Fill In the Blanks Seminar Speech

Note from Pink Truth: If you’ve never been to Mary Kay’s Seminar before, you have got to believe me when I say this is exactly how all the speeches sound. For those of you who have been there, please don’t fall off your chairs laughing.

Written by SuzyQ

Hello! And thank you all so much! Wow, I never thought I would be on this fantastic Seminar Stage with all my sister Sales Directors and Consultants in this wonderful arena! Where do I start?

I would like you to meet my incredible unit! If you would all stand please. These women are the best in Mary Kay! What an awesome year we had and how proud of you I am! I am so blessed to be your director! It is such an honor to represent you on this stage! Thank you all so much.

And thank you to Mary Kay! What vision, what promise and what incredible products she gave us! And congratulations to all of you who may have made that biiiiiiiiig leap out of your comfort zone to offer this incredible opportunity to someone else this year! Talk about helping people make their dreams come true! Again, congratulations to you!

This opportunity. My goodness. Doesn’t it just make you want to pinch yourself and see if all of this goodness, the caring, the sales and the money is really really true?

When I started my business back in ________, I was working as a __________ in a dead end job. I had _ children and a wonderful husband, but I was missing something important in my life. I was missing ME… the woman I knew I could become, but I hadn’t figured out how to make that happen.

My______ was in Mary Kay, and I bought some skincare from her, but I never thought of myself as a salesperson, so I really didn’t give the opportunity much thought. Then ______was in a contest and offered me a free lipgloss if I would listen to her director go through the marketing plan with her. I am a sucker for free stuff… ordering bonuses, anyone?

Anyway, I met this most incredible woman! She looked so professional, she had such business savvy, she listened to me and she told me how Mary Kay could help my dreams come true. How I COULD become the woman God intended me to be, and of course, you know, she had my $100 in a heartbeat. I ordered an inventory, and did my Perfect Start. Followed by my Perfect Stop.

Don’t laugh, I was making good money, but I got scared. I avoided meetings for awhile and dodged my director’s phone calls – now this does NOT give you permission to dodge YOUR director’s calls… So, I get an email one day from her and she asked me to read Mary Kay’s autobiography and then to give her a call if I wanted to… I did read it and had to wipe tears away as I did. And I did call my director. How could I have been so stupid? So scared? God had given me this gift of the Mary Kay opportunity and I almost threw it away. I had not registered for Seminar, but came to Dallas anyway, praying that there would be a space for me at on-site registration… and there was!

Oh my goodness… do you all remember your first Seminar? How many of you are here for the first time? Wave at us while we applaud you for being here! Isn’t that wonderful? You all are on the threshold of something wonderful!

Anyway, after Seminar I made my decision to race for the top. You all know that you are just one decision away from being at the top, don’t you? I finished DIQ in ___ months with total production of ____. I continued to work my business by pretending I was still in DIQ. I worked hard NOW because I knew I could play hard later.

We were not even close to $_________ at Leadership, so I KNOW it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish and LOOK at me… If I can do you it, you can do it! You have to believe in yourself and your goal and don’t let anything get in your way to cloud your vision. You need focus and direction… you need to know where you are going and never ever ever give up! Will you work hard? YES! Is it worth it? YES!

As a result of my hard work, I am up here today with the honor of speaking to all of you! We just built our million dollar home, my children can go to college wherever they want, my husband retired from his JOB, and along with God, is my business partner. I have driven free for ______ years, and have traveled all over the US and now __________ FREE! I have love gifts from MK for just doin’ my job! I have my bestest girlfriends right here with me. Ladies, if you aren’t in “the Suit” you are really missing something! Where else can you do this? Where else can you get your priorities straight and have every thing you want and deserve? Nowhere but here in Mary Kay.

Remember to work really really hard. Listen to the wonderful leaders who have come before you. Read only positive books. Permit NO negativity in your life! Protect your dream from those negative nellies in your life that don’t understand what a gift this opportunity really is… insulate yourself! Remember, fear is just false evidence appearing real… so walk in faith and not fear. And all of you consultants??? Listen to your director! She has been where you are and can help you move ahead!

I would like to close by telling you that my success can be YOUR success. You can join me as a Top Director and we can change lives together! I can’t wait to applaud your success as you make your decision to change women’s lives along with me.


  1. Yep. All platitudes, no substance. These ladies need to attend a real sales conference some day to hear what true sales “sounds” like.

    At a real sales conference, you hear about the products, the market, the pricing and yes, the competition and how your products stack up. You hear what the customer is saying about the products and the company and your competition. You hear about the challenges, and what the company is doing to address those challenges.

    Often a good customer of the company will speak to the sales team, sharing what you are doing well, and where you can improve. Folks who sell the most are recognized.

    And mostly, the company you work for feeds you well, provides decent entertainment and accommodations, and encourages networking…all on the company’s dime.

    None of this is present at Mary Kay Seminar…because Mary Kay corporate does not see attendees as sales reps or business owners. They see attendees as a paying customers, and they reward based on ordering and recruiting, not selling. This is why most must pay to attend, and why nothing of tangible value to a salesperson is ever shared here.

    The goal of Seminar is to get the reps to order more while recruiting more folks to order and recruit. Nothing at Seminar is about selling.

  2. I got free product and superb food from a high-end hotel when I attended Dior training. I didn’t pay for anything. We were trained in the product ingredients, how it worked, and what to suggest if a customer used another line’s product X. An “I” story was never a part of our training.

    • I see video after video of MK directors (and above) who have been in 20+ years. Yet, they can’t pronounce salicylic, non-comedogenic, or hyaluronic. They stumble over the words and giggle uncontrollably.

      Coming from women who claim to be skin-care experts, it’s not funny.

    • I worked for three Lauder-owned lines in the past (Prescriptives, Origins and Clinique) and the same applies. The training was free, extensive, and held at luxe hotels or conference centers with wonderful food (also free). The new products were given out at introduction, plus there was a quarterly gratis that you could choose. Even the counter uniforms were provided. Mind you, this was late 80s- mid 90s so I’m not sure if things have changed. I do know that when I was swayed by MK for a year in between these gigs, it blew my mind how much the reps had to pay for themselves. I found it easier to go to a counter where stock was displayed rather than order it, pay for it, and store it in my basement, I wasn’t required to recruit co-workers, and the customers approached me rather than the other way around.

  3. The new NSD debut speeches were probably scripted and rather short. I wonder how many debuts there are overall?

  4. A more pertinent speech:

    Hello! And thank you all so much! Wow, I never thought I would be on this fantastic Seminar Stage with all my sister Sales Directors and Consultants in this wonderful arena! Where do I start? I would like you to meet my incredible unit! If you would all stand please…………I’d like to thank each and every one of them for digging deep into their pockets, bank accounts, and using their credit credit cards to place orders for my commissions and newest rank. What a great team! (Applause) Without their spending every month, I would not be here today to walk across this stage. (Looks directly at team.) Ladies, please keep up the recruiting and spending so *we* can be an NSD, and I can keep driving *our* pink Cadillac. Go me!


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