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Best Day of My Life!

How sad is it when one of the “best days of your life” is one that is associated with materialism and opportunism?

That’s exactly what the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac represents. It represents 300 or 400 women who have been taken advantage of. Who have been lied to about Mary Kay’s fake business opportunity. Who have been swindled out of their hard-earned money, and who have “invested” it in MK inventory that they will most likely never sell. And if they do sell it, it will be for little or no profit. (Just ask Chelsea Adkins.)

Last week, sales director Kirsten Simon picked up her first pink Cadillac. This is a woman who has three small children, recently graduated from nursing school, and has a relatively new marriage. But with all of those things (wedding, marriage, babies, college degree)….. it is the picking up of a pink Cadillac that is one of the best days of her life?  It’s just gross on so many levels.


  1. Ruby Slippers

    I’ve seen so many Cadillac Directors end up stepping down and becoming consultants and/or quitting all together. Ex Ali Zornes.
    If it’s so great, why isn’t it a sustainable business?
    I have a regular job that I ❤️!
    Benefits & sick time.

  2. Enorth

    “Cadillac Directors end up stepping down and becoming consultants and/or quitting all together. Ex Ali Zornes.”

    I recall how unexcited Ali looked in her Cadillac pickup video. Inside herself, she knew the truth. She left MK shortly after that and sold off her huge MK inventory at a discount.

  3. BestDecision

    And then comes the maintenance production and looming $900/month payments. Unless you have a unit producing WAY more than the minimum, the threat hits you every single month.

    And remember when we would’ve gotten scolded and shunned, never even considering wearing JEANS to pick up a car??!

    1. Enorth

      I worked with men who were boating enthusiasts. I remember one saying, “The happiest day of my life was when I bought my boat. The second happiest was when I sold it.”

      1. NayMKWay

        I’ve heard that many times, but it has always been this:

        “The day I bought a boat (or plane) was the second-happiest day of my life!

        “The happiest was when I sold the damn thing.”

        As a former plane owner, I have learned how true that really is.

      1. Mountaineer95


        Reminds me of Jamie Taylor doing the WAP dance, maybe at some sleepover she had.

        But she never hides from immature and tacky, does she?

        (Lurkers: nowhere else in the entire WORLD of business does a top .005% “executive” have their staff attend a SLEEPOVER party…nor would such an executive throw themselves a party celebrating their achievement of said “executive” position AND make the attendees pay their own way).

        1. Destiny Angel

          As the wife of a real VP, we went out to dinner, hockey and CFL matches in loges and concerts also in loges. I never went for a sleep-over in some-ones house, sure in a rented building where there were suites for each couple. The owner of the company would not have accepted anything less.

  4. Heather

    PT has highlighted over and over again how much money Cadillac directors do not make. ANY MK car is a money sink and requires you to cover copays and buy production. Kirsten would be better off using that nursing degree.

    BestDecision – the jeans thing slays me! Not only wearing jeans to pick up a car but TORN jeans! *faints*

    1. TRACY

      Correct. They get a set amount of money each month if they make the production for the level they’re at. If they don’t have enough production, they receive a reduced amount.

      1. Brainwashed no more

        Sounds like they are giving themselves a promotion by losing money… not. I knew a nat. director that took the cash. She was one of the top nationals. Didn’t take the car. Now I understand. Smart decision. Keeps more money and less debt.

        1. Heather

          I know/knew of several NSDs who have been taking the cash compensation versus the car – Dacia and her Lincoln and Lisa Madson and a convertible Lexus (that was some years ago) come to mind.

  5. Juliet

    If you contemplate the bizarre behavior of directors goading their downline to buy inventory so the director can say ”WE are a Cadillac unit!!”, “Your participation is needed so WE can get our first Cadillac!!”, it is actually terrifying and emotionally devastating.

    There is NO “we” driving the car around, or even worse, telling the downline the director will take the car, while knowing she will take THE CASH instead, so the downliners won’t even have the dubious pleasure/honor of SEEING THE DAMN CAR.


    Stalin’s regime eliminated individual identity, all existed only and solely for WE THE STATE. North Koreans have no sense of self, WE exist to serve [many many names for that bobbleheaded idiot running the horror show of a country].



  6. Mountaineer95

    “ sales director Kirsten Simon”

    I just wanted to post her name to remind us to check 6 to 12 months from now to see if she’s making production for her new Caddy, and if she is, if she’s even making minimum wage. I’m not being petty or attempting to doxx her; when she chose to post on social media that she “earned” the caddy, she also earned a place on our list of directors that might make false income claims to their sheeple. And that warrants follow-up on her actual MK earnings…because she WILL continue to recruit since she must, in order to maintain her “free” MK car.

    1. Mountaineer95

      ETA: “my FIRST pink Cadillac” (emphasis by me).

      How cute…she thinks she will “win” MORE pink Cadillacs. That copay will be a real downer when it kicks in. We can only hope she gets nursing certifications to fall back on.

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