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Quitting Mary Kay Seminar

When you want to leave the Mary Kay cult, one of the most important first steps is to stop attending the indoctrination events. Mary Kay Seminar is exactly that: a rah-rah event where they get into your head with all the talking points and the hype, and they get you to separate yourself from reality.

You no longer think about all the money you’re losing, the women you’re lying to in the process of recruiting, the financial hardship you’re creating when you frontload large inventory orders, the time you’re spending away from your family, the absolute loser of an “opportunity” that Mary Kay really is.

Here is former top director Kelly Brock about 5 months before she quit Mary Kay for good. She walked out on “Awards Night” and her upline lost their minds. It was her first real step toward quitting. (Make no mistake, she still went on that Top Director Trip, didn’t she?)

Kelly has come out publicly about the shunning she received after she quit Mary Kay. Those “lifelong friendships” you develop in MK go away once you quit. Now if Kelly would just admit publicly that MLM is a loser “business” in which almost everyone loses money. That MLM is an abusive system in which women like her at the top of the pyramid “make money” because those below her are losing money. She could just admit that MLM isn’t a business, but that’s one of her target markets for her coaching business, so I guess the honesty only goes so far.


    1. TRACY

      I have a hard time giving her a pass on this. She made hundreds of thousands of dollars of commissions off the backs of women in MK, and now she’s making many more thousands selling coaching to MLM women. She knows that’s wrong.

      1. NayMKWay

        It’s difficult for me to cheer for Kelly; she’s coaching others in a system she said herself was destructive. Marital stress, time away from family, toxic positivity…why is she perpetuating it?

  1. morningstar

    She is great at sales, so thinking these writings are a bridge into the next thing, even beyond the coaching, somehow she is not an 8-5 FT or PT type of woman. Very astute comments. She mastered one con at MK, do you think she is on the up and up. That said so glad she jumped the plane, not for MK corporate, but in front of others….

  2. morningstar

    Her story is layered, reread it as a soft pitch. And blame shifts over to her husbands apathy and uses the child. Most of us make decisions and do not have to drag the family online in the message.

  3. Dottie Hinkle

    I’m going to assume this awards thing was yet another MLM Superspreader event, on that alone zero props.

    Sounds like from the captions this narcissist will continue to #bossbabe and continue to profit via bilking women.

  4. Mountaineer95

    It’s so easy! Product literally FLIES off of shelves! Recruiting is a CINCH! There’s NO SUCH THING as a saturated market! Sell to your friends and family! But after you’ve used them up, then you get the joy of STALKING WOMEN AT TARGET!

    I must be missing something, because I certainly am NOT seeking out a recruiting MK lady to “mentor” me in this farce of a “business”.

    But hey, you IBCs and Directors keep on making those huge commission checks. You know, those orders that are ALREADY SOLD to end consumers…of course they are, EVERY MK lady SELLS what she purchases! Just ask MKC, they keep track of…oh wait, they don’t. And NOT because it’s difficult to track. It’s because the outcome will show just how little their members sell. But they’ll take the wholesale number, double it, CHARGE YOU SALES TAX ON THE FULL RETAIL PROCE OF YOUR WHOLESALE ORDER, and proclaim you a rock star in the world of sales.

    News flash: we shouldn’t have to tell you how little of your inventory you will actually sell. If you can do basic math, you’ll figure it out. And if you can’t do the math, you’re in the wrong “profession”.

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