Directors, We Are the 2% That Keeps Dreams Alive!

A Mary Kay sales director talking to her sister directors about how blessed they are. How they should trust that God has put them there. Does this convince you that being a director is fabulous? Even though the vast majority of directors are making minimum wage, you should be encouraged and stick with it!

Dear Directors: this was on my heart this morning so I wanted to share.

Give yourself lots of credit! You are the top 2% of our entire company in Mary Kay out of thousands of women! Do you know how blessed you are that God chose to work through YOU to touch other women’s lives through Mary Kay? Not everyone makes it to Director- but you have! Not everyone is trusted by God to make a difference through offering the opportunity to women to change their lives- but you ARE!

We sometimes find ourselves questioning ourselves and our position of Director when we start comparing ourselves with other Directors, cars, production. We must work to have the peace on the inside of us that we are on the journey and God is teaching us lessons along the way. I believe God does not want us to throw away what he has trusted us with when he answered our prayer to become a Director. We must find joy in our business and count our blessings daily and have a heart of gratefulness for all the warm sister Directors, special women, and friends we are so lucky to have in our lives. The paycheck of the heart in this business is worth so much more than the money. The lives you are touching is part of the legacy- thank you for carrying that on.

Can we make our business exactly what we want? Yes! We have the power to “design” our Directorship any way we want. We are so blessed we can follow other passions while mentoring women, keeping our families as a priority, and keeping God first. So let me ask you… are you walking by faith or fear today on your journey? Fear does not come from God and it is doubt, discouragement and it makes us think that we are not good enough Directors. Faith comes from “trust” that God has us exactly where he wants us to be to mold us into the servant we are meant to be for his kingdom. I pray that you proactively choose faith today and trust God to lead you on your journey in Mary Kay and that he will show you how you can blend your life and follow your dreams while being a Director.

Recently, I have changed my schedule to be at the gym about 15 hours a week- that is like a part time job to take care of my health! Did I have to choose between Directorship and taking care of my health with this many hours weekly? At first I thought- how can I take this much time away from my business? I want this to give you hope! I did not have to give up my Directorship to do this. I just adjusted my schedule (with my new weekly plan sheet) so I could still work daily to bring in the income for my family while always keeping God first, my health second, family third, and then my work.

If I had lost my faith and walked in fear thinking I had to step back from Director I would have lost so much that God wanted me to have. The devil of discouragement would have stolen my dreams and all the years I built in this business. I would not be able to help the women God intends me to mentor through Mary Kay. So let me ask you? Are you willing to stay in faith that God blessed you to the position to Director for a reason? Sometimes we don’t feel like working- so that is the time we need to sit down and listen to God through His word and message for us. He will direct you and give you back your passion…. Sometimes it is not immediately but stay in faith and it will return.

One last thing… you know by now being chosen by God for this position for leadership by being a Mary Kay Director is not for the weak. You must be strong on the inside with faith especially when your unit and your business is not what we want it to be. Remember… this is the time God is molding you. Give yourself permission to follow your dreams while being a Mary Kay Director- that is what Mary Kay intended and we have different seasons for our Directorship. Some seasons are strong and some seasons may be that personal issues may take a priority. Be ok on the inside about it and stop the comparison game.

You ARE successful if you follow your dreams. Be grateful that your Mary Kay business allows you the freedom to adjust your schedule however you want! As long as we work daily with discipline it will all come together. If today you are beating yourself down for what you are not accomplishing my prayer for you is that you will decide today that you will open your eyes to the wonderful awesome moments God has given you in your Mary Kay business. Today you can change how you are feeling with action!

I am praying for you today my dear sister Directors and offsprings! Know you are meant to be a Director and don’t ever lose your dream! After coming through the valley recently I want you to know I have come out stronger because I stayed in faith that God would be walking with me! Thank goodness I did- that is all I can say!!

Pink Hugs!!!


  1. Hmm. She doesn’t capitalize he/him when talking about god, yet capitalizes Director(ship) every time. I think I know what her god really is.

    • Translation: “Keep ordering and recruiting as long as there is a glimmer of hope for profitability. Ignore your intuition and that nagging inner voice telling you Mary Kay is a waste of time and money. Continue doing what we taught you (ordering and recruiting) even though it is not working, and it will magically just start working some day! Meanwhile, don’t stop ordering and recruiting, no matter how much time you may need to devote to other things. The magic simply won’t come if you stop ordering and recruiting!”

      This so reminds me of Linus in the pumpkin patch.

  2. Oh, and if you fail it’s because you didn’t want it bad enough, your faith was weak, and you didn’t work hard enough. You big chicken, BAWK BAWK BAWK!!!

    No new thing under the sun.

    PS: lose the white go-go boots. 1968 was a long time ago.

  3. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little while reading this drivel….

    The sanctimonious BS and proselytizing is disgusting.

  4. They are the 2% that keeps going into debt to keep the con going, faking their successes and minimizing their problems.

  5. I read this mess as God = Mary Kay, therefore, Mary Kay = God. Any thing else that contradicts that must be the “Work of The Devil.”

    Insane psycho babble, along the lines of “Prosperity Theology.”

  6. Not one word about how much she’s earning in her “business” or how many consultants in her unit … writing this post is not an IPA… and she spends 14 hours in the gym… hmm

  7. So God doesn’t want the other 98% of Mary Kay consultants to have success and blessings. Gotcha gotcha gotcha cool cool cool cool cool. It all makes sense now. 🙄

    Jesus needs to come down from heaven and flip some tables again.


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