Lose Your Friends With Mary Kay

Here’s a great way to lose your friends: Recruit them into Mary Kay! But of course MK is asking you to leverage your friendships and “bring your besties” into the company. Recruit them as soon as you sign up, and they can get $25 off their $130 starter kit. Trust me, the discount isn’t worth it for any of you. If you want to keep your friends, keep the Mary Kay scam far, far away from them. (And don’t do “I’m doing practice interviews”  or “I need a face model” or  “I’m putting together a portfolio of professional women.”)


  1. Are you ready to rope your friends into a scheme that’s almost sure to lose them money, to your benefit?

    Are you willing to call them at the end of each month to try to pressure them into buying “inventory” they’ll never sell, just to grow your own commission check?

    Are you able to cut them off without a second look if they decide to end their own misery and abandon the hamster wheel you encouraged them to jump onto?

    If so, you just might have the necessary level of narcissism to make it big** in Mary Kay!

    ** – “Big” by their standards. Which means just over minimum wage. Maybe.

    • I know
      I was just saying. they always try to rope people in by saying they’re trying to build their “portfolio” or “ look book” but meanwhile they don’t exist.

      Hell no. I would never be in a situation like this thanks to the Pink Truth. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have family and friends have this happen to them no matter how much I preach how bad MLM‘s are.
      As badly as I feel and make it known how bad these companies are.. imagine getting a call just like this post after they heard me “preach” before.

      • I wasn’t responding to you, Shay, but to the article. My comment came after you, but you can tell by the (lack of) indentation that it was just a general comment, not a response to you.

        When I wrote “Are you ready…” I was pretending to be addressing a prospective recruit, using sarcasm to make the point that it really takes a narcissist (someone who cares for NO ONE but themselves) to work the Mary Kay Con game. That was probably lost in the language barrier, and I apologize for that.

        Similarly, Cat Ballou (below) used the words (If you need…” to address everyone, not you in particular. We all know where you stand, and we welcome your contributions here.

        On a more personal note, the next time you get one of those phone calls trying to recruit you, just say this (in your own language, of course): “I have made a personal decision to boycott all multi-level-marketing companies because I believe they are predatory. So I will not be joining your ‘team,’ thank you.”

        If you try to preach to them, they will just get defensive and argue back; you will get nowhere. So just make it clear that you are not interested and you never will be. If they try to argue that it’s not multi-level, just tell them, “If it isn’t multi-level, why are you trying to recruit me under you?” Then change the subject or end the conversation as politely as you can.

  2. If you need proof that MK is all about recruiting and not product sales to end customers, look no further. Your director isn’t teaching you how to sell product or build a customer base because she knows this. She knows that you’ll most likely be gone in a year, so she’s already looking for your replacement.

    You’re only a number to her, and you’re only useful to her as long as you’re ordering. She knows that you probably aren’t going to be able to sell all of the products you order. She’s struggling to sell product herself. Customers have too many other options to get similar or better quality products for a similar or better price, and many women avoid MLM products altogether.

    If women were making money selling product, or at least more money than they could make at a minimum wage part time job, they wouldn’t drop out of MK and there would be no need to constantly recruit.

    • I don’t need proof. I know.
      maybe I should’ve elaborated more..
      I am just saying I have not seen one MK lady with a portfolio or lockbox that they use to rope people in.

  3. Many women balk at the thought of sales. Bringing in friends or relatives that are honest and apprehensive is a horrible idea. It’s great for a self centered individual focused on numbers. MK seems to take a selfish view that anyone who doesn’t make it isn’t trying hard enough. It is a hard line, indifferent and ruthless way to justify an uncompromising method of winning. To win at all costs and any harm done along the way is justified. This inflexible and callous approach has hurt thousands of women and families. It has caused stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, horrible debt, wasteful unsold products (filling up landfills) and broken friendships. To justify this carnage is simply immoral. MK has been glossing over their irreverence and disregard for actual human beings for decades. To sit back and destroy friendships and the lives of others is uncaring and heartless. Whatever MK promotes itself to be, it is the exact opposite of empowerment or respect for women. MK is predatory and destructive.

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