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We Do Not Want You in Mary Kay

If you read these untuths about a wonderful company “Mary Kay” we do not want you in our company because you are just like these people that never made it and will never make it in this world! So don’t waste a person’s time coming into a company where we work and make fantastic money!

Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it! There are 3 directors in my family a National Sales Director Emeriti and we all are successful because my parents taught us how to work! Yes Work did any of you every hear that word before???

Get down on your knees and ask GOD for forgiveness for ever starting a blog like this! Iam ashamed that you ever signed an agreement to work in our company you all are a disgrace! Remember my name because i will fight with every breath I have to let people know never to click onto this site. See I am not afraid of people that hate their self God will take care of you!!!!! Praying for all of you unimportant people.


    1. Gina Romano

      Wow. I guess I never learned how to work. I remember getting up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning (before my full-time job) to get booklets, packages, samples and a daily plan together. Then after 5, I would run from work directly to an MK event or meeting. I ran myself ragged working Mary Kay and got nowhere because I had a horrible MK Director who used all the lies and manipulations. I spent a fortune on inventory and samples. I worked very hard and in the end I realized I was on nothing more than a MK hamster wheel. So kaybot, do not judge me or anyone else because it is not the Christian thing to do. With your attitude and superiority greater than thou attitude it is no wonder you fit so well into a company who preaches God but puts dollars and the destruction of people before him.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Lol, if we WERE allowed to sit at her lunch table, we’d be expected to pick up the tab. You know, small cost to be able to sit at the feet of Mary Kay royalty!

  1. BestDecision

    So, explain why all the Directors in your family aren’t NSDs yet. If they’re not all in Caddies, they make less than $48K a year.

    At least one of the years I was in a Cadillac is a year I made under the poverty level, so please don’t lecture us about not being hard workers. You don’t get into a Cadillac by accident.

    Happy to be out of that circus!

  2. Missy C

    I’ve been in the work force for 41 years, not counting about six months in 1988 when I was between industries, and even then I was teaching piano and substituting in the local school system. I double dog dare this dumb cow to call me lazy to my face.

    1. Data Junkie

      “[she] created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple-dare-you and going right for the throat!”

      Ralphie (as adult): A Christmas Story

  3. CarolAnne

    Why does everyone either sell Mary Kay or “take from the government”?

    It sounds like for this person, The Truth hurts and she’s all butt hurt over the fact that many of the people who post here are way more successful out of MK than she’ll ever be while so wrapped up in it.

    I for one, have never been impressed with how you twist God to suit your needs.

    1. Mountaineer95

      It’s funny that very few MK ladies realize that they’re actually giving MORE to the government than they should be…since, when they buy their “wholesale” products from MK, they also pay MK sales tax on the full retail value of the products, which they then very rarely actually sell at full retail. Really, how many of them try to get that tax overpayment back?

      1. Mountaineer95

        I know it’s weird to reply to my own comment, and quite awhile after this post appeared, but I was thinking again about the whole sales tax issue, and it dawned on me that one of our favorite Caddy directors might be taking a huge hit on full retail taxes (I’ll name names below, after a quick public service):

        For any lurkers or others who don’t know what I’m talking about, when you buy your MK products at the MK wholesale price, MK collects from you the sales tax of those products as if you’ll sell them at full retail. It doesn’t matter if you heavily discount the “retail” price, and it doesn’t matter if you even sell it at all. You pay the full retail sales tax at the time of your order, waaaay before you’ve sold it (and even if you never sell it).

        So I was reconsidering this tax aspect (which for me, as someone who had an actual legit retail business and had to send that sales tax check to the state every month, was something I could never ignore).

        And like a light bulb over my head, I thought of Chelsea. If her social media sales claims are even slightly honest, she moves a TON of product. But almost all of it is heavily discounted. And it’s probable that she does not go thru the hoops of getting that overpaid sales tax back from MK. So, as a guesstimate based on what we think her sales are, how much is she overpaying on sales tax?

        1. Lazy Gardens

          Some IBCs are taught to charge sales tax on the FULL retail price, even if they sell at a discount, to recoup the pre-paid tax … and that is ILLEGAL.

          But the alternative – teaching people to keep close track of sales, discounts, “gifts” and obsoleted product so they can recoup overpaid sales tax – means they will be VERY AWARE of their sales and how little sells at full retail.

  4. Destiny Angel

    “Remember my name because i will fight with every breath I have to let people know never to click onto this site. ”

    Given the number of women who “stumble” onto the site, I’m certain that your naming and shaming of it won’t be a problem. For us anyway. Bringing news of the site to waverers might shine a very bright light into the corners of MK that you should keep hidden.

    “See I am not afraid of people that hate their self God will take care of you!!!!! Praying for all of you unimportant people.”

    No hate like Christian love. Instead of praying for us, why not pray for the people of Ukraine or Syria or any other war zone. Or better still, use your time in actually doing good in your community by volunteering to help out. I’m sure it would be good for your blood pressure rather than venting anonymously.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Yay! A down vote! I feel super special that some MK hun apparently disagrees with my very mundane comment about using caps. THANK YOU KAYBOT, WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!

  5. Wasrings90

    Let’s see when I was making $7.50 an hour working at a national retailer in the receiving room for 32hrs a week I was earning way below my states poverty level. I was told to apply for the grocery help. The government you think we live off of offered me seven dollars a month for groceries as help. Congratulations to those who can live off of that, you certainly shop for for food way better than I ever could. (I didn’t take the assistance because for me $7 is not worth the time or paperwork for anyone involved)

    Honest people don’t scam the government, people who need government /community help use it when needed and are the ones mostly to volunteer to give back to community.

    1. Beeleave

      To the original poster…Thank you for adding to the Pink Truth conversation. Your message so poiniontly validates the many posts here throughout the years of the mental and emotional deception/manipulation of MK recruiters. Are you seriously claiming you would turn away a recruit ready to sign her name on the dotted line if she acknowledged to you she is a reader of Pink Truth? Ha! Lady, please! A note to the lurkers out there currently in MK or considering joining…Read this original poster’s message again. This IS your recruiter. This IS the recruiter/Director/NSD who is SO EXCITED and supportive of you. She would NEVER manipulate you or deceive you, right?. What if Mary Kay doesn’t work for you and you decide to walk away like the women who post here? You just read the rant of what’s in store for you straight from the horse’s mouth… “I am ashamed that you ever signed an agreement to work in our company you all are a disgrace! See I am not afraid of people that hate their self. God will take care of you!!!!! Praying for all of you unimportant people.”

      Welcome to Mary Kay! This is your insider look into starting something “beautiful.”

  6. Brainwashed no more

    “make fantastic money!”

    Yada Yada yada… show us the proof. “Show me the money!” This is all a part of the problem. You’re taught to lie about how much you make and how great you’re doing. Then why are you looking at pink truth? Please tell everyone about pink truth. I would appreciate that.

  7. NayMKWay

    “Praying for all of you unimportant people.”

    “Well bless her heart…” I believe is the appropriate response to someone closing with a double-barrelled insult. Clearly she feels the need to pray for us because she’s so, so much better than any of us in so many ways. And in case that message was too subtle, she ices the affrontery cake by calling us all “unimportant.”

    How sweet. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sign up under such a paragon of Christian love? The line starts after me, everyone!

  8. ihatemk

    Ok, if such FANTASTIC $$$$ is being made, we would like to see the1099. Most people in an mlm DO NOT make any $, they actually lose $. I don’t understand your comment where you say that the people on this site have never made it and will never make it in this world. What do you REALLY know about the posters on here? Some have far better jobs and make more $ than they ever did in MK. Some of the posters on here were cadillac drivers, directors, etc. What proof do you have to back up your statements? I think your statements are more reactionary than thought out. Can you please back up what you say or is this just or opinion, which I am more inclined to think. Mary Kay for most of the posters on here has been a waste of time for them. The promise of full time income for part time hours and no matter how hard some of the posters here worked MK DID NOT work for them. They had discovered the saying that “Mary Kay works when you do” was not their experience.

    Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it? Once again, I do not understand this comment. How do you know the posters on this site are on some type of assistance program and are not willing to work for what they have? Where is the proof to back up this statement. How do you know so much about these posters unless they post that about themselves. Do not assume that everyone is not willing to work for things and sometimes people do need some type of assistance, an illness may have prevented them from working, other family situations may be in they way and some people may truly need some type of assistance. Do not be so quick to judge others. Did not Jesus say to get the board out of your own eye? Just because your parents taught you to work and you have 3 directors in your family and a National Sales Director Emeriti. Does not mean that for most people that they are able to get to the higher echelons of MK. A lot of these posters did put in the hard work, but to no avail. MLMs are based on a system that is created for failure and only a very few reach the very top. I had to look up the definition of emeriti b/c I didn’t know what it meant: n. pl. e·mer·i·ti (-tī′)
    One who is retired but retains an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement. So, if that is the case am I to understand this person is retired but still holds the title of National Sales Director? The posters on this site have heard of hard work and did the HARD WORK, do not diminish their experience just b/c those in your family were able to do MK and don’t always be so sure that what they are telling you about MK is true. MK teaches those in their mlm to ALWAYS be positive and always act like they are making lots of $ and that business is just sooooo wonderful. Do not be deceived but the perception that they want you to believe, if they are truly successful in MK, more power to them, but that is not the experience for most people.

    Just b/c someone posts what THEIR experience is in the MK world does not mean they have to get down on their knees and pray for forgiveness for starting or participating in this blog. This blog is a place of healing for those that discovered MK was full of deceit and lies and learned that NO it was not them that was the failure, it was the mlm and ALL mlms use the tactics that are employed by MK. God, does not care about this blog and was it not God who instructed not to bear false witness but yet MK tells untruths, omits things, blames the consultant by saying you just didn’t work hard enuff, etc. We would like to remember your name, but sadly you didn’t leave it. You can tell people not to click on this site if you want, but haven’t you ever heard bad publicity is better than no publicity? You will just peak people’s curiosity about this site. If you are so “Christian” why are you praying for us “unimportant” people? Does not appear very Christian. Did not Christ say to love your enemies and to pray for them? The posters on here do not hate themselves and why are you threatening that “God” will take care of them? There are plenty of Christian ladies on here and those that are atheist and other religions. If you are trying to spread the Gospel you are going about it the wrong way.
    My own opinion is that perhaps you too are realizing that MK is NOT what it purports to be and are probably getting scared. If you are in MK and are starting to think that maybe the posts on here are hitting too close to home these ladies are here to support you and to hear you out and to help you get your blue check. I lot of you haters come on here to tell us just how very wrong we are and just how wonderful MK is. If you find MK so wonderful than continue w/it if you want to. Do not pass judgement on those who have found a different experience. Just b/c you didn’t experience it doesn’t mean they didn’t. Truth is truth, good, bad or indifferent.

  9. Heather

    Oh good lord *insert heavy eye roll here*. I’m pretty sure a lot of folks on this site know and understand the value of hard work.

    Let me refresh a bit here — I’m an RN. Decided to make a career change several years ago, and let me tell you, my bachelor of nursing degree was harder than my bachelor’s in electrical engineering. (My master’s degree was easier than my nursing bachelor’s!) I have worked harder than you can ever imagine, little girl, including during the covid pandemic. I continue to work my tail off, but here is the difference between you and me. I make a lot of money right now. It’s legit money, too. I don’t take work home, I don’t have to lie about what I do, and I don’t have to depend on what others do/don’t do for my paycheck. I have paid time off, paid sick, 403(b) matching money, and other benefits covered by my company. Do you? Doe your NSDE and other family members have this? Doubtful, unless they get benefits through their spouse.

    And, I can assure you that nurses are a helluva lot more important than MLM huns.

    1. BestDecision

      Perfect response! BSNs are no joke, and it’s appalling Directors pitch nursing as poverty, etc. I had way more stress in MK with a unit and offspring than I ver imagined, and I worked 7 days a week. Not necessarily appointments or events, but strategy, overthinking, checking production, answering questions, counseling the quitting.

      Look at anyone’s MK website in your zip code and notice the hours they say they work it. I got made fun of by my Senior when I told her I was leaving because she said I’d work more hours than her and make less money. Hasn’t happened that way yet! When I’m off,I’m completely off. I get paid to take off, vacation, or just rest. My retirement is growing, and my benefits are more than ample for my family and I.

      Sunday night conference calls? I’ll be reading a book or vegging while they’re strategizing the last 90 days of the year or trying to convince a customer to sign. Happy life!

  10. JM

    So glad to be away from these brainwashed, unchristian-like, crazies! They all sound deranged, like those at the Capital insurrection. Similar kind of brainwashing.
    She’ll wake up one day. My director, other reps on her team and myself all “quit”. We quit being poor and buying up merch to store in our closets in order to win a ribbon or help our director keep the caddy.
    How can she sleep at night, manipulating so many?

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