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Mary Kay is Beautiful and Positive

I’m not sure what your background is; but, why are you so negative toward Mary Kay in particular. Any person or company has to use marketing as a way to reach & sell to customers. I assure you that those who sell under false pretenses do not represent the mindset behind ANY company’s mission or vision.

Your website is biased in that it does not show the beautiful, positive, & powerful things about being a Mary Kay consultant.

I urge you to balance your site by showing how the conpany/opportunity empowers women. I am a consultant & i have no unmet needs that Mary Kay can offer me. I do well, have a large customer base, & I have never lied to any customer!! I am college-educated with 2 advanced degrees & work my business my way – the honest way.

I hope you find future days filled with more positivity in your life!


  1. Brainwashednomore

    “I urge you to balance your site by showing how the conpany/opportunity empowers women.”

    Con-pany. This is definitely a good con. Yes, cons show what you can get. They convince you that it’s all positive but it’s not. That’s only the image because real conversation is only supposed to occur with your director. No one is supposed to talk about the debt they’re in or anything else negative. I was told don’t tell your husband the bad. Lie to your husband, team, and family.

  2. MultiLevelMoneyLosing

    “I’m not sure what your background is…”
    Well, keep reading, honey. MK prizes learning from top directors, and on this site you can learn from former Cadillac drivers about the reality of Mary Kay.

      1. Char

        I forgot a real typo written by someone, “conslutant”. A “looser conslutant”. Get it? Hehe

        A serious question to ponder: How many of these words are used quietly among corporate staff? For sure, “Buyers or buying force”.

        1. Mountaineer95

          Oh, corporate uses them significantly in their corporate job postings. All of the corporate staff who have positions that support the IBCs are categorized as sales development positions, and many have duties including “customer service”…and they do NOT deal with end consumers…the “customers” they service are all MK independent sales force.

          All of the positions listed at this link are categorized as sales development. It’s a fun read-through, and if this doesn’t blatantly prove that sales to end consumers are NOT the focus of MKC, I don’t know what does. The FTC needs to read through these.


  3. NayMKWay

    “I urge you to balance your site…”

    Well, I’d urge Mary Kay to balance their come-on to recruits instead of lying to them. They tout a “free” car that isn’t free and make false claims about financial rewards. Why doesn’t Mary Kay release income disclosure statements in countries (like the U.S.) that do not mandate them? What are they hiding? (For answers, read the Canadian ones.)

    This site is balance against Mary Kay’s deceptions. Besides, about 20% of the article content is letters from people like you, speaking for the other side. That’s WAY better than the 1% of MK reps who come out ahead, financially. That makes the so-called “positives” 20-fold over-represented, by my count.

  4. Heather

    I’m going to make an educated guess – using my four degrees (two are advanced) and my speciality certifications – that you putz around with MK for the fun of it. This isn’t your main income generator. You are but a NUMBER to your director, and she will only give you the time of day when you are ordering product.

    “I assure you that those who sell under false pretenses do not represent the mindset behind ANY company’s mission or vision.” <– This is pretty much every director, every NSD, every so-called leader in MK. The amount of false pretenses they utilize on a daily/hourly basis is astounding.

    Save it, lady. We've all heard it.

            1. NayMKWay

              Ha! Haven’t heard that one in awhile. I’m pure EE with a capital GEEK. Over 4 decades, now.

              The university I attended (UC Davis, CA) had a medical school. I heard tell the med school liked engineering undergrads because they arrived pre-trained in problem-solving skills. I wouldn’t say you ever stopped working with your engineering skills; you just expanded your horizon to include humans that need analysis and repair.

              Well, back to my inanimate patients…

  5. AnonyMouse

    We will consider being more “balanced” by your definition when Mary Kay produces an income disclosure statement where the amount made from sales is the actual retail numbers, not just wholesale orders. When they stop being in direct violation of the FTC’s Direct Selling Rule. When they stop hiding the actual costs of being an active consultant until after the agreement is signed and starter kit ordered. When they stop calling it a “business opportunity” and call it what it actually is – a contract sales job where the company retains the right to terminate your contract at any time, leaving you with no legal recourse. When all of that happens, we’ll adjust our tune. Until then, we shall proceed as usual.

  6. Mountaineer95

    “I am college-educated with 2 advanced degrees”

    I’m not knocking those who do NOT have degrees, whether advanced or any. I’ve known plenty of high school grads only who have worked their way up in their careers. I WILL knock someone who claims to have multiple collegiate degrees and still submits such a note to PT. Come on. I don’t know what your “degrees” are in, but surely cannot be in common sense or Business 101.

    *sigh* when, oh when, will a LEGIT Mary Kay Director (or above) provide fodder for our Friday posts? It is ALWAYS some super happy, super successful, super not-manipulated-or-lied to IBC.

    Come on MK Directors, when will any of YOU submit YOUR success story for our Friday posts? The closest we’ve ever seen is Cynthia Rucci (wonder how HER Mary Kay “business” is doing today?)

    1. Destiny Angel

      I’ve worked with PhDs in chemistry who would mouth pipette concentrated acids and alkalis rather than use the supplied pipette fillers.

      Intelligence, and learning doesn’t equal being street smart.

  7. Lazy Gardens

    Why don’t you show US “how the company/opportunity empowers women” by showing us that the majority of the women involved are making a profit from sales. Not even a good living – just selling enough at a high enough price to cover the cost of the product they bought and their business expenses.

    Heck, show us that YOU are doing that consistently: selling enough at any price to cover the cost of the product and your Mary Kay expenses (meetings, shipping, special clothing, interest on credit cards, etc.) That would be working for free or pennies per hour, but not going into debt.

  8. BestDecision

    Who’s happy they didn’t have to hold a party or interview today? Who’s elated they didn’t hVe to carry business cards and look out for someone “sugar sharp”?


  9. A Reader

    “I urge you to balance your site by showing how the conpany/opportunity empowers women.”

    This raises an interesting question: have you also urged the Mary Kay corporation to be more balanced on their own website?

    For example, have you asked them to publish statistics on how many of their consultants actually make any profit at all, how many earn a living wage from Mary Kay, and how many end up in debt with unsold product? Have you asked them to publish the percentage of product that ends up in the hands of retail customers at full price? Do you even know whether or not not Mary Kay tracks those statistics?

    For that matter, does Mary Kay have a website where its critics are free to post their complaints, the way you’re free to post here?

    Perhaps this site doesn’t need to be more balanced, because this site IS the balance.

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