Do Not Hold a Mary Kay Party at Starbucks

A true MK grifter

The Mary Kay consultant trolling at Starbucks has gotten out of hand. Way back when I was in MK, more than 20 years ago, it was common to go to Starbucks to try to “warm chatter” women.

Look for an unsuspecting victim. Chat her up by giving her an “authentic” compliment, and then lead the conversation toward offering her a free facial. It felt gross then, and it’s still gross now. But it’s a common method for stalking new potential victims.

Sales director Azzari Jones takes the disgusting up to a whole new level, though. This entitled grifter literally set up shop at a Starbucks to give “makeovers.” She took TWO tables, multiple chairs, and set up an entire skin care class for her and her victim.

Oh, I already know the justification that Kaybots will have. People have business meetings at Starbucks all the time!

That’s right. Real business meetings. Not you playing makeup while you’re lying to someone about a so-called business opportunity that is almost guaranteed to leave her broker than when she started. (Yeah, I said broker.)

Get. A. Life. I wish that Starbucks management would have thrown her out on her ear. And I hope that anyone who sees something like this happening out in the wild immediately goes to store management and complains.



  1. This is another reminder of the lack of curiosity in MLMs like Mary Kay. You are not allowed to open your own store. Why? Ask the question please. And don’t just accept, “because that is MK policy.” Ask the company to explain to you why you can’t rent a retail space in a mall and open a proper Mary Kay retail store. Don’t stop asking this question until you get a real answer.
    Just think of the commission your upline would get on your initial stock order for that store! Wouldn’t you love to have a downline filled with ladies opening their owns stores with tens of thousands of dollars in stock inventory each?

    Meanwhile, MK reps stalk potential recruits in other people’s retail stores. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Please, MK reps, question all the silly rules…and don’t stop asking until you get a real answer. What you eventually discover will be very revealing indeed.

  2. Yes, people hold REAL business meetings, where the participants order coffee, sit at a single table, don’t bother anyone else, and leave once they’re through. That’s a totally different situation to taking up two tables for hours, probably not ordering anything, and harassing everyone who walks through the door.

    While you’re at it, leave the employees alone. If they’re not managers, they don’t have the clout to tell you to leave and their jobs aren’t worth the giant screaming fuss it would create.And they need their jobs, so they have to be nice to you. I can promise they’re all secretly dreaming of dumping a pot of house blend over your head, but for those pesky assault charges.

    Oh, and don’t order your grande drinks in a venti cup in hopes of scoring 60 cents worth of free coffee out of them, <Chelsea.

  3. Starbucks allows soliciting? Others will start copying her. Pretty soon, Starbucks will become an indoor flea market with vendors selling their wares.

  4. FREELOADING PARASITES … taking the space, utilities and furniture paid for by a real business, and trying to divert the people attracted by that business’s services and advertising to your business. STUPID FREELOADING PARASITES, to think that this is smart. They are showing themselves for the greedy, pushy, desperate hucksters they are. For every woman who they can lure over, there are a dozen or more they are pissing off by taking up valuable table space.

  5. “She didn’t realize that I was just snapping away”: so this consultant took photos of someone without their knowledge or consent and posted them on social media? That is just so wrong.

  6. What’s wrong with these women that makes them think that they can set up where-ever they like? Eno Inoyo at the hotel’s breakfast area and now Azzari Jones in Starbucks. SMDH.

  7. I wouldn’t expect an regular employee to ask her to leave. I guess if I was the store manager I would maybe call the cops and report her as loitering and bothering my customers..Or call the regional manager/franchise owner (if possible) to come out and ask her to leave…

    Absolutely ridiculous….

  8. Who in their right mind washes their face & applies make-up in a Starbucks in full view of everyone? It must be Azzari’s BFF or sister or something. Because no way would regular customer or stranger be OK with this weird- ass “pampering”.

    Ugh, and then the Azzari will shame her unit members for not listening to her/ not working hard enough, but with ideas like this, why would they?!

    Tracy, I’m so glad you posted this. This is bananas. 🍌🍌

    • Well, the alternative is having her in your home, going to her home, or never hearing the end of her until you block her or die. Since “no” just means “more information.” From a “customer” perspective, Starbucks sounds like the lesser of the evils.

      And by the way, hi, Azzari! You do know the downvotes help as much as the upvotes, right? And they’re much more entertaining for the community.

  9. I would ask what is wrong with some of these people, yet I do not have enough time or crayons today.

    Starbucks needs to ban people like this.

  10. If you are doing real business, I can tell you it is done in an office or conference room, not in another place of business. You never give up the home court advantage. You might take them out for a lunch to soften them up, but time is spent building a relationship. If you get far enough along to discuss the deal, fine. However paperwork is usually done in a business setting unless client is on a time crunch, then it may be done discreetly and quickly at the table. It kills me how rude people can be. Doesn’t she think about the actual paying customers who won’t be able to sit down because she is hogging up space? Hold your classes at home lady. Eventually, Starbucks and the like will post “No soliticing” signs on their doors because of these rude people. Can you imagine sitting at the last available table next to them and having to listen to that garbage??? How unfair to make people go to their car. Don’t they see it make the public hate mk even more?

  11. Do not purchase anything at Starbucks. Vanguard and BlackRock, own Starbucks, your purchases support the New World Order, Economic Forum. Do your research.
    ‘The major shareholders of Starbucks include institutional investors such as Vanguard Group and BlackRock. These investment management firms hold significant stakes, influencing corporate decisions through their voting rights. Individual investors also contribute to Starbucks’ ownership base.”

    Thanks for this update and all the comments.



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