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Kelly Brock is Being Authentic Again

Over the last two years, we have watched Kelly Brock go from “top director” status in Mary Kay, to shunned former director, to business coach, and now to life coach. Every step of the way, she bragged about how much money she’s making and how authentic she is.

And every time Kelly reinvents herself into her new authentic self, I have to ask myself when the lies stop. Because you are lying to someone (yourself? us? all of the above) every time you say THIS is your authentic self.

When Kelly first left Mary Kay, she was selling business coaching services. She was teaching sales skills to women. And while I criticized her for shilling to MLM women while knowing they had almost no chance of making a living in MLM, at least she was selling something useful.

Then she made this shift to being a life coach. She’s now selling the idea of finding your purpose and your true, authentic self. Most of it is fluff. A lot of it is back to selling the dream. Kelly has been bragging about how much money she has been making as a coach and flaunting a lifestyle of travel and time freedom. She’s making women want what she has, which essentially comes down to selling nothing other than hope.

Kelly’s most recent scheme involves a tiny resort in the British Virgin Islands called The Aerial BVI. Several months ago, Kelly went to a retreat there that changed her life. And so she came up with the idea of holding her own retreat there. And she became best friends with the owners. (“Doing life,” much like they say in Mary Kay.)

All sorts of things happened. Kelly’s husband Josh quit his job and is doing some sort of entrepreneur thing that she hasn’t specifically named, but it is most likely the supplement MLM that he is shilling.

And Kelly decided to do her own retreat at Aerial BVI. So if you were a woman who was ready to find yourself, you could pay Kelly thousands of dollars for a few days on a private island to hear her woo. She had to pay a $30,000 deposit to reserve the resort for the event.

On January 1st Kelly had never been “more in God’s purpose.”

But by mid-January,  Kelly was canceling her programs to take time off for her mental health.

And by the end of January, Kelly was basically imploding. She is “ungrounded in herself” and has no idea what the heck she is doing. (But people, please pay her thousands of dollars to tell you how to be just like her!)

What will Kelly’s next “authentic” move be, and how will she sell it to women? After all, you can’t have a “big life shift” without making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars selling the same hope to others.

On a related note:

If anyone has been watching the slow implosion of Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis, it appears that Dave’s meltdown is finally complete. And Kelly Brock feels the same.


  1. Heather

    Kelly, I’m pretty sure you come to PT and you’re reading this post. Please seek professional help because so much is wrong here. As a health care professional, what keeps coming across is something incredibly unhealthy, not just for you but also for your family.

      1. Cheryl

        Rachel Hollis’ ex husband. I don’t know if she’s been mentioned here but she’s the Go Wash Your Face author. She continually plagiarizes others and then puts the blame on her staff. She is highly sought after by direct sales companies. Even the Bible App had a bible study over GWYF and it made no sense.

      2. MSgtK

        It seems like the so called NSD’s of today are psycotic. At least in the early 80’s they were professional and dressed nicely. So did the directors. Today…..I’m amazed at how out of reality they are. Run fast potential marks!

  2. AnonyMouse

    Anyone who wants to “make it” in MLM, take heed. It will take everything and leave you with nothing. No valid job skills. Nothing to put on your resume. Just a giant black hole in your soul that craves the “recognition” and “leadership” you got used to while in MLM. What, exactly, qualifies you to be a “life coach” or a “business coach”? You recruited women into an MLM and sold (I mean, bought) a crap ton of cosmetic products? You’re trying to recapture that feeling of being a “leader” and women worshipping you. You’ll spend the rest of your life chasing it and just end up in the same place over and over and over again. That’s the vicious cycle of multi level marketing.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “ Nothing to put on your resume.”

      That’s a big deal. And whatever skills she thinks she has, they seem to be about throwing some motivational word salad at women who pay her thousands for a weekend retreat.

      Sadly, I don’t believe that her supposed “skills” can translate into a real-world position at a level of “director”. Maybe this is what’s driving her and causing her anxiety: that she cannot “ pivot” into a real executive position, thus she’s left with her declining social media following and desperation to use it to reel in some income.

      Plus, while she says her hubs quit his job intentionally, if that is the case then his timing is really bad. Thus, I have a hunch that he perhaps didn’t intentionally leave to become some type of MLM entrepreneur, but instead lost his job and this is their spin.

  3. BestDecision

    Anxiety and depression? I’m going to take MK Ash’s advice and not take advice from someone with whom I’d not gladly exchange places. No wonder they’re messed up. All the faking of success, propping themselves up to drum up business, and putting on a face of excitement and enthusiasm when they aren’t authentically feeling it has to be exhausting. I was burned out from doing a lot of that in MK, and that was not counting social media. Now, that’s the primary way any of these people build their businesses. Constant posing, lighting, finding good quotes…just exhaustive in every way.

    Kelly, if your reading this, you do not need to lower yourself to this kind of life. You’re at an age and stage where full benefits are priceless to a family. Attempting to sound poetic and profound in your captions isn’t healthy on your body or your mind. Do you realize how much stability, sanity, and happiness slides out in corporate America?

    Just stop, Kelly. Be free!

  4. ihatemk

    I am sorry she is suffering from issues. I do think that probably there is a lot of overhype by her and what she is selling to others (you know you can have it all, not broken, becoming, etc) and is finding out for herself it is not reality. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors and her husband quitting her job sounds like some financial security was lost there. I think that perhaps she has discovered that what she was doing was smoke and mirrors. I don’t know if she knew that or not and she probably believed her own hype. I do hope that she can get out of this mental quagmire she is in. I don’t wish bad things to happen to anyone. I do hope that she can get out of this brain fog and perhaps get a more realistic view of life. AnonyMouse, your comments are so true. trying to “recapture” that feeling of being a “leader” and women “worshiping” you. In MK there is so much fake recognition and it only really means something to those in the pink bubble.

    1. TRACY

      Imagine the pressure. Now her husband has quit his job, she sent $30k to her pretend friends (much like MK, watch how fast they disappear when you stop paying them), and maybe her ability to keep the money coming in is faltering. She has hired a team and she owes them money, I’m sure. I wonder if Kelly has built ANOTHER financial house of cards?

  5. J

    This is sad, I hope she gets the help she needs. Her pictures are painful to look at; she looks miserable and unfulfilled in all of them. Misery dressed in a smile is still misery.

    This route I think is possibly worse than staying in mk. She left, but didn’t find a way to be rehabilitated into normal life.

  6. Juliet

    OMG Dave Hollis is moving away from social media???? OMG I don’t think I can make it five minutes without having him guiding me!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH that was sarcasm, the scream is real. How How How do these people find the most wretched of persons whose lives have been and are chaos, just cosmetically covered, and decide THIS GUY HAS IT GOING ON.

    Kelly Brock, you are suffering deep depression, I know this cause all your words ARE MY WORDS. You are deeply into it and I seriously believe its because all the wrongs of the past you have committed are coming home to roost as you gave up the Pink Koolaid and can’t escape the truth of your trail of lies for money money money OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. I am sorry to be ugly about it because I AM SO GLAD YOU HAVE A CONSCIENCE! You wouldn’t be suffering like this if you didn’t, if it was permanently encased in stone.

    The hardest, most hideous times of my emotional life are facing who I am that I do not want to be. There are so many statements that can help push me through it, but the one that has forever been with me since age 14 is FACE THE WIND. Growing up in Minnesota, Face The Wind is a pretty harsh reality at times but omg if you don’t, how will you get home without getting lost or hurt, if you cannot face the wind.

    Face the wind, Kelly, summer comes and YOUR CONSCIENCE LIVES. Praise God…….your conscience survived mary kay.

  7. Lazy Gardens

    The happier she “shows up” for her fans and family, the more “pain she is burying” and deferring to later. This is what “fake it till you make it does. This is what the toxic positivity of a cult does. And this is what a psychotic break looks like – it shatters.

  8. Dorothy G

    I have a different take away from her posts; what if this is just another fake it til you make it ploy? Perhaps she is not as successful in her business as a life coach as she pretends to be but cannot be honest about it. I’m only speculating here but there is the possibility that she had few or no bookings for that $30,000 deposit retreat. In order to appear successful and garner sympathy she posts that she has to take time for her mental health. If this is the case I am sure that she is feeling some ‘authentic’ depression because she is not as sought after as a “Leader” as she imagined. (BTW I noticed that one of her posts on Insta only had 120 likes – that number does not indicate a huge following.)

    1. Juliet

      Oh my, how wonderful a photographer just happened to catch her in this completely unposed, unintentional, incredibly SPONTANEOUS moment!!! People look like this allll the time without any intention of being photoshopped!!! Excuse me! Photographed, not shopped lololol I am nauseous

  9. Mountaineer95

    In her post, this Kelly woman states that she had at least two epiphanies regarding her ability to coach and lead: that she pushed through her issues, believing that is what “great leadership” looks like; and she miraculously “decided (that) great leadership looks like being an example to my clients.”

    …So, she launched her leadership “business” before she had the skills needed to lead? She didn’t experience these breakthroughs BEFORE she tried to convince so many MLM ladies to sign up and pay for her coaching retreats. She was already touting her expertise and capabilities well before this. Even without these significant issues undermining her credibility as a coach/mentor/whatever, she wasn’t even particularly successful in her MLM/direct selling “business”.

    In summary, here is a woman who: quit her MLM in which she wasn’t even notably successful; tried to start an elite (and by “elite” I mean expensive, not necessarily “better”) coaching “business”; and then backed away from that new project under the guise of finding herself/becoming authentic/whatever.

    Forgive me for not shelling out thousands of dollars to experience her “coaching”, “mentoring”, or “guidance”.

    My magic 8 Ball will do just fine if not better.


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