Chelsea Pretends to Be a Million Dollar Director

Poor Chelsea Adkins. She is delusional about this “business” she runs. She was going to be a national sales director by January 2022. She was going to be a million dollar director years ago.

It’s all about smoke and mirrors in Mary Kay. Keep repeating these goals. Hope no one remembers that you keep failing. Pretend this is normal. Pretend that somehow anyone can do this.

Chelsea pretends that her unit SOLD $602k of products in one year. She lies about her personal sales, quoting suggested retail pricing rather than what she actually sells products for…. which is usually 50% off suggested retail (i.e. she makes no profits whatsoever).

She’s so pathetic that she brags about how she steals from Starbucks.

But this is how the game is played in Mary Kay. If directors like Chelsea can create a believable story and appear successful, then they’ll be able to recruit and frontload. And make no mistake: units, and cars, and unit clubs, and areas are accomplished with initial inventory orders from new recruits.

Remember this: Chelsea will exploit you to get to whatever Mary Kay level she’s currently fixated on.



  1. Just yesterday she was offering the new Miracle Set for $69. (40% off). She’s training you to train your customers to always expect a sale!!!!

    • Here’s more craziness:
      She’s desperate to sell the new Miracle sets, so she’s offering 40% off. Yet, if I decide to buy from her instead of my regular consultant (who is selling it at full retail ), Chelsea is taught to turn me back to my consultant, citing the “MK Golden Rule.”

      “Be your own boss.” Baloney.

      • Chels may be TAUGHT that, but … will she? Or will she go for the sale because it helps HER stats, and to hell with that Golden Rule.

      • Don’t I then tell my consultant that someone else will sell to me at a discount? If she won’t honor the same discount, I change consultants. As a customer boss, I buy from whomever I choose.

        I could offer to help my current consultant “make production”. This should be the standard response from anyone buying MK. Save yourself some money ladies. Better yet, buy a different brand that is not MLM.

        Another alternative: If I happen to be a really good customer, I just sign up as a PUC and always get 50% off.

        Lurkers, No savvy person ever pays full price for an MLM product. The savviest avoid MLM companies altogether.

        • This goes back to the whole MLM thing of begging/ demanding that we buy from them to support their business rather than if we need/want the product they’re selling. While you could buy MK cheaper elsewhere, you’re implored to buy it from this specific seller bc THIS specific seller has to achieve XYZ or whatever. The purchase is never about buying a good product at a fair price from a respected seller, EVEN IF that seller isn’t the person harassing you on social media to buy from them. You are to buy it to help someone else achieve some goal.

  2. She CONTINUALLY asserts on social media that she (and those in her unit) make “fifty percent” on everything she sells (not fifty percent OFF, but meaning she and they sell the products at the full retail price) while in the VERY NEXT POST is offering BOGOs on product. CONSTANTLY.

    Those two things cannot exist together! Either she sells everything at full retail or she doesn’t, and with her CONSTANT sales on social media, of course she doesn’t. Which means she is LYING.

    Just in case any Chelsea fans show up and downvote me, seriously think about my comment. You can easily go through her social media and see how she claims the fifty percent profit, but also the many many sales she runs where she can’t possibly make that level of profit. It’s all there.

    So instead of downvoting me for simply pointing out things that exist and can be confirmed (ie “the truth”), why not ask Chelsea why she’s not being honest with you?

    • Yep. And if you were her customer and you got 40% off or 50% off…. I bet you’d think… oh wow I can offer sales like this AND still make 50% profit on them. You’d have no reason to think you’d make zero profit, as Chelsea is.

  3. I just don’t get it. She’s beautiful, and must be friendly and charismatic in order to keep pulling people into her unit and getting the ones she has to order themselves silly. I imagine she’d be an amazing cosmetologist, aesthetician, or sales rep for a REAL cosmetics company or skincare brand, making real money and building a network of real people. And if god was as important to her as she makes him out to be, there are so many worthwhile ministries who need active participants while she’s building a shrine to Mary Kay Ash. And yet she keeps her wagon hitched to this black hole, and lies and lies and lies about everything. It kinda bums me out.

    • I think it’s ego and vanity … she wants to be a big frog in the Mary Kay puddle, not the top salesperson for L’Oreal.

    • Mary Kay is loaded with attractive, educated women who pretend to be wildly successful.
      For some reason, these women are willing to give up lucrative careers to pursue the Pink Siren Song that promises — at the high end — money, cars, diamonds and trips. At the low end, they’ll get “recognition”, sashes, trinkets, plastic tiaras, and stage walks.

      No, Popinki, I don’t get it either. With Chelsea’s looks and education, she’s wasting her time in Mary Kay.

    • This is a really good point, and how I started to feel about my former director once I started to get out of the Pink Fog. She was beautiful and charismatic, and seemed street smart. In my director’s case, she had mentioned she had a learning disability and school didn’t come easily for her & she never went to college. One of her consultants grew up with her & said the directors parent(s) had addiction issues, so I think the director had low self-esteem and felt like this was her only option. Although, I’m sure it wasn’t! I suspect my director had no idea how much her expenses were in MK. Thanks to the MK math she was taught & her learning disability. Ugh; she would have been much better off doing so many other things.

      A while ago Raisinberry wrote a piece about how the manipulation of MK seems to work on people who came from dysfunctional families and that just hit home for me, thinking of myself and probably my director.

  4. I stay away from people who are in mlms because they want you to buy something once at first to be nice but they want you to buy every month.

    It’s like embarrassing how much they have to beg for a sale. Then they say “do you want to do what I do?”. Ugh no! I don’t! LOL

    And this double credit that mary kay promotes to their consultants shows that the consultants are the people who support mary company not the customers.

    If mary kay got paid only when consultants actually sold, the mary kay company would be as broke as all the consultants!

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