36 Years as a National Sales Director

Now that our friend Jamie Taylor has made it to the coveted pyramid-topping position of national sales direct, she contemplates her future. She is going to spend the next 36 years churning out new sales directors. Helping those women con women into singing up and buying thousands of dollars of inventory.

She’ll talk about LEADERSHIP! She’s mentoring other women. She’s helping women change their lives! Their lives are changing, alright…. they’re about to lose thousands of dollars on this scam and they’ll lose self-confidence and friends in the process.

Jamie thinks she’s got it made in the shade for the next 36 years until she gets to the MK retirement age. Remember, though, that she has to maintain her position by ensuring either $100k in nsd commissions OR 8 first line directors OR 20 sales directors in first through third line. You think that’s easy? It’s not. There are all sorts of nsds who are struggling to keep their areas. Why do you think some nsds “retire” before they get to the retirement age that gives them the retirement payout?

Don’t forget: Less than half of Mary Kay national sales directors make $10,000 per month or more. (And that’s including nsd commissions AND sales director commissions.)



  1. I’m curious, do we have the numbers on how many NSDs have made it all the way to retirement age vs. how many have bowed out early? Is there a way to get that number?

    • MK probably has that number but won’t release it. It’s hard to track hoe many have retired over 50 years, but we do know names that left before because they’ve happened within last 15 years and are very memorable.

    • Notice all the NSD’s promoting other products on IG? Dacia does it everyday . Now I see NSD Leah Lauchlan doing the same. Wow

      • Dacia’s IG is laughable. Kinda like watching a tacky train wreck. “Delightful” is not a good descriptor.

  2. 36 years…I wonder what it does to a person’s mental health…being forced to act positive no matter what, having nobody you can go to and be honest. Even your spouse. Especially your spouse.
    For decades! The Stepford Wives.

    What kind of work environment shuts down actual issues by shushing the employee and telling them not to be a negative Nellie?

    Oh wait, hold the phone…. a MK consultant is actually a customer, not an employee. So, I walk into Target to tell the customer service counter that my purchase is all wrong. It’s simply not working. The bubbly Jamie Taylor that works there says, “you need to work harder. Stop being so negative! Now go call some friends and tell them to come in and buy an entire aisle of cosmetics and you can get some of your money back.”

    It all sounds nutso when you pull the curtain back. But when a company lies to everyone about their reality, it sounds wonderful! Dear little Target customer, you are a “business “ owner now. Your enormous purchase is going to make you money!!! So if you are an employee, your boss is toxic. If you’re a customer, that’s about the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

    Mary Kay motto:
    “Not only are we NOT going to solve your problem, or help you solve it, we don’t even want to hear about it. “

    • It’s exhausting. From personal experience for over a decade, trying to put on a front of being happy no matter what’s happening is unending. I had to dress the part, go nowhere without a fully made face of makeup, support the new products even though they were horrible, wear it all, not wear any other brands than MK, and fake excitement for another contest over & over. I had to fully support the company’s actions and act like I was a success even when people were quitting or not signing up.

      I now have more energy, more time, and I’m real. Again!

  3. “…the next 36 years serving as NSD.”
    Yikes. She’s soooo excited ? but it literally reads like a punishment; a prison sentence. It’s depressing. It makes me think, ugh, what a waste of a life. ??‍♀️

    It’s also a pretty bold statement, considering that the odds are overwhelmingly NOT in her favor.

  4. So… if an NSD has more intense quotas than anyone else in the company and they don’t make it, do they get extra months like Directors do? I can’t imagine MKorpse would want NSDs “retiring” left and right and probably give them a lot of leeway for their own PR purposes.

  5. I’m not in mary kay and never was so I have a question.

    Is it possible for Jamie to lose her nsd status if she can’t get the nsd quotas filled?

    If so that sounds scary!

    • Yes, NSDs have maintenance requirements to keep their title. They get a grace period longer than new Directors do, but they do have to hit certain numbers.

  6. In addition to the odds against her maintaining her national area for 36 years, I think the odds of MK still existing as a company in 36 years are even lower. I don’t think they’ll survive that long. And if they do close up shop (in the US, at least), Jamie is left with NOTHING except tons of product. She has no “business”.

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