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Mary Kay is Suing Pink Truth

LOL! No Mary Kay is NOT suing Pink Truth. Mary Kay Inc. has never had any communications of any sort with me, not through their lawyers or anyone else. Oh wait… there was that time that a Mary Kay upper level manager was feeding me insider information about the company. That went on for months. But I don’t think that counts, does it?

I love these Facebook groups for Mary Kay consultants, like “Our Pink Bubble.” It’s funny to me that they accuse Pink Truth of being dishonest, and then they are complete liars in their comments. For the record, there is no lawsuit, has never been a lawsuit, and has never been any interaction with MK legal.

Why? Because what we do here is perfectly legal. We’re talking about facts and opinions. We’re allowed to do that. I’ve always given people the opportunity to prove me wrong so I can correct facts that I’ve posted. And of course, my opinion is my opinion, so I can talk about that all day long.

These posts are 7 years old, but I thought it would be fun to show them to you anyway.

I’m sorry that telling the truth about your beloved Mary Kay upsets you, Lisa. Are you aware of the business I run? The REAL business. The ethical business. With real customers who purchase real services. Not the scam in which I recruit people to buy big inventory packages they can never sell, who are then taught to recruit others into the fake opportunity.

Are you aware of the thousands of women who have become sales directors and who did the work to become nationals, but never even made it past senior sales director? They worked their butts off in a losing pyramid scheme. They worked things the right way, and they worked hard. But because Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme, almost everyone is guaranteed to fail.

Pink Truth isn’t going anywhere. When I started the site more than 15 years ago, one of my main goals was longevity. I got tired of seeing people start anti-MLM sites and eventually shut them down either because they were tired or they were threatened. You can plan on this site being around for as long as MLM continues their financial and emotional destruction of participants.


  1. NayMKWay

    “…they didn’t run their business ‘The Mary Kay Way’ and took advantage of their consultants.”

    Oh, please. Are you claiming you never went dialing for dollars at the end of the month? Convincing women to buy inventory they’ll never sell is how you get ahead in Mary Kay, no matter how much they claim otherwise. And you very well know it.

    1. coralrose

      Now that she’s out, I hope she visits pink truth! It was very freeing to learn that I wasn’t the only one losing money. PT also helped me to connect the dots of how many directors’ actions didn’t line up with what they said. It was nice to finally understand what was really going on once I was out! I’m grateful for the posters on PT who explained what went on behind the curtains of directorship.

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