Ten Reasons to Leave Directorship

Written by Raisinberry

Being a Mary Kay director is hard! When you’re in DIQ, they tell you to just push through and work your face off. THIS is the hard part, they say. It gets easier after this. Not true. Every month is DIQ all over again when you’re a Mary Kay sales director. You’re constantly trying to recruit and get initial inventory orders so you can make production. (Yes, most of the sales directors struggle to make the minimum monthly production on a consistent basis.)

I know you’ve thought about “stepping down” from directorship many times. The two main reasons women don’t quit: pride and blame. They have to much pride to look like a failure to their sister directors. Or they blame themselves (rather than this corrupt system) for not doing more, being more, and making more money.

It’s an ugly cycle. And Mary Kay has deliberately designed the system to make you keep running in circles and not giving up. But you’ve thought about it. And here are my top ten reasons you should leave directorship…

10. No longer having to attend the annual clap and cry session in Dallas, awarding women for their ability to use multiple credit cards.

9. Not having to present a false picture of your Mary Kay life on social media. No need to pretend you’re making tons of money. No need to say you’re so excited about the same old promotions. No more “challenges” that you need a few women to participate in.

8. To develop intelligent language skills to replace, “awesome! dream big! pink hugs!love and belief!, fake it till you make it!, you bring about what you think about! and restore normal, thoughtful communication.

7. To be able to take vacations without warm chatting the lifeguards, the servers, the staff at the hotel front desk, and anyone else you run into.

6. To return to month end civility and allow your family members to stop hiding in closets. No more frantic phone calls, emails, or text messages looking for orders from customers or team members.

5. To regain your status as a cherished friend instead of the person who is constantly posting about their MLM on social media.

4. To wear a normal amount of makeup and jewelry. No normal person wears multiple pieces of fake jewelry on a daily basis, and the amount of lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and blush worn by the Mary Kay diehards is embarrassing.

3. You are getting too good at lying. (And you might not even know it!)

2. To stop the month end mental anxiety attacks from splitting unnecessary orders among three credit cards, figuring out commission at 9%, 13% and bonus against what this order will cost, saving the unit yet again with the debate to never do this again…

And the Number One reason to get out of Directorship…

1.To break the cult manipulation over your soul that has kept you circling the drain in a punctured pink life raft.


  1. Not to mention how happy your friends and family we be…so long as you don’t just jump to another MLM!

    • Exactly. You either are an MLMer, or you aren’t an MLMer. It doesn’t matter what, who, or where you commit the act. MLM is a system with one definition; it’s not a company or a product. Understand this and you will save yourself a lot of time and money – unless you’re a skilled scammer willing to perpetuate lies to: friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, foes, people you bullied in high school, strangers, the elderly, and special needs individuals. Am I forgetting anyone?

    • What put MLM on my radar was the Discovery Channel documentary “The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe”. Much like here it featured people who’d been total LuLaRoe devotees and got screwed over majorly by the system, along with various experts to explain the complicated numbery stuff.

      One woman wound up declaring bankruptcy (and clearly didn’t lie on her paperwork, unlike MK NSD Mia Mason Porter, since it was approved) and yet she was selling nail strips for another MLM. She showed off her vast stock of nail strips and bragged about how she had almost every design.

      Never have I wanted to reach into the TV and dope-slap some sense into someone than right at that moment.

      I mean, nail strips were a Life Changing Revelation for me and I love ’em, but I sure as heck don’t buy ’em from an MLM.

      • Pop… I’ve been interested in nail strips- what brand do you purchase.. and where do you find them at? Like you- I don’t ever want to give another dime to anything MLM related.

        • I also love nail strips and I love Dashing Dive and Lily and Fox. I’m also, strangely, a big fan of B Color nail strips that sell at dollar tree. With a good too coat they last about a week for me. And I’ve been known to buy the Chinese brands bulk packs from Amazon- just check the reviews, but they have amazing designs and last about a week too.

        • I use Dashing Diva Gloss strips and I get them from their website www . dashingdiva . com because they have free shipping and a rewards program. You can get them at Ulta, too.

          They have a few different product lines. Gloss are the regular nail strips that don’t need UV light and I prefer them because my natural nails are really brittle and removing gel polish or strips does a number on them.

          They are also cruelty-free and vegan if that matters.

  2. To be able to meet people where they are, as they are, with no other agenda. Maybe you’ll make a friend. Maybe you’ll part ways at the end of the conversation and never speak again. But you don’t have to worry about selling them anything or finding another recruit. Your communication can be pure again.

    • Yep, you can compliment a stranger on her great shoes/blouse/hairdo and brighten her day a little, instead of ruining it by trying to force The Opportunity down her throat.

    • ^^^ THIS!

      Thanks Frosty for phrasing this perfectly. I love talking to people, love meeting new people and the freedom to do so now without expecting/hoping for anything in return, is wonderful! Just being kind to someone and seeing a smile on their face is priceless.

  3. Look how many try and try over and over again despite the piled up boxes in the basement.. They know if they don’t repeat DIQ, they will be exiled from the sorority

  4. Damn. This is a good piece. When I wrote for this Blog, I held back, because my offspring Directors might see these pages, I didn’t want them to recognize our area’s drama. Think about what a juggling expose this was-. The day you discover you have been repeating everything your upline has downloaded into your head, it is a tragic rude awakening…and that realization, can’t help but adjust the way you conduct a Unit meeting or conduct an interview, meaning, the truth might curtail recruitment…and inspiring growth.

  5. Wow, 5, 6, and 9 are timely. I have a relative who has been in this for seven years now. I first found PT after falling for the initial “50 faces” challenge/interview thing and feeling creeped out. I have watched her progression and it has been pretty much as described here. I keep hoping her time in MK is winding down and she will come to her senses and leave this since she has never earned that car or anything. (Admittedly, I buy stuff even though I know better so I am part of the problem). Before MK, I would drop everything when she called because it would be actual important family news, or just a privilege to catch up because life is so busy, but either way, it was REAL life and a real connection. Now, I have to let her calls go to voicemail because too many “urgent” calls from her have turned out to be invitations to “hop on a zoom call” or be her “guest” for something, or to hear something she is “excited about.” (Anyone who reads PT has probably experienced the disappointment of thinking you are going to hear great news and finding out that the excitement is about a new Timewise kit or mascara). .

    Anyhow, after ignoring three calls, I felt really guilty, so when I saw her number in caller ID I picked up the phone in the middle of my lunch time the other day. This was the call I had been dreading. “I know you are so busy and you are just trying to enjoy your lunch, but I just wanted to share some big news in my life- I am going for DIRECTORSHIP in Mary Kay.”

    UGHHHHHHHHHHH! I knew what was coming next. “So, I know you are pretty busy with your job, but do you ever see yourself ever doing what I am doing?” Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I usually am pretty weak about this with her and make excuses, or worse, end up buying something. This particular day I was in NO mood for it so I took my Pink Truth tips and firmly said “I will NEVER do Mary Kay. I am NOT interested.” No excuses, no hemming and hawing. She backed off, or so I thought, and actually went into legit family news, which I was glad to hear. I thought I had finally made it clear and she would respect my boundaries and maybe we could move back to a real relationship. Yay! It felt so good to talk about real family stuff after that. I had cleared the air, or so I thought! She will see me as a real person and not just a wallet anymore. Nope, at the end of the conversation, she said, “so, just one more question. if you could get your products for 50% off…..”

    So, yeah. Now, I just have to avoid ALL calls, especially at the end of the month, since directorship means this will just ramp up, right? It sucks, she was a great person.

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