Lisa Madson Says You Can’t Fail

National sales director Lisa Madson says you CAN’T FAIL at Mary Kay. Apparently, all you have to do is attend seminar and you are guaranteed success. Sounds like false advertising to me!

Here’s what Lisa had on her website about seminar:

Am I interested in taking my business SERIOUSLY in 2006?

If I knew I COULDN’T FAIL, would I commit more to this opportunity?

If I knew that no matter what, I would gain something positive from going to Seminar in 2006…


If RIGHT NOW, you are saying, “I could never afford it”, then I want to show you that YOU CAN.

In fact, you cannot afford NOT to go!

Can’t wait to plan with you. You can tuck a little away each week and Seminar will be PAID FOR by the time we register! Classes and recruiting commissions will more than cover your expenses if you work your business!!!

We register for Seminar in April (Approximately $175, this price includes breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday)

We buy our flights to Dallas whenever you see a good deal (cost ?)

We pay for our hotel at Seminar with a slight deposit prior to Seminar (last year the cost was $199 each person with four in a room, this price includes Area Awards Night Dinner and Fast Meal before Awards Night)

ALSO – This current quarter is the time to be a STAR CONSULTANT to ensure your Arena Seating at Seminar!

Between December 16 and March 15 work your business SMART and be a STAR!

The qualifications are as follows:

Do you want your husband’s support in your business? Bring him to Seminar with you! It changed Dan Madson from being supportive to BEING ONBOARD!!!! It doubles your cost, but it is well worth it! Plus your husband will have an understanding that this is not your “little Mary Kay thing” rather A BUSINESS that your family can reap the rewards!

I can’t wait to see YOU ALL at Seminar!!!!

Love, Your NSD, Lisa Madson

Somehow, I think this representation that you “can’t fail” didn’t work out for the 40,000 Mary Kay consultants who quit every month.



  1. The only one not failing we’re the hotel owners and the MK company itself profiting from all those new consultants being brainwashed into working harder and buying more inventory. Those women who were insecure and lured in by those professional videos about prizes, trips, jewelry and recognition. Of course a NSD would win at seminar with all those trusting gullible women who believed what they were being told with this slick marketing & rah, rah, rah setting…once home though the reality that this mlm cult doesn’t work was unsettling and very scary. All that product no one wanted soon burst that pink bubble. Also husbands soon tired of this supposed business going no where.

  2. My director never really pushed seminar, at least I never really heard anything from her about it. She did take video throughout the event, which was nice of her.
    My adoptee director however, pushed and pushed seminar at each meeting to the point that I didn’t go to them anymore, I was sick of hearing about it. Especially since she kept encouraging people to pay for seminar I’m advance along with the plane ticket and work to pay it off. That way you are committed to going. I felt bad for anyone that followed this advice, it was very unsound. I spent money to go to career conference that I regretted because I didn’t get much out of it. Except being tired, sore (from walking and seats) and hungry because I could barely afford to eat. I decided I wouldn’t do that again and I’m glad I didnt.
    Now I’m on my way out, working on returning my inventory. Already I feel free and at peace. Enjoying time with my family without the stress of trying to make appointments and selling product.

    • I hated Career Conference, and Seminar and Leadership Conference grew to cause me dread, too. I missed so many family events going to those. It’s amazing how relaxed life can be when not thinking 24/7 of ways to gain customers and recruit people, isn’t it?

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