I Didn’t Want To Do the Work

Years ago someone set out to “debunk” our Top 10 Reasons to NOT Do Mary Kay. There is lots of rambling in the rebuttal to us (really, me), but I was especially amused by this:

It is clear that unfortunately the person who wrote these “Top 10 Reasons” is not a salesperson or entrepreneur by nature. Everyone who works in any market, anywhere, knows it’s a constant game of hit-and-miss. But if you get bucked off the horse, you either get back on it or you give up, hang your head, and walk away. If you get turned down by one person, you move onto the next or find a new way to approach that same person until you get them to buy your product.

Interesting because I’ve been an entrepreneur with a REAL business for 21 years, and I’ve done an awesome job of selling for over two decades.

Here’s a comment on the article that I was particularly amused by:

Heidi Haney on November 18, 2014:

I’m so glad that someone finally said what has been on my mind all along about “Pink Truth”. That site is unfair and bashes a company all because ONE woman didn’t want to do the work necessary to run her own business. Mary Kay is NOT for everyone (otherwise we wouldn’t need other careers in the world right?) If Mary Kay WERE for EVERYONE then who would manufacture automobiles, who would run the white house, etc… So, just because YOUR Mary Kay experience was not top notch (and maybe she should be bashing her recruiter for poor work ethics rather than Mary Kay the company as a whole) should not be blasted all over the internet! I started a completely successful Mary Kay business on my own with NO INVENTORY to start! I am now a STAR senior consultant and I’ve quit my corporate job. THANK YOU MARY KAY and THANK YOU to my recruiter who has trained me well!!! I LOVE MARY KAY!!!

All because I didn’t want to do the work necessary to run my own business? I guess I have to keep reminding them that I’ve been running a successful business for more than 2 decades….


  1. It just tickles me how Heidi Haney thinks that manufacturing cars and being president of the USA are inferior careers to MK. I can picture her saying to Kamala Harris, “You’re only VPOTUS because you couldn’t hack it in Mary Kay!!!!1!!!” 🤣

    • I wonder if Heidi Haney is still in MK? Or did she “not do the work” and is earning a living doing something else? Maybe Detective Parsonsgreen can look into this?

  2. So… what’s become of dear Heidi in the last 9 years? Surely, she’s a national by now with her super-duper successful business. If not, it’s clearly the fault of her work ethic or her bee-lieve level. 🙄

    • Well, I’ll be darned. She’s still drinking the pink Koolaid! But her LinkedIn profile lists her as a Senior Consultant still. So which is it, Heidi? Poor work ethic or low deserve level that’s holding you back? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re trapped in a system designed for you to fail? Food for thought…

  3. Xaviera on November 22, 2014:

    Mary Kay has outlasted many direct selling businesses (Warm Spirit, Jafra, and soon Avon). 51 years says it all!

    Nine years later and Avon is still going on.

  4. “didn’t want to do the work necessary to run her own business” Your contract with Mary Kay can be revoked at any time, whenever they feel like it. TWO COUNTRIES worth of “own businesses” and CEOs and boss babes in charge were told they no longer had businesses when Mary Kay shut down New Zealand and Australia operations. The news landed like a drop bear and those businesses went the way of the moa.
    That means it is not “your business”, it’s their business, and you work at their whim on a lousy contract.

  5. “I am now a STAR senior consultant and I’ve quit my corporate job.”

    So how’s that workin’ out for ya? Oh? Not so good, huh? Well, I hear you have a mobile bartending business now. Interesting! I bet that pays a lot better than MK or your previous corporate gig.

  6. Whenever I hear a hunbot claiming to have left a job for an MLM, I suspect they were already one foot out the door already. I wish these people could find legitimate jobs that would satisfy them instead of chasing after empty dreams.

  7. I live in WI which is always rated as the #1 state for drinking… With that being said what the heck is a mobile bar? Then again maybe it doesn’t work in WI because most residents already have their own especially if you live near the hallowed Frozen Tundra…

    • I’m picturing something like a food truck, only for booze, in order to loosen up the crowd at open-air events.

      • Those exist here in Charleston! There’s food trucks that serve alcoholic frozen popsicles. A friend of mine hired one for another friend’s birthday in the last couple of years.

    • I’m almost right. They set up a temporary bar for an event; they don’t serve from a truck. Basically they’ll put together a drinks menu for you, purchase everything needed, and set up, serve, and clean up after themselves.

      • Unfortunately for Heidi, the comments she made show how little she understands about actual businesses, so if I needed a mobile bar service, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable investing my money and the success of my event on her and her business. Id look elsewhere.

      • One of my neice’s friends runs one during the summer for outdoor events such as weddings or anniversary parties. Her’s is just as a side hustle though as she knows several people in the wedding industry and gets recommended by them.

  8. Heck I don’t wanna put work in for an MLM cause I know what it entails you have to sucker people in.

    Not only have you run a successful business you also run this successful website!!

  9. Funny how the “Mary Kay isn’t for everyone” line only arises after someone has tried and quit because Mary Kay totally sucks as a business. It certainly is for everyone when they’re trying to get you to sign up!

    At any rate, the arguments in favor of Mary Kay always miss the point: it’s a sucky business model for everyone but a tiny minority of consultants and for Corporate. Everyone else takes it right in the you-know-where. That’s the sad fact of the matter. All the rest is tangential.

  10. And after all these decades, not a single profitable Mary Kay down-line. Best to steer clear of MLMs like Mary Kay with their track records of consistent, significant business losses within each downline.

  11. I am thankful for Heidi’s comment and that she (and others) took the time to write what they believe in. I am also a long-standing consultant and I can say that the product I order is for my customers and what I order for me and my children are ordered separately. Mary Kay may not be for everyone but for the people that find joy, happiness, love, lifelong friends, self-confidence, oh and MONEY while exploring this or any of many direct sales opportunities I say “good for you, and may God continue to bless you, your families an d your business”. I know He has mine.

    • So Queen, you’re okay with financially supporting a company that takes hundreds of millions of dollars from unsuspecting women each year with lies? THey know that almost no one will make MONEY with MK, and yet they lie and say “you’ll profit profit profit.” Mary Kay has done far more damage to self-confidence and pocketbooks than you could possibly imagine.

    • Religion was a big hammer in my manipulative and emotionally abusive mother’s toolbox, and it took a long time to rise above that to find “joy, happiness, love, lifelong friends, self-confidence” (money I had already thanks to the job she more or less shoehorned me into, but at least it comes with a biweekly paycheck and benefits).

      And that’s why I’d never touch MLM (“direct sales” is just a euphemism) with a 10 foot pole. I can see the same manipulation, abuse, and control everywhere within the whole MLM system and throwing god into it just makes it about as palatable as a turd sandwich.

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