The Road to Heaven is Paved With Cosmetic Sales

This 60 Minutes report on Mary Kay Ash from 1979 starts out by noting that Mary Kay doesn’t go a minute without invoking God…. “as if the road to heaven is paved with cosmetic sales.”

God wants you to become the beautiful person you created! The interviewer asks Mary Kay if it’s fair to invoke God. And her response is that God is using the company to help women “become the beautiful creatures that he created.” Are you using God? “I sincerely hope not.”

And yet, they are. And the worship of Mary Kay herself is both stunning and nauseating.


  1. “God is using the company”. No.. The company is using God as bait, camouflage, and whip: lure them with “Faith first”, hide the scam in a bunch of religious feel-good slogans and Bible verses, and then tell them that their problems are because of Satan.

  2. Oh if only Morley had asked this question instead, “You gals have been up to this for nearly two decades now. At what point do you plan to address the fact that you have yet to produce a single, profitable down-line? Do these substantial, cumulative losses in every down-line bother you?”

  3. I will give MK credit on thing when he asks is it right to invoke god and she says hope not then throws it out the window. For a tiny fraction of a section MaryKay
    Wasn’t there a post on here of her ex husband speaking out?

  4. (This quote is going to be used a lot.)

    “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” — Susan B. Anthony

    No one is exempt, especially the ancient donkey riding men writers who lived in the Middle East a few thousand years ago. “Wives submit to your husbands”…..classic!

    Why don’t people like Mary Kay ever complete the sentence and identify which god? There have been thousands worshipped over history. Is she so arrogant to think that, if there is some kind of god force, her god is *the* god? Homo Sapiens have been in existence for roughly 300,000 years, and plenty of lesser evolved species before that; Mary Kay’s cult beliefs (2-6k years) are a mere blip in time. Plus, she’s the captain of a scam ship, i.e., she has zero credibility…..unless we are impressed by her ability to buffalo and brainwash others.

    Mary Kay exploits religion and her god because those tactics work for growing and maintaining cults, and that brings power and money to the organization. A little charity or retail sale here and there helps with the illusion. Charity is good, but is it to further the mission, the membership? Like a retail sale is an avenue to recruit.


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