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Mary Kay Career Ladder

Where are you on the Mary Kay “Career Ladder”? Where do you want to be? At Pink Truth, you can find real information about the various positions in Mary Kay and the reality of getting there and staying there. Especially telling are the articles about being a sales director in …

The Way to Really Do a Million in Mary Kay

“Top Director” Jen Semelsberger was thrilled that her unit “Did a Million” before seminar 2007. How did it really get done? Well, for starters, Mary Kay Inc. was offering “double credit.” All wholesale orders during the promotional period counted double toward the $1 million retail mark. So “a million” wasn’t …

Changes to Mary Kay’s Car Program (2007)

We wondered if the Grand Prix would be changed to black to match the new compacts, and now we’ve got our answer! Why yes… the cars will be black like the new compacts. Here’s the info Mary Kay is distributing about the not-so-free car program. Starting with June 2007 qualifiers:

Arbonne International Background Information

Arbonne Internationalis yet another cosmetics multi-level marketing company (MLM). The company’s claim to fame is that the products are “botanical”. They market themselves as “different” from the other cosmetics MLMs, particularly Mary Kay. The bottom line, however, is that Arbonne is just another product-based pyramid scheme that relies on an …