Mary Kay Discontinues Consultant Car Program

Mary Kay’s career car program for consultants is done as of June 30, 2024. Not enough consultants were earning the car to make it worthwhile for MK to continue it, so they are discontinuing it. Allegedly, there are currently only 120 consultants in a MK car (see below). In other words: the trophy on wheels does not interest consultants.

Also, the qualification numbers for director cars are changing. Here are the old and new numbers. The numbers are the unit orders required over two consecutive calendar quarters:

Grand Achiever – $42,000 (old) – $48,000 (new) (averages to $8,000 per month)

Premier Club – $57,000 (old) – $66,000 (new) (averages to $11,000 per month)

Cadillac – $102,000 (old) – $114,000 (new) (averages to $19,000 per month)

When you consider that many sales directors don’t even make the minimum $4,500 per month production on a consistent basis, it’s easy to see why the number of directors in company cars is shockingly low.


  1. Wow! I feel like this is a big deal. I “earned” two different cars as a consultant. I ended up giving them both back early. Don’t worry, though, I held on tight to that pink dream many more years to come after the return of the 2009 Vibe. I even “debuted” as a sales director at the end of 2012, only to call and tell the company how I had fudged it all together (as I was coached to do). But I couldn’t sleep after I’d done it. It felt terrible.
    Still, I kept bee-lieving for many more years.

    • Intrigue,
      I had a good laugh with your confession! Still laughing’ Thanks.
      I have to tell ya when I called the company back in 2000, I reckon it was, to tell on one of my unit members ordering product so she could be queen of sales, for the sapphire division,( she actually did come in second) even though she boosted my monthly production real good. (The co. leaves off the word “whole” in wholesale sales, lying by omission, so consultants think the winner actually sold all those products.) She never sold one product. Course, my honest ass, though this was an unthinkable thing to do. So after explaining my situation, needing help on how to handle the situation. I was told, “You must not be a very good sales director.” I was flabbergasted. Couldn’t even respond and just hung up. It was another crack in my far fetched belief the company was god fearing.

      I thought for sure the last few years would taken them down. Then again my honest thinking :/ Hell they are part of the No Faces (is what I call them) who have been in cahoots of the chaos, confusion and pillage going on for more that 60 years.

      There is a fantastic video on youtube done by Always Marco podcast exposing Patrick Bet-David’s MLM shuck and jive. I watched his, PBD, videos on Youtube for a while trying to figure him out. There was just somethin’ ’bout him that was out of sorts, smelly, like dead fish then it hit me! He is using MLM vernacular. That was months ago. Then I ran across this Always Marco’s video.

      enorth thanks for that run down on NSD, National Scammer Director Harris.

      Tracy, thanks for this update.

    • This is such a let down. I am a brand new consultant and one of the main reasons I joined was to work hard to earn the use of a vehicle because mine completely broke down. I will continue to work hard and make sales!! Hopefully become a Director as well🩷
      I love my Mary Kay family 🩷🩷

      • Don’t waste your time or energy, Heather. 99% of people involved in MLMs like Mary Kay lose money. If you need a car, you’re better off getting a real job.

  2. I will be interested in seeing the fallout from this.

    Likely a flurry of “hurry up finish DIQ before June and debut in a car!!!!!” But after that it will be one less tool to entice consultants into DIQ.

    Meanwhile, existing directors will be spending themselves into even deeper debt trying to keep the one they have 😵

    • I need to go back to my journals and see what happened after that, because I “debuted” as a “sales director” on more than one occasion.
      One of the stories is really horrifying, and I think after that occasion, I stayed a director, but I lost my status after three months of not making production. I don’t think that was this situation because I think they took the “title” away from me after my “confession.”
      LOL and I stayed another decade+ in the company. The brainwashing/programming is LEGIT. My naive, kindhearted, caring nature made me a great pawn in the pink scheme.
      I’m glad to be on the other side…

  3. I have a different take on only 120 consultants “taking advantage” of the car program.

    It’s simply not achievable for consultants to maintain the requirements! I would be interested to know how many consultants currently driving a car are recently washed out directors who earned the car as a director and are paying the copay to keep it through the end of the lease.

    Even directors are going to have a hard time maintaining these requirements. $19,000/month for Cadillac?!?!? You’re going to see far fewer “trophies on wheels” and those on the road are going to be propped up by far higher copays.

    • These numbers are INSANE! Common sense would tell anyone that there is no way in hell you can sell that much product – it’s all just ordering unnecessary inventory from MK.

  4. I can get a 2024 CT4 Luxury RWD at the local Cadillac dealership for $37,290 (dealer price). The MSRP on that car is only $38.790. You can finance it for $597/month with a 72-month note at 5.9% APR and a $3,500 downpayment. A 2024 CT5 Sport RWD is listed for $54,295 (turbocharged engine, different suspension, more luxury features).

    For what many SDs pay for their copays, you could BUY your own Cadillac.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: One of the biggest mistakes I made in Mary Kay was to take the car instead of the cash compensation. If I had declined the car but taken the compensation, I could have treated it like “play money” every month or every quarter. It would have taken so much constant pressure off to keep up production.

    But of course, Corporate pushes the concept of driving a “trophy on wheels” so that you feel like you have to show off your MK success in the form of a car. Once you’re locked in, they know you’re going to grind to make production to keep it.

    • My loved one, too, got the car for the “status” and sold her perfectly good “paid for” car. Had trouble making production to keep it. Worse yet, the insurance, which you have no choice but to buy from MK, was way more expensive than her other insurance. Those cars are total money suckers for the consultants. And honestly, who outside of the “pink bubble” gives a crap about any MK car???

  6. …but please, tell us again how it’s “your own business”.

    Corporate doesn’t care about you. They care about their bottom line and fat salaries.

  7. An IBC near me earned a car but quickly lost it. She eventually quit MK and started her own website design business. Her target market? MK consultants and SDs.

  8. It’s kind of funny that the first level of director car is now called grand achiever. That used to be a consultant who had “won” her car. My NSD always said the Pink Cadillac was the director car, all the others were consultant cars. Of course she wanted ALL her downline directors in Pink Cadillacs. That put more money in her bank account.

    • Not to my knowledge. They did have black BMW 3 Series at one point. I have a bestie whose Mom went from food stamps in the early 80s to a pink Buick 2 years later. Then to Cadillac a few years later. Earned her national director in late 90s. Pink Cadillac XLR convertible, pink Escalade Hybrid, a couple others later . Last I heard, she retired in 2020. She ended up a wealthy woman from smart investing. She’s a true idol, imo!

  9. Wow! In the 90’s you had to earn a car first before you could go into DIQ. You would show up at a brunch and there was rows and rows of Grand Ams. I don’t even know what to think about this.

  10. I sat and learned and grew under the leadership of sales directors and national sales directors for several years. They were amazing women and I grew and learned under their tutorage. I went on to advance in my regular career but I wish so much I could rub elbows with these women again and glean from their wisdom. And yes, they did genuinely care and are still my friends.


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