The Truth About the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

Mary Kay plants fluff pieces with the media to hype the company. Mary Kay’s public relations department sends out press releases and contacts reporters in hopes of getting television and print media coverage. This, of course, fuels the constant push to recruit new consultants.

Mary Kay is one of the most predatory multi-level marketing companies I have seen. I like to call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The company pretends that it “empowers women,” when in truth it is nothing but a leech which sucks millions of dollars out of women’s wallets each year. Mary Kay pretends to offer a business opportunity, knowing full well that almost everyone involved will lose money, because it is nothing but a glorified pyramid scheme which our government allows to operate.

The best marketing tool ever created was the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac. Everyone in the U.S. knows that a pearly pink Cadillac is a “sales incentive” for Mary Kay Ladies. What they don’t know is the harsh reality of the Cadillac drivers: They make relatively little money. I estimate that the typical Cadillac driver makes about $30,000 per year after business expenses, which includes the value of the Cadillac.

This estimate assumes that the sales director’s unit does the minimum production required for Cadillac status. If she does not meet the minimum, the picture is even worse. In that case, the Mary Kay director has a “co-pay”… which means she has to pony up some cash for the car. Then you can figure her income each year would be more like $20,000 to $25,000 (again after business expenses and including the value of the Cadillac).

While most of the Cadillac drivers are struggling to maintain the minimum production required to keep the Cadillac, the company reaps the benefits of the rolling billboards. What a great marketing ploy! The general public sees these status symbols, doesn’t know that most driving them are making little money, assume the women are raking in six figure incomes, and Mary Kay looks like a fantastic opportunity.

There are currently about 1,300 pink Cadillacs on the road in the United States. That means of the 500,000 consultants in America, 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) are in Cadillacs.

Watch the video below to see me explain the Cadillac con. The video is old, but the facts are still the same.


    • I’d like to see the video. The link isn’t showing.

      I live in a small town and we have a woman who drives a pink caddy. She’s been on a local nonprofit board with my husband. He doesn’t have a good impression of her. She comes across pushy and not authentic.

      I can’t believe that she makes much because MK doesn’t seem to have a big presence here. At the local festivals, it’s always the same few women offering a “free” drawing from a prize which I’m sure everyone wins something. My guess is that she purchased the Caddy and isn’t really a Cadillac unit.

      • Locally, we have one pink caddy minimum-wage earner. It’s a smaller SUV (so, not the huge beast that Dacia voluntarily “turned down” if she had an Escalade, right?) with an Ohio vanity tag that reads “YES U CAN”. Is that an income claim? 😉

        Off topic but we also had a local real estate listing in which I noticed a photo of a basement room filled with MK crap and I linked it here a few months ago…the husband is a doctor, not sure if the wife did anything outside of her MK hobby, and the house won’t sell. They relisted it recently and the MK product filling that basement room seems to have been removed…but they added a new garage pic that shows MK boxes stacked up. While I don’t know their reason for selling the home, I DO know that somebody in that house dabbled in a Mary Kay “business”.

        • “ She comes across…not authentic.”

          Oh! We can help her with that! She just needs to check out the link below. But it’s possible that Kelly Brock will want to charge a coaching fee if she learns to be her “authentic self” due to what she learns from the link. While I don’t have the details handy, I believe Kelly’s coaching rates are through the roof…like refinancing your home to pay for it rates.

  1. the car is now passe, unless you are well into the MK dream machine. In 1960s car ownership for women was a big deal.

    1. ugly
    2. many car models/colors abound
    3. take the money not the car,
    4. then you have MK insurance to deal with which includes production missed huge car payment.
    5. car = mental and sales bondage until it is purchased outright, then your peers in MK have newer models..
    and on and on…..

  2. I used to work for a local TV Station, the last thing the news director and station manager ever wanted to cover was someone getting a pink cadi for selling makeup, even on the slowest news days (and in our area there were many) we would run a piece from a national story over having to waste the resources to cover that. The only way to get it covered would be if the sales lady was a wife of one of the NFL players… Which they never were….

    • That’s so interesting because in my limited time in MK, the director (or Applause) made it sound like the news would just LOVE to do a piece about someone picking up their pink Cadillac. Shocker, someone in Mary Kay is lying.

    • If I am remembering correctly, Mary Kay pays for the registration and maintenance (at the dealership), and contributes to insurance payments. I don’t know how that changes if the director lapses in production.

      • Insurance is through a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mary Kay … and it’s more expensive than if you put the car on your own insurance as a second vehicle.

  3. Tracy has presented a very well-explained and well-supported Mary Kay FACT: that most Cadillac directors barely make minimum wage. She’s provided links above, replete with substantial evidence (ie Applause figures) from MK Corporate itself to very clearly support this position.

    Why does she, and this site, have to keep beating this dead pink horse? I swear, all of these Mary Kay supporters act like little kids who shove their fingers in their ears and scream “na na na I CANT HEAR YOU” when the basic and provable FACTS about the sham are presented maturely and with proof.

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