New Consultant Can’t Sell Mary Kay Products

A new Mary Kay consultant is feeling “totally defeated” because no one wants her products.

But it must be HER fault, right? Because Mary Kay is HUGE company. Bigger than MAC! (Except the truth is that MAC sells over $1 billion to actual customers.)

Too bad this woman doesn’t realize that Mary Kay’s real customer is the consultant, and tons of the products sold just end up in landfills.

But someone is making it clear that it’s Leshea’s own fault if she’s not selling. After all, this is Twanda’s SEVENTH time in Mary Kay.

But that’s okay… you can spend MORE money to buy a course from a Mary Kay director that will tell you how to be successful.

We already knwo that over 99% of people who get involved in MLM will lose money. It’s just a matter of how much they will lose. But if you come forth with your concerns… that things aren’t going the way you were told they would (if you do this, then you will sell products), it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.


  1. And according to PinkTruth supersleuth parsonsgreen, Michele Carpenter Harken’s comments were deleted and she was banned from the group for posting that link to Brittne Ash’s app. Because all glory, and most importantly all money, must go to MKorp!!!

    Tell me again about this pink sisterhood of lifelong friends sharing love and support, doing life together?

  2. Oh, yes, and if MK is the multibillion dollar juggernaut they claim they are, why won’t they post their financial data? Come on, MKorp, don’t be shy. Prove to us how you’re stomping MAC and all those other upstarts into the dust!

  3. Marisol Of course, say it nicer. we are not ugly to no-one. 💕

    Also Marisol Not women that are bitter and ugly to you like that.

    Just be rude about your potential clientele behind their backs.

    • How dare you lazy losers claim the company’s at fault?
      You didn’t work your business so nothing’s in your vault.
      Don’t you know that sales are not for everyone?
      Our products sell themselves – go and ask anyone!

      Ohhhh, you’re lying lazy losers, and your failure’s all your fault!
      How dare you spread these lies and imply that we’re a cult?
      Go live your boring loser lives while we the huns exult!
      Because it’s allll youuuuur fauuuuult! It’s allll youuuuur fauuuuult!

      We’re a bunch of BossBabes, every one a CEO!
      We can take this business as far as we want to go!
      Cheap jewelry and an ugly suit’s a reward and not a goad
      I’m still a director even if my Caddy’s towed.

      Ohhhh, you lying lazy losers, you know your failure’s all your fault!
      How dare you spread these lies and imply that we’re a cult?
      Suffer liver spots and wrinkles while we the huns exult!
      Because it’s allll youuuuur fauuuuult! It’s allll youuuuur fauuuuult!

      You’re just weak and stupid if you bought an inventory.
      My sisterhood all wept and clapped when I shared my “I Story”!
      Those Pink Truth lazy losers are so mean and make me cry.
      But at least they distract me from my credit debt so high.

      Ohhhh, those lying lazy losers who claim that it’s all MK’s fault!
      But what if they’re not spreading lies and we really are a cult?
      But I’m scared to say it, and who can I consult?
      My sister directors will just say it’s allll youuuuur fauuuuult!


    • Alanis Morrisette has a angry line in of her songs :”I couldn’t help it. It’s all your fault.”

        • I despise “Ironic” because it’s anything but, and I feel like Alanis is smarter than that song (she was young, not sure it was her choice). But “Hands Clean” is one of my all time faves and I can see it applying to a cornucopia of situations, leaving an MLM included.

  4. $49 for the course and she has to wait for payday LOL. Shes the CEO of her own company, CEOS dont need to wait for payday LOL LOL

    • And if money’s so tight that $49 is a strain, about the absolute worst thing she can do with it is spend it on anythng to do with MK.

  5. it appears that Lesheah, Marisol, Twanda, Vicky, Michelle and Renita have not yet discovered that selling is not part of the Mary Kay corporate business plan. Nothing in the compensation plan rewards actual selling of the product. Recruiting and getting down-line recruits to order is what powers the Mary Kay machine. These are the activities to which all consultant and director rewards are tied. Selling is simply not recognized.

    Due to market saturation and the outrageous price of the products, outside selling in MLM is almost entirely limited to pity purchases by F+F. Selling any MLM product to total strangers is nearly impossible. Sadly, making money through recruiting is nearly impossible as well, in spite of the incentives involved.

    Best to liberate oneself from financial dependency on F+F and get a real job. Everyone will be happier for it.

  6. “buy a course from a Mary Kay director”

    Brittne Ash is no longer a director. According to the Consultant Locator, she’s an IBC.

    From her LinkedIn page:
    “Brittne is an Instagram Marketing Coach and Trainer. She has also been a Mary Kay consultant for over 10 years, is a former sales director, has built a customer base of over 800 customers, and has earned the use of 2 company career cars. She now specializes in helping Mary Kay consultants discover how to WORK LESS and ACHIEVE MORE through digital strategies and social media marketing!”

    (Didn’t MKC terminate Cadillac-driving SSD Michelle Cunningham for selling her own Direct Sales training courses, CDs, etc.?)

  7. I think the whole ‘help me out’ thing that MK consultants tend to do is very off putting and tacky. They claim MK is a real business. Do real businesses ever ask their customers to help them out? No, they have a product people want at a price people are willing to pay for it. I don’t think Starbucks or Sephora will last very long if their sales people tried to lure customers into the store to ‘help them to meet a goal’. Manipulating relationships to get business shows that the ‘business’ is a scam and that the products don’t ‘sell themselves’. Asking people to help you is charity, not business and super tacky. I would certainly be annoyed at a friend who want me to give up my time to listen to a high pressure sales pitch so SHE can get a free gift. And she is wondering why people are laughing at her.

    • Such a good point! What’s even more sinister, imo, is they use the “help me out” line to get you to talk to a director/ do an interview or to get you to agree to a facial or party. They generally don’t use that line to make a sale, in my experience.

      They use some really sneaky tactics like “asking for feedback on the marketing plan”, offering free gifts, or “help out your consultant” line to get people to listen to the recruiting spiel. People don’t really know what they’re agreeing to when they agree to listen to listen to a recruiting pitch.

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