow.

    I went over to Amazon to look up that book, and I. Have. Never. seen so many planted reviews in. my. life.

    They are not subtle. They all follow the same script — words of fawning admiration for the author and what a wonderful blessing it is to learn from the best of the best — and many include a picture of a smiling fan holding up their copy of the book to the camera (phone). Yeah, no behind-the-scenes organization or anything, just spontaneous outpourings of admiration from an appreciative audience, right?

    Obvious review stuffing is obvious.

    • ^^^ I meant for this comment to be in response to parsonsgreen’s mention of Michelle Cunningham’s Do It Anyway, Girl! (which title is of course not a rip-off of Girl, Wash Your Face, right?).

      Sorry about the misplacement.

  6. I cringe when I think about one of my offspring leaving her nearly-$100K/year career to debut. It killed me to not warn her to not leave it behind, but it would’ve affected my commission checks for her to stall out or quit. Besides, we were ALL taught to do “only MK”. The image it cast to work another job while saying Directorship is executive pay. We were supposed to be selling the dream, yet I know now that it was all at a cost of retirement, benefits, sanity, and a respectable career.

    Just because there’s a handful of successful people doesn’t mean that’s the norm. The rest of us paid dearly…literally and figuratively.

  7. “*dismounts soapbox and thanks everyone for their patience*“

    I always enjoy your SB comments, and I was glad to see this one make the front page.

    • Thanks Char! My fiancé got a kick out of it…he saw me furiously “hunting and pecking” on my iPad when I was typing it up and said “oooohhh, working on something good for that anti Mary Kay site?” He says I have two iPad modes: pyramid schemers, and true crime. If I’m typing, it is the former. Lol.

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