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Cindy Mac Failed in Mary Kay (and you can too!)

Imagine devoting more than 30 years of your life to Mary Kay, and still not getting to the top. Cindy Machado Flippen doesn’t have to imagine. She has lived it. For 30 years she has been grinding… trying to get to the position of national sales director, and failing.

What happened to “you can promote yourself when you’re ready”???  If you’re willing to work hard? If you follow the plan? If you work the Mary Kay way?

They teach you it’s easy, and yet Cindy Mac is the poster child for failure in MLM. Sure, she gets to call herself a “top director.” Yet she can’t get to the very top of the pyramid. So actually she has failed. (I wonder how much it burns her to see a youngster like Jamie Taylor make it to nsd?)

Cindy talks in this post about quitting. How she kept at it for 10 years, and see! Now she’s successful! She admits she should have walked away. (She probably should now.)

Cindy is selling this idea that the only way you lose is if you quit. That all it takes is to KEEP TRYING. If that was true, wouldn’t she be an nsd now?

For good measure, I’m throwing in this part of her personal website. She repeats the lie that she “built a multi-million dollar organization.” Yes, she convinced women to buy millions of dollars of products that she knew they’d never sell. But there was not $12 million in retail sales. There was $5 million in wholesale orders. $5 million swindled out of women when their families could not afford it.


  1. Brainwashednomore

    “I should have walked away… but it was me and my choices. ” yes, you should have. Your success is not based on your efforts. It’s a business model where you’re supposed to fail and mkorp prospers.

    One stable positive force…a solid business… you can turn it around with one good decision. ”
    Lies, lies, lots of lies. Stable, positive… what does this mean? Lots of pink fog. Solid business for whom? One good decision? Which one?

    All of these tactics don’t consider that people in mlms lose money whether they make good decisions or not. Whether it’s a good day or bad, overall, you’re losing for many reasons, but not for a lack of trying. It’s set up to lose, and then it’s blamed on the consultants. A constant hamster wheel. Huge expenses.

    High cost for products. Mk makes lots of money on every purchase to a consultant. Then, they make more money on section 2, suits, and everything else they sell to consultants. It’s a good business model for Corp.

  2. BestDecision

    She has also done Court of Sharing a ton of times. All that work and no progress. I heard her speak once and remember getting absolutely nothing tangible from her. No strategy, no action items, and she seemed very empty on the inside.

    So sad.

    1. Vanessa

      1.micellar water is old news, it’s been around for a long time. I love how MK tries to pretend it’s cutting edge and trend setting.

      2. Why would I spend $17 on MK’s micellar water when I can get Garnier’s for about $6 at Target?

  3. morningstar

    Remember all the people here lurking-
    A big money loss from the get go is YOU pay 100% full price taxes when you purchase at 50% price break. This lets MK off the hook in court, as needed. As This team mentions the MK person is the end user. And you have to try to pawn it off on…..your peeps. Most independent businesses pay taxes on qtrly basis.
    Read recently where a man overpaid his CO state taxes at his restaurant because he (over) paid in on his taxes by paying both the wholesale price and retail price(s) at his business and is recouping the wholesale monies.
    In other words, MK really doesn’t trust you OR care what YOU do with the product, they need bodies. Happy Halloween!

      1. NayMKWay

        I don’t “do” Instagram because I’m an old fogy. But you’ve now got me curious. I can’t ignore it; I just can’t! Can you explain it in 200 words or fewer?

        Aw, heck, use as many words as you want; it’s your site!

  4. Mountaineer

    “The skies the limit”

    Lol! That is only one place she misused, or failed to use, an apostrophe. It just irks me.

    And her statement about how she failed at school and marriage but yet her MLM business was her one solace? Sounds like her MLM “business” (quotes because, Cindy, it’s not a business; you own NOTHING but the inventory you’ve already bought) might ACTUALLY be the cause of the personal, educational, and marital problems you experienced.

    So forgive me if I don’t agree that your MLM was always there for you and saved you from these difficult things, when MLM is known to CAUSE such things.

    1. TRACY

      Kelly Brock is trying to do this exact type of thing. At first, I thought she had good coaching stuff. She was focused on teaching people actual steps to grow a business. Now she’s just focused on the woo woo crap. And people are paying for it!!!!

  5. Gina Romano

    I trusted my Director, Valerie Beck, from Chicago. I believed all the pink fog, and, then it happened–I lost everything. My full-time job was gone and so was my savings. The only thing I had left was my Mary Kay inventory. I finally quit Mary Kay after realizing that it was nothing more than a scam. My director stalked me and hounded me day and night. Do yourself a favor, stay away from Mary Kay.

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