While this piece mentions you know your consultants are selling, none of the “reasons” to actually have to do with selling. Literally! None of the below reasons include the fact that you’ve sold products.

This is part of the rampant deception in Mary Kay. The words say selling products is important, but the actions do not. The focus is on ordering, not on selling.

This bit comes from a piece for potential directors called “On the Road to Directorship.” This is step #3:

Determine The Reasons To Order

Each month there are varied reasons on why your new and or existing team members would need to order. Of course encouraging them to order would mean you KNOW that they are selling consistently and working with proper money management to either control their current inventory at profit level or build to profit level status.

Some examples of reason to order would be:

  1. Earned Discount Privilege,
  2. Star Consultant Status
  3. Referrals from the company
  4. Consistency Club
  5. Support The Team & Unit Goals,
  6. New Product Arrivals
  7. Free Product Bonuses
  8. Commission Checks
  9. Prizes!

Jot down your reasons in a notebook!

When she says the part about knowing that they are selling… can’t you just hear her snicker and imagine a sly little smile on her face? As if she KNOWS she has to say that but she knows it’s almost never true.


  1. 8.Commission Checks — spending your own money to get a commission check is so incredibly skeezy. I’m in actual sales and cannot imagine — say I’m supposed to get a $5,000 bonus check this month, but then hear “did you put in $3,000 because otherwise we won’t pay you.” Then again, I sell actual products.

  2. “Some examples of reason to order” [vs. having them sell their existing inventory would be] —

    10. I need to keep my Directorship and need my team’s orders to reach $4500.

    11. I’m going for Directorship and need more recruits; don’t resell, recruit those customers of yours!

    12. I need more money this month because I have been eyeing that Louis Vuitton. Image is everything, ya know. If you resell your old inventory, I don’t make additional commission off you this month. Order new!

    13. I going for NSD, and I need more recruits and orders. Reselling your old inventory doesn’t help ME.

    14. The company has sales goals of their own. We want to keep them debt-free so we can tout that. Now whip out your credit cards ladies, and Mary Kay will give you a ribbon. 😵‍💫

    Hey Lurkers, You’re being used. It’s not about your “business”; it’s about theirs.

  3. The list just needs a new title, is all. Instead of:

    “Some examples of reason [sic] to order would be:”

    It should say:

    “Some examples of reasons to order, even though you’re not selling a damn thing. which of course I know, even though I pretend otherwise, would be:”

  4. Reasons to Order:

    1. You have sold product to a retail customer and need to restock that product.

    The End.

    There I fixed it.


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