Fewer Mary Kay Cars on the Road

I love evidence of the slow decline of Mary Kay Cosmetics in the United States. I would love it if Mary Kay collapsed right now, but that’s not realistic. So I’ll live instead for the slow decline of MK, as evidenced by the implosion of one of the newest national sales directors. And by the slow decline of the Mary Kay career car program.

There are about 10,000 sales directors in the U.S. today, compared to 14,000 back in 2006 when Pink Truth started. And most of those don’t qualify for a career car! Only about 1/3 of sales directors are in a career car!

But let’s check out how many Mary Kay cars are on the road.

  • In 2014, 2015, and 2016, there were 6,032 cars on the road, including 1,318 pink Cadillacs
  • In 2017, there were 5,000 cars on the road, including 1,100 pink Cadillacs

And today, the company reports 3,600 cars on the road, including 1,000 pink Cadillacs.

If it’s so easy to be successful in Mary Kay, why aren’t more women driving those not-so-free cars? How is it that there are 10,000 sales directors, and less than 1/3 of them are driving a “free” car? I thought it was so easy to just sell and recruit (the products sell themselves, after all) and you just work the numbers!

And they wonder why we say that Mary Kay is not a real business.


  1. I’m wondering if Friday’s critic will call this ignorance, gossip or slander? It’s not like the truth is hidden . It’s pretty easy to look up certain aspects of MK policies and find the evidence on-line.

  2. Incredible reporting, as always!! I’ve been a frequent reader of the site for years now, and I’m just constantly amazed at how it never loses steam…. unlike Mary Kay Inc. Tracy, if you ever add a “Donate” button to the site, I would donate in a heartbeat. Thank you to you and all the “sharp” contributors who keep this mission alive!


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