When Your Husband Isn’t Enough

I’ve been watching the life and business of former Mary Kay “top director” Kelly Brock for a couple of years now. She left MK in late 2019 to start her coaching business. At first I was mostly excited for her. She seemed to have good knowledge about selling that she was teaching to women. But I was disappointed that she was targeting women in MLM, given that she knows the full truth of the MLM hamster wheel.

Kelly eventually got real about how Mary Kay almost ruined her marriage. And how MK sucks the life out of you. Over time her business transitioned, with Kelly speaking her authentic voice. And then being authentic. And then telling us that NOW she’s being authentic.

As Kelly is busy shilling her “Peaceful Performer” and “Conscious LeadHER” coaching on Instagram with all sorts of “vulnerable” stories, it gets interesting but also sad. She does open up to the reality of Mary Kay from time to time (without naming or blaming the company, because she wouldn’t want to offend any potential customers).

But this is where it gets sad for me: when she talks about her husband Josh. They’ve been together since they were really young. Several months ago Josh quit his job. (No idea what that was.) Kelly now refers to him as an entrepreneur as he shills for a diet drink MLM. And he is in mixed martial arts, which seems to be his preferred “career.”

This was made possible because Kelly is making a bunch of money with her coaching business. I think it’s great if he was able to quit a job that was unfulfilling, etc. But it’s the way that Kelly talks about all of this that makes me sad.

The last one is the one that gets me. Kelly tells the world that her husband has been wasting his life. WASTING HIS LIFE. And that she prayed for him to change for 20 years. How sad that you are with someone for 20 years and want them to be something different.

Why not just tell the world that your husband was a terrible parent and you were basically parenting your two kids alone for years?

And then there is this…. She talks about “the most magical thing” she has ever experienced. Kelly is referring to her retreat on the private Aerial Island BVI.

Think about that. The most magical thing she ever experienced was not meeting her husband, marrying her husband, giving birth to either of her two children, raising a family with her husband, or anything of the sort. It was running off to an island in the Caribbean with a bunch of other women and putting their hands over their hearts for a weekend.

How many different ways can Kelly Brock humiliate her husband on social media? She thinks she is being so real, authentic, and vulnerable. And I guess she does this because it works to sell her coaching. But it’s so sad to begin with that for 20 years your husband wasn’t enough for you. it’s even sadder that you have to expose that to the world in order to sell your wares.

And just for fun…. Several weeks ago Josh was in Poland helping to rescue Ukrainian orphans with a foundation run by Kelly’s friends. I think the work is great. But Kelly’s priority after he got home from this long and dangerous trip was to set up her phone and take a time lapse video of them talking so she could use it for an IG story.



  1. Wow Tracy, you are right, this IS very sad. And waaay TMI to be sharing about her marriage IMO. Rather than help her grow her coaching business (which I’m guessing is the point of all this) she might destroy her marriage.

    Not just based on these posts, but cumulatively the many ones of hers that you’ve shared with us, it seems she may be really struggling with some mental health issues. I hope she can find a professional to talk to and ultimately get to a “better place” in her head and heart.

    • I clicked on one of the links from previous posts about her, and saw something interesting in the comments under the “Mary Kay Ruins Marraiges” post from April 2020. A member simply named “J” made this comment:

      “I think she has a limited audience because for those outside of the pink fog, her lack of authenticity jumps off the page and screams scam.“

      Hmm…being called out for a lack of authenticity and then later proclaiming to be her most authentic self…could it be that she read those comments?

  2. She does appear to suffer from mental illness of some type. There is a constant need to over share on social media. Her husband must feel so defeated. Imagine being intimate with this woman, living with her daily. And being treated like a babysitter. He might be a very decent dad but can’t live up to her unrealistic Pinterest parenting goals so he’s always falling short in her eyes.

  3. Apologies in advance, a sob story of someone who needs therapy at a minimum. MK preys on the vulnerable and narcissistic people. MK has their kardashians…. SMH

    • This. What screenshots we’ve seen here scream narcissism. I can’t imagine posting all these intimate details online about my husband and our family just to chase clout. That’s so damaging to her husband and children.

  4. “Several weeks ago Josh was in Poland helping to rescue Ukrainian orphans with a foundation run by Kelly’s friends. I think the work is great. ”

    I hope he went with a reputable group. There’s been reports of missionaries trying to convert fleeing refugees at the borders and some groups trying to remove “orphans” without the correct paperwork. Or any paperwork at all. The Polish government had to step in at least once.

  5. Mk can ruin a marriage by infantilizing and not respecting men. The message is the mk rep is more important and mk comes first. This is one example.
    I’ve gotten advice from directors to make sure after meetings to have personal time with your husband. That way he’d want you to go the next meeting.
    I’ve heard Fry an onion in a pot for him to think that something is cooking.
    I’ve heard the husband secret plan to get more products or inventory from the mk customer/ consultant. This is using cash here, a few credit cards there, etc.
    These manipulations affect the most important relationship of life partners or spouses. Horribly manipulation is used on the woman and her husband in different ways.

  6. So she was thinking her husband was wasting his life for 20yrs and as a life coach didn’t try to help him realize he can change his career, life, hobbies, or whatever ….

    She seems to be awful at this life coaching stuff….

    My goodness my husband was downsized from his IT job, his first day back after we returned from a vacation. He picked up more hours at his other job that sells items for his favorite past time, and about a week later he came home and asked if I minded if he just worked at the hobby job until he decides what he wants to do next. My answer was I don’t mind at all, he loves it he enjoys going to work and he is much happier and fulfilled doing this over being in IT. I can’t imagine the freak out a MK lady would have over this, as his job was the main income in our home, but thankfully we don’t live too much beyond our means, and I am no longer in an MLM spending money helping others to say they are millionaires….

    • awwww Wasrings90 that is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing such a great part of your life!

  7. “She thinks she is being so real, authentic, and vulnerable.”

    I’m afraid she IS being real and authentic. She truly has no respect for her husband. My husband was an active addict for the first 30 years we were together. I wasn’t waiting for him to sober up, not at all, I did not expect he ever would. But I so desperately wished he would because when he was sober, he was my best friend. When he was drunk/using, I could not stand him. My rage at his addictions was because they took away from me the man I liked and loved. When he chose sobriety on his own, 10 years ago this month, I was given the gift of having at last the person who I find so wonderful.

    So for all those years, I wanted the real hubby. For all these years, Kelly has wanted someone else other than who her husband is? God this is so sad. I am only basing this off of assuming no addictions, etc., which may be wrong. So if I am totally wrong, I apologize, but sadly it has not been wrong in other cases.


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