When one multi-level marketing company doesn’t work out, Monique Vallair Anthony moves onto the next!

Word on the street is that Amy Dunlap, former Mary Kay national sales director who sued MK on her way out of the company and exposed how little money NSDs actually make, is helping Monique quietly recruit her MK downline over to Vasayo.

Amy has a lot of experience doing this. She left MK for Isagenix in 2012. Then a couple of years ago Amy left Isagenix to go to Vasayo, at which she’s now “black diamond” level. (Huge LOL for the silly level names in all MLMs.)

Monique’s contract with Mary Kay prohibits her from trying to lure MK directors and consultants to a new MLM for two years after she leaves (whether she leaves voluntarily or not). That means Monique and Amy are “being creative” to get those MK people signed up for Vasayo and flying under the radar of Mary Kay legal.

Lets discuss our favorite felon on this fine Friday! Bonus points if anyone can find the new social media accounts Monique secretly has.

Here’s her profile on Vasayo’s site:


  1. Well, sure, they didn’t give a hoot that a CONVICTED FELON was one of the faces of their company while she was making them boatloads of money off the backs of her downline, but luring their aphid cows to another rosebush? That’s actionable!

    (Aphids are insects that suck the sap out of plants. As this sap is mostly water and under pressure inside the plant, it goes right through them and accumulates in a droplet of so-called “honeydew” at the aphid’s aft end. There is still enough nutrition left in the honeydew that some species of ants will actually protect the aphids from predators so that they can just sip the honeydew off the aphid’s behind instead of foraging for food. Miracle of nature, yo.)

  2. They are all serial con artists.

    And all the people who goozed over MK and its opportunity can be sooo easily swayed as soon as one of these career criminals dangles a carrot.

  3. Out of curiosity I looked at the Vasayo website. $64.95 for a month’s worth of a daily vitamin supplement that has the exact same stuff at the plain old multivitamins you can buy for $11.99 / 100 at CVS. Of course the CVS ones aren’t labeled with meaningless buzzwords like “organic” and “superfood.” Oh, yeah, and they don’t have to pay for the commissions of everyone on the pyramid.

    • I got publicly attacked on the town’s FB page for not supporting a supplements hun because I agreed with the town not allowing anything other than food farmed locally or crafts made from the same, so wines, cheeses, candies etc. at the local farmers’ market.

      The local Herbalife hun joined in ( grab your pearls and head for your fainting couches) when I said I preferred to spend $10 CDN/a basket from the local organic farm for my weekly fruit and vegetables needs. I was accused of supporting the wrong kind of woman owned small business…sighs.

      Sadly my produce pusher stopped farming last year, but since there is now only me, I didn’t bother to look for a replacement but just head out to the local farmers’ market when I’m after in season produce.

  4. So this new MLM must not follow the Mary Kay rules of skirts and heels, right? I mean, she’s got to hide that ankle monitor prize she won via probation, right? In what car is she driving around her potential recruits? Is the loan on it in her real name, or her alias, or her OTHER alias, or some other fictional person she used to fraudulently get the loan?

    I don’t know much about this new MLM she’s with but they obviously must be a bottom-tier one (I know that ALL MLMs are bottom-tier companies but I’m suggesting this one must be one of the worst of them) to take on Mary Kay rejects. Lol, not just rejects, but blatantly fraudulent rejects with their own Pink Truth posts that show up atop a Google search of the name! Gotta get some new aliases, No-nique!

    Now I will anxiously await my Ridiculous Downvote ™!

    • Also lol at “Monique’s contract with Mary Kay prohibits her from (XYZ)”…she shows ZERO respect for, or adherence to, any type of contract…to her they’re just pieces of paper with no meaning or obligation (see her fraudulent history in previous posts for proof). While I don’t wish to ever see Mary Kay win any legal case, I might actually enjoy watching what happens if MK sues her over this. She cost them a substantial amount of credibility (thanks to Tracy and PT for exposing the story) so I could see them going after her. Where’s that *eating popcorn* emoji?


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