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My Virtual Open House Was a Bust

What a shame! You join Mary Kay “to reconnect with people” and suddenly they think all you want to do is push MK on them. I wonder why that would be? So poor Amanda wants this Mary Kay support group on Facebook to encourage her.

Check out the wonderful advice she is given! Things like:

  • You need motivation! (No she doesn’t. She needs to know how to make money in this loser of a fake business.)
  • There are billions and billions of people to give “facials” to via Zoom or Messenger.
  • Someone wisely mentioned she’s “selling [her] stockpile at cost to customers.”
  • One of the suggestions is having a sale! What happened to making 50% profit? Oh right. That never actually happens because you have to give discounts of 25% to 50% or more in order to move any volume of products.
  • Read your Bible! Uh….. that’s not going to make customers appear. It’s also not going to make your friends and family change their minds about you being a predator who mentions MK every single time you talk to them.


  1. Ruby Slippers

    Wow look at Shelly Wood’s comment about her 3 day event with prizes then a 25% off party. Each consultant “sold” over $200.
    Her ROI was low. Maybe $15-20. She netted a max of $30-40 with the discount not including expensing for gifts . So she is realistically in the hole.

    1. BestDecision

      I wasted SO much time and energy on Open Houses. Few people I know ever had tremendous results with them. By the time Christmas came, I was burned out and could care less about celebrating it.

      Completely opposite of being a part of a company that is led biblically.

  2. Brainwashednomore

    Yes, how is that making 50%? 150 people bought $600 of retail products after a 25% discount… there’s no real sales ideas. It’s always a story about an unusual sales event where the consultant sold some products. And, you too can do that…
    Like, I once had a 1500 class… but there were so many discounts that I made no profit. Gifts for high purchases, hostess gifts, gas, other expenses. And then that idea keeps getting used over and over as the norm. That’s not the norm… it’s the exception. The norm is no sales to little sales.
    Even this class is not a lot of sales. $600 of products after 25% discount for 150 people… how is that a lot of sales or profits?

  3. enorth

    Prizes, gifts and discounts. You can bet she also offered free shipping.

    No need to pay full retail for MK. You can always find a desperate consultant who — as Halie McDonald said above — just wants to make her money back.

  4. BestDecision

    If it is such a lucrative business, no one need to be “motivated constantly”. Gee, I don’t need to be motivated at all in my career. I’m paid well, and I get paid when I show up and not just when others make a decision or keep their word. I don’t have to go to a Fall Retreat or conferences to stay in love with it or redo all of my processes to make more money.

    The seeking of constant motivation EXHAUSTED me. Always chasing a new idea, emulating others, and trying to duplicate the times I made any headway.

  5. AnonyMouse

    I couldn’t sell my stockpile at half-price either. Much of it went in the garbage after a few years. In actual retail, they do analytics to know how much inventory to order. In Mary Kay, they pull on your heartstrings and get you all excited with Star prizes and recognition (tell me again how ya’ll don’t push initial inventory), and then shift the blame to your own alleged poor business decisions when you can’t sell it all, when you had no REAL business training to begin with.

    And “open your Bible”? Here’s some Bible for ya: “The heart is deceitful above all things.”

  6. Destiny Angel

    “Read your Bible! Uh….. that’s not going to make customers appear. It’s also not going to make your friends and family change their minds about you being a predator who mentions MK every single time you talk to them.”

    It’s been a long time since I read the Bible properly but I’m certain my copy of KJV doesn’t have any words regarding MLMs. It does mention not following false prophets (or profits), lying and coveting other people’s property.

    1. Kristen

      How about facials over Zoom? At least in person, the consultant can pretend that there is something other than a sales pitch while the person cleans their own skin. But watching them do it over Zoom is just lame.

        1. enorth

          Zoom parties. Where 15 people agree to participate, so you ship them samples of the products you’ll be using. But only six people show up on the Zoom. Play games, give prizes. Offer discounts and freebies. Two people make a purchase. Ship them their products in pretty wrappings and include more samples and a catalog.

          No profit, but it was so much fun.

      1. BestDecision

        Now they’ve got a $99 12 Days of Christmas set for sale, including SAMPLES. Total rip-off! Mine used to have full-sized product all the way through them and be tailored towards her skin type, skin color, etc. They just keep ripping people off!

  7. Autumn

    I despise the Bible references. If Jesus came back and went to seminar or any other Mary Kay event everything would be flipped over like the Money lender’s tables!

    *I’m not Christian. But I believe Jesus lived…

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