Mary Kay ended the seminar year on June 30 with 32 “million dollar units.” Nsd Rebecca Evans wrote on social media:

Our MK year just ended with 32 “$1,000,000 Directors.” That is almost triple from last year AND we broke the 1998 record of 28 Million $ Directors.

Contrary to what MK and its leaders would have you believe, a million dollar unit does not mean $1 million in product sales. This “honor” has nothing to do with sales. It has everything to do with ORDERING.

If you look hard enough, you will find that $1 million is properly called “estimated retail production” in Mary Kay. That means they look at the wholesale orders of the unit and pretend all the products were sold at full suggested retail.  The orders likely totaled around $450,000, there was “contest credit” added to it (special promotions where MK pretends you ordered more, using cute names like “double credit”), and then that number was doubled (because wholesale x 2 = suggested retail).

Are you tired of the shenanigans yet?

You’ll see below how MK ladies pretend there are “millions of dollars in sales.” They know in their hearts that the vast majority of those products go unsold. Among the many lies in MK, this is one of the most obvious because everyone knows the unit clubs and the court of sales are based on orders and NOT sales….. and yet they keep talking about sales.

And the other think Rebecca Evans claimed in her social media post:

AND our #1 National Sales Director earned over $220k in June! Yes in ONE Month!

Gloria Mayfield Banks didn’t “earn” $220,000. She was PAID $220k by people in the downline. The money was transferred up the pyramid from women who can’t afford it and won’t be able to sell the products, to a woman who is a master manipulator. That’s nothing to celebrate.

For fun, I included a post by our old friend Gail Scott about the “faces of today’s Mary Kay.” Of course it features our good friends Jamie, Chelsea Claytor, and Megan Wilkes. For sure, these ladies will provide entertainment for us for years to come. (Fun fact: Back in 2006 when we got started, Gail Scott was really upset with us for existing. And now, 15 years later, she still hasn’t “promoted herself” in Mary Kay. Same old grind of trying to keep that MK car and dialing for dollars at the end of each month.)



  1. The fact that they tripled the number in one year and broke the record after a 23 year drought is highly sus to me.

    • I think a lot of it has to do with COVID and the devious “Only $30!” campaign. A bunch of people were stuck at home, out of work, and Mary Kay hung a carrot front of their collective noses promising work-from-home riches with a mere thirty-dollar entrance fee—you’re bound to pick up a few victims who can be front-loaded.

      Avon pulled a similar stunt back in 2009. The crisis then wasn’t a pandemic, but the Great Recession. Avon ran Super Bowl ads that hawked not the make-up, but the “opportunity,” closing with “Call your Avon representative today, and start your New Year off right!”

      It helped their numbers in the short term, but not surprisingly, the burst in sales to new sign-ups did not translate to more sales to consumers. Avon went into a downward spiral and was eventually gobbled up by Brazilian MLM Natura (another MLM that refuses to admit it’s an MLM).

      If history repeats itself, this (appearance of) success is a house built on sand and won’t hold up. Time will tell.

  2. I can’t help but think that Mary Kay Ash would totally cringe at the photo of Jamie, Chelsea & Megan. When I was an IBC back in 1992, I read MK’s book that was included in my starter kit & listened to a cassette tape from Debi Moore in which she says there’s no excuse for not looking your professional best whenever you’re out in public. I took it to heart & looked & dressed professionally at all times in public. There’s nothing professional about the attire of these directors, & they’re certainly not leading by example. As a result, I can’t in good conscience take them seriously.

    • It’s the new MLM “boss babe” look. They literally all dress like that. Every MLM. Although there’s usually a round-brim hat involved too.

      • This is generational; I don’t think business attire is considered “cool” or something that people would want to have to wear if they took the “Mary Kay Opportunity”

        • Do they still require the skirt and pantyhose at meetings now? It wouldn’t surprise me if they bait with these photos and then switch with the requirement of outdated skirt and hose at meetings.

          What’s the deal with the dress code? I know they TELL the consultants it is to look professional for customers, but since consultants are the customer to Mary Kay, is it about control?

          • MK CORP: If we get them to dress like a business owner, they’ll be more inclined to “believe” they are one.

    • They are kbots, Peggy. No matter how they are dressed, they are not to be taken seriously. They play pretend business owner while in fact they are preying on the vulnerable in order to attack them financially, drain them dry if they don’t move up the chain to support the kbot, and shun them entirely when the broken IBC throws in the towel and quits MK.

      Mary Kay Ash is no one to be proud of or emulate. She used people, exploited anyone she found that was vulnerable and she created and perpetuated a sham of a business, designed solely to enrich herself and those who were close enough at the beginning to get in on the ride from the start. She did not create mk to enrich women, she created mk to enrich herself. I won’t say she was a person without any virtues, but she is glorified and worshipped and it is simply wrong.

  3. They won’t admit the reason they’re offering non-pink Cadillacs is because it’s CHEAPER for them to not have to paint them special-order. Oh, we heard all about that process when we drove them. Super expensive to paint them and then have someone break the lease by quitting mid-maintenance.

    And it felt good to send mine back before time was up. Ka-Ching! $

    • Kind of off topic, but earlier today I saw our local Caddy driver (Ohio vanity tag of “YES U CAN” once again, this time parked outside a little cafe. I wonder how much she spent on coffee and sandwiches to pitch the “opportunity”?

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