Lines They Use to Get You to Seminar

Written by Raisinberry

Well we hate to have to burst your bubble about this most exciting event of the Mary Kay year… but SEMINAR is by far the most ingeniously devised manipulation of your mind, EVER. Just to get you warmed up for the reality of this extravaganza, here will be your BAIT lines to get you caught up in the hoopla.

“You can’t go next year! Why, if you don’t go this year you may not even BEE here next year!”

This is your director’s biggest fear. She knows that if she doesn’t get you on the career path, you will fizzle. Seminar is a choreographed emotionally manipulating experience where women LIE to your face from the stage but you love their sincere delivery so much, you will never notice.

“You simply must win your car and get your keys on the SEMINAR STAGE!”

To win your car you have dumped $23,000 wholesale into her unit before June 30. At 13%, your production just paid for her trip, her airfare, her gown, her registration, and quite possibly got her into any one of luncheons or special receptions. No doubt top ten seating at Area awards night, and a nice gaudy pair of earrings from your National!

“You simply must finish Directorship and debut on stage at Seminar!”

Can you even imagine the excitement? You get to activate the last 3 or 4 recruits on your own personal credit card to hit 24, charge the trip to Dallas at $1,000, buy your director’s suit for $400, all to DEBUT on stage and get that lovely Faux Ring? Then you get to pay for DIT Week the following month in Dallas AGAIN!!! If you are planning to debut before seminar, you will need about $8,000 to pull it all off. Good luck with that.

“You can’t imagine how the whole city turns out for us at SEMINAR! 50,000 women over 4 is just have to experience it!”

Oh it’s an experience all right. This cash cow funds the projects for Dallas for the entire year! It is the LOTTERY for Dallas! They love their Mary Kay ladies! Yes Siree – to your face! Can you say CHA-CHING?

“It’s Mary Kay College! Where can you get a college education for Under $800 in 4 days?”

This one is hilarious! It’s a series of I-stories designed to get you to think you have finally heard the magic key to making it big in Mary Kay. And Class day is a crap shoot as to whether you will get a good speaker or not. You have heard it all before: Book, Sell, Book, Recruit.. but it will be wrapped up in new packaging and re-sold with quotes, gestures, and anecdotes.

You will will cry… and you will walk out with a notebook full of crap you will never read again, and this year promises to be REAL SPECIAL since Pink Truth has alerted them that SALES TRAINING is null and void in Mary Kay. So be “expecting” a pitch that involves “salesmanship” training – guess what that will be? Book Sell Book Recruit.

Yep Get Ready! This is the big push to SEMINAR. And it is all designed to make you feel GREAT about loading up your credit card for your “business” and taking your business seriously… and recognizing achievements!

Just remember this is MARCH. Career Conference’s MAIN GOAL was to get you to SEMINAR where the REAL mind control will be administered.


  1. “This cash cow funds the projects for Dallas for the entire year! It is the LOTTERY for Dallas! They love their Mary Kay ladies! ” They gripe about their lousy tipping and entitled attitude and incessant attempts to recruit the wait staff and hotel maids.

    • Most people have absolutely zero idea that this convention even exists. And MK is one of MANY conventions each year that add to the city coffers.

    • No it’s not. They don’t spend much there. Maybe the hotels make out but not local businesses. 10 women squeezing in a 6 person restaurant booth ordering 10 waters and a pizza

  2. “You can’t imagine how the whole city turns out for us at SEMINAR! 50,000 women over 4 is just have to experience it!”

    There’s over six and a half million people in Dallas. I doubt an average extra 12,500 a week makes a huge difference outside of the area seminar is held in. Especially as the largest crowd at a Dallas Cowboys game was 93,465 people.

    • Salesforce numbers have shrunk so much over the years that five seminar affiliations are down to four. I would venture to guess that overall attendance this year will be closer to 30-35,000. Has anyone heard any Seminar news? I haven’t heard anything yet and they have two more to go.

    • WOW! That’s so much lower than I imagined. I’m surprised MK corporate would admit that lol

    • Soooo…. 3,500 to 4,000 for each Seminar? And yet Eno mentioned 2K in her FB post.

      Hmmmm….. I’m going to think the local media is on to something here with their 14K figure.

  3. I read an article a couple days ago. They mentioned that Seminar brings in 40 million dollars to the Dallas area. To me that doesn’t really seem like that much for an event that size.

    • Given the Dallas Cowboys routinely pull over 90 k people to a sportsball match, got to ask just what Seminar adds in real terms per annum as opposed to the Cowboys.

  4. “You’ll walk away with a notebook you’ll never read again” (or something like that)


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