A letter from a former Mary Kay sales director to her offspring sales director. This letter really captures the essence of the Pink Truth mission. Getting women to understand that reality of MLMs, the predatory nature of Mary Kay, and that there is life after Mary Kay.

Dear Beth,

When we met four months ago, and I told you I was leaving Mary Kay directorship, I know it took you by surprise. I had always presented to you the model image of a senior sales director. As I was taught, I never complained to you or expressed doubts about the business. I always presented the positive. I encouraged you in everything you were trying to do to grow your unit and lead your consultants to success.

And I apologize.

As I have come out of the pink fog, I have come to realize that by glossing over the negatives, not sharing my struggles and not voicing my doubts about Mary Kay, I was lying to you. Of course, at the time, I bought into all the training that “what you think about you bring about” and if I spoke the words of what was really happening, it would only compound my problems with this business.

And so I know you have been avoiding me because you don’t want to hang around negative people. You don’t want to listen to anyone you wouldn’t change places with. You believe that I left directorship because I didn’t work hard enough at being a director, I wasn’t “recruiting up,” my meetings weren’t exciting enough, or I simply didn’t have enough faith to let God work in me and in my business.

Believe me, I know it’s easier to think those things are true rather than to think that just maybe Mary Kay isn’t the total answer to our life’s problems as we had been taught for so many years.

But I know what your unit numbers have been, Beth. For some reason, I was able to view your unit information for a couple of months past my directorship. I saw what the summer did to your unit (and everyone else’s – don’t think it’s just you). I know you have been making co-payments on your Mary Kay car for the last two years. I know that Mary Kay is not providing you an executive income, as you tell your consultants and prospects. It’s not been providing you much of an income for a long time, and I know what that does to you month after month after month.

I know you are a terrific saleswoman and you have a good sales business. But I worry about the amount of product you order every month. Because you’re my personal recruit, I still know your ordering figures. Are you really selling $3,000 to$4,000 a month? Or are you simply trying to make production or earn recognition from our national?

I worry so much that your credit card debt is climbing out of control. When you told me about your expenses for Seminar this year, especially with the summer you and your unit have had, my heart sank. I wanted to ask, “Why??” But I knew: You were “painting the picture” for your unit, the women who have been with you for years. Beth, if they haven’t been inspired by all this by now, they never will be, and you know it.

I pray that you are selling that much, because I also know the chargebacks that have come your way, and I know you need income. It’s a brutal position to be a sales director, and I have nothing but sympathy for your position right now. You’re in car qualification, and from what I know of what your unit is doing, you’re so far behind your targets right now, you are panicking that you’ll never make it.

I have been in your position, and I know what you’re going through! I pray every day that you will call me and open up with me. I want nothing more than to tell you that it isn’t your fault, and that no matter what is going on with your business, you are a wonderful person who I am privileged to know.

Mary Kay is not set up for you to succeed. It’s not you! Please read that again – IT’S NOT YOU! I know you believe that “dual marketing” and MLM are completely different, but they’re not. Take a look at how Mary Kay is set up, and tell me how you can be a top director without pouring your life 24/7 into this business. Mary Kay even tells you that 1/3 of your unit is working, 1/3 is just hanging around and 1/3 are on their way out. How much work will it take to replace 1/3 of your unit EVERY MONTH?

Beth, it’s simply not worth it. I wish you could see how happy I am in my life out of directorship! The weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer care what day of the month it is. I have a real job with great pay, benefits, retirement and days off where I don’t have to think about work at all. I have made so many new friends, because I’m not looking at each new acquaintance as someone to book or recruit. Real friendships can develop without a hidden agenda. I don’t have Mary Kay churning in the back of my mind all day, every day. My spiritual life has soared, thanks be to God!

Yes, I am still selling the product to my large and loyal client base, and you could be doing the same thing. The great part of just selling is that I have total control over my inventory, and the sales money comes to me, not to plowing back into ordering so that I can make production every month. I have no pressure to book appointments in order to find my next recruit. I think I’m actually selling more now, because I’m not pressuring anyone into getting together with me or buying more than she needs.

There are so many other things we could talk about, but this letter has been long enough. I love you and want only the best for you.


  1. I truly believe there are many of us who could have written this letter or something very similar. The most difficult part is getting through the fog to let those still in it know we care about them and their overall well-being.

  2. I wish I had had the courage to send thus letter. Well done to the brave woman of integrity who did.

  3. After all the abuse this letter-writer took from Mary Kay Corp, she’s still ordering from them and selling their product. That’s the only part I don’t understand.

    Other than that penultimate paragraph, though, this letter is terrific, it really is.


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