Mary Kay Inc. is offering 60% off all products to consultants today, and today only. This is a curious turn of events. I can’t remember MK ever reducing the wholesale cost of products to consultants. Now to be clear… this is 60% off suggested retail, rather than the usual 50% off suggested retail.

I wonder if this is a test run to see just how much unnecessary ordering Mary Kay can encourage? If it’s successful, I would expect to see this happen a couple of times a year in the future. I’ve always said that MK is a MASTER of finding ways to get consultants to order more (even when they don’t need it), and this may be another one of those genius ideas.

Of course, directors are worried about the consultants who just placed orders. I’m sure the response will be to tell them to order again and stock up (even more)!


  1. Lesli S. Williams Kottkamp: Be grateful for what they give us!!

    Arrrgh, how many times did I have that line aimed at me as a kid when I’d ask for something and get told I should be happy enough to have a house to live in and clothes and food and don’t be greedy and arrrrrgh. All it did was make me feel like poop and made me afraid to ask for anything.

    And the “florest” can mark down their flowers because they bought them wholesale from a vendor and applied the appropriate markups, so that they can still make some profit if they sell them at clearance. And I’ll bet the “florest” didn’t try to get you to buy up a thousand dollars worth of flowers to sell to others at twice what you paid, and maybe recruit some other people to buy flowers and pay you depending on how many flowers they buy.

    When I worked retail there was a huge problem with people buying an item, then returning and rebuying it when it went on sale or a coupon came out (the store I worked at was absolutely stupid with coupons). I bet Ms Oh Be Grateful up there would be first in line to do that while telling the cashier to be grateful that they have customers at all }:(

    • My friend, who just recently sent back her inventory, got a text from the senior sales director and said oh there’s a 60% off sale blah blah blah. she obviously doesn’t know that she sent her inventory back. I’m sure she’ll find out soon enough!

    • That comment made me sad. That’s a woman who’s been told not to question what she’s been given, never to ask for more, and to be grateful her entire life. This is why MLMs are successful predominently among women (though I know there are dude MLMs as well) – because we’ve been shamed unless we’re “being grateful”

      • “This is why MLMs are successful predominently among women (though I know there are dude MLMs as well) – because we’ve been shamed unless we’re “being grateful””

        I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Not that you’re saying this, but it bothers me when people suggest that women are the main targets. When men make this comment, I feel like they are insinuating that we’re dumb enough to fall for it, especially SAHMs or “bored housewives”. Grrrr.

        When we can acknowledge that MLM isn’t really about selling makeup, etc., but rather a cult to move money, it makes more sense that both are susceptible.

        MLM, multi-level marketing, is a system that targets both men and women equally worldwide. In fact, Dubai, UAE is likely the MLM capital of the world. MLM isn’t a particular company or a particular product; it’s a method to collect and distribute money using deception.

        Men are just as likely to become brainwashed MLM cult members!

        Why am I such a stickler about this? It is important to also warn men, and dispel the myth that we women are the only easy dupes. If people think it’s only about makeup, oils, and ugly clothes, men could get blindsided when presented with an MLM “opportunity” like: insurance, fake crypto, forex, telephone subscriptions, music, sales banners, engine performance enhancers, internet surfing, etc., etc.. All these examples have used the MLM system to scam money out of people, especially friends and family.

        *Note that the DSA and any article/study suggesting it’s mostly women are not looking at the full picture. Again, MLM is not a specific company.

        **Please forgive the preachy info, but we have to get the correct message out there.

        ***Of course, any MLM company that uses lure products that appeal to women will have mostly women members. These seem to be the ones that make Reddit and anti-MLM YouTube, but there are thousands more targeting men, or both, that don’t.

  2. Alicia MK My consultants who have ordered recently will receive free product from me. Lots of it. I have plenty of inventory, no sweat.

    How does Alicia have plenty of spare inventory to gift to her consultants? I though it flew off the shelves.

  3. To paraphrase
    Sondra Covey Weaver: Wow! Consultants must have ordered a lot in November, so MK is running this promotion to get them to order in December too.
    Marilyn Safko Costic: No, it was the same old winter product line and consultants still have a ton of that from last year.

    In other words, MK has to do something to get this stuff out of their warehouses. And of course, it’s all about the ordering. If these products sold well, consultants wouldn’t still have them in inventory from last year.

    Then there’s Alicia MK: If one of my consultants just ordered and missed out on the sale, I’ll give her free product out of my enormous inventory.

    I guess Alicia MK knows that she’s never going to sell all the stuff she’s ordered, so she might as well give it to one of her consultants so it can sit on the consultant’s shelf instead.

    • Marilyn Safko Costic said the quiet part out loud & I love it!

      “So it can sit on the consultant’s shelf instead”- hahahaha. So true, but hilarious how you worded it.

  4. Consultants are so angry, the directors are giving them free product from their own inventory, money from their own pockets. Trying to make up for how their multi-billion dollar corporation “blessed” them with a surprise one-day discount.

    On the bright side, it’s an opportunity for directors to get rid of the MK Men’s Beard Oil and Beard Wash sitting on their shelves.

    • I can’t imagine any man wanting to use a “Mary Kay” product. The name alone is just so “unmanly”.
      If I were a man, I’d go for products that have a masculine, cool, edgy, sophisticated name and image, not something from a brand that everyone associates with “makeup”, “old ladies” and the color “baby pink”. It doesn’t get any more unmanly than that!!

  5. Just what a consultant needs…more product! These folks are delusional. Ordering (and getting credit for ordering) is what drives MK recognition. Getting free product from the up-line does nothing to help the consultant’s MK standing, and only helps the consultant’s bottom line if they can sell it. They already have more product than they can sell. If getting product at a discount was helpful, a consultant would shop GOOB sales on eBay, and load up that way. Mary Kay would never know!

    Here’s a thought experiment for you: If a Mary Kay consultant got ALL of her product for free…could she actually make a living selling Mary Kay? Especially if following all other Mary Kay rules…no advertising, no direct website etc.? Is there really enough of a demand for this stuff that, with no product cost at all, a consultant has a chance of making any real money selling to F+F?

    If the answer is no, it shows that recruiting really is the only way to make any real money in Mary Kay…and even then, only for the very tippy top (0.4%) of the pyramid.

  6. But but but but but I thought you were all small business owners who got to make your own decisions in your businesses and no big greedy corporate company was telling you what to do….

  7. FURTHERMORE, if this alleged “billion dollar company” can mark down and give away so much product, and still claim major profits, I would have serious questions about how much I’m paying them “wholesale” and “suggested retail”. Ya’ll are being lied to, MK consultants.

  8. You ALL know what will happen in the spring, don’t you? Mary Kay will roll out either lots of new products or new designs of containers making the current product obsolete. Or, Mary Kay will be repackaging products and so all of the current packaging won’t look like the Look Books. All of the people who buy now will have this old product/packaging sitting on their shelves and will have to order all new soon.

    • Why didn’t I think of that? The black compacts have been around since 2008 or 9. Of course that’s probably what’s happening.

  9. Notice the Director at the bottom incurring costs to GIVE AWAY her own inventory to satisfy her disgruntled unit. And other Directors having to make excuses for MK Inc.

    This smells so similar to the great TimeWise fiasco just after June 30. New formula, no notice, and overnight discontinued shelves. MK does not care AT ALL for these people just like they didn’t us then!

    • “This smells so similar to the great TimeWise fiasco just after June 30. New formula, no notice, and overnight discontinued shelves. MK does not care AT ALL for these people just like they didn’t us then!”

      But, but, but, this is what companies do to keep their customers buying. They are in business to profit, and they have employees they need to pay.

      I wonder if Mary Kay gives Christmas bonuses and has a catered company party? Anyone know?

        • Lol, That is indeed what I meant. I figured it was obvious, but I shouldn’t have assumed. It’s funny if you Google working at Mary Kay, especially Glassdoor. You get a whole bunch of consultomers commenting. Roll eyes.

  10. I’ve experienced this 60% off sale before… and yes- it’s right before a major product packaging change of something. So infuriating!

    Sadly… a lot of consultants will purchase way more than they should/need… because they will be told that you’ll be missing out on that extra 10% profit. (which doesn’t matter if it never sells…)

    SO GLAD I’M OUT! Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. The ad placed by MK and that NSD’s social media post are really misleading. “Pay only $225 and pick out $563 in product.” There’s Mary Kay math, again. Normally you pay $225 & get $450 in “retail” product. They say you’re getting $340 free, but it’s really just $113 free.

    Like NayMKWay said B.F.D.

    And, no one ever sells at full retail price, so the $563 number is just bogus, anyway. They might as well make up any retail number they want, because so little products get sold at full retail price.

    I wonder if there’s an upper limit on this 10% off.

  12. “Pay only $225”

    I spend $200-300 on makeup/skincare in a YEAR… and these nutters spend that amount (or more) every other MONTH.
    Seriously, where exactly to broke stay at home moms get this kind of money to keep ordering month after month after month?

  13. I remember when they had a huge sale on the miracle set or whatever it was called and then poof it was changed.


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